Stephen Hawking Goodbye Show with Joseph & Ann on Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Stephen Hawking Goodbye Show – Heartfelt Readings with Joe & Ann on Tarot Joy

Joseph and Ann Marie say a heartfelt Goodbye to Stephen Hawking.  Joseph discusses his Multi Dimension theory and as always we offer Tarot Counseling & Meditation on the issues keeping you up at night.  As Stephen was a fan of the theory that there are many dimensions, just as Albert Einstein did, we feel free in giving a reading in what he would say now that he has reached the other side.

Today Stephen Hawkings joins the Universe and we hope to capture a bit of his energy in a Goodbye Reading. We offer soft heartfelt Tarot Counseling on the issues keeping you up at night. A Hypnotherapy for headache relief is given, and discussion on the new movement on “Slow Healing”. Call or Inquick us!




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