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Welcome to the “New” Achieve Radio.

Now with 7 channels to choose from,
the Inspiration you’ve been seeking
is only a click away…

  • Studio AThe Classic Achieve Radio Holistic, Psychic & Spiritual Talk Radio. The same Achieve you’ve been listening to for 12 years, only Better! Call-in Health, Psychic and top interview shows.  Studio A broadcasts both Live and Pre-Recorded shows. Call-In Line 602-666-6027.
    Click Here for the show Schedule.
  • Studio B — Radio Free iON, Classic & Current iON Radio. Non-Physical Speaks! The Multiverse according to iON. over a thousand hours of classics.
  • Studio C — Radio Dobbstown, Archives of Media Ecologist, Bob Dobbs.  The Dobbstown archives from 1981 to today. One of a kind radio.
  • Studio D — Payday, Every Day! Bob Neveritt’s “Payday… I’m in Charge” Archives. Continuous broadcast of all “PAYDAY”  with classic iON, current updates, and questions from around the globe.
  • Studio E — Guy Finley Radio.  Inspirational programs from Guy.  A 24/7 stream of inspiration from 7 years of Guy’s inspirational lectures.
  • Studio F — Timeless Thoughts, Classic interviews from 12 years of Achieve Radio.  We’ve assembled all the best of the best from the last 12 years.  Business, Holistic, Spiritual & Motivational: it’s all here!
  • Studio G – Musical Achievers, Musicians & their Music featured in a mix of music oriented talk shows syndicated from our broadcast partner, 11Radio.com
    ***** Studio G Broadcasts in HD Stereo Quality!! *****

Special Announcements

  • Vincent Barra is MOVING, Starting Wednesday, August 21st, “Psychic Synapse” with Vincent J. Barra will air LIVE at 1pm PT, 4pm ET every Wednesday.

  • NEW SHOW, Starting Wed, May 5th, “The Wednesday Show” Live at 11am PT starting Wednesday, June 5th Check back for details.

  • Fred Fassett, “Visionary Awareness” Expands to 2 Hours! Beginning June 6th, Fred will be on 2pm to 4pm PT

  • NEW CALL IN NUMBERS!  To go along with the new site, Achieve now also has a Completely New, automated call-in system.  Click Here for details.
  • Achieve Has A New Web Site! Online in May, 2013, this new site is cleaner, leaner and easier to navigate.

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