Light Worker, Earth Angel – Are You One?

Coming up 2019/07/15 – 5:00 pm Central
Are You an Earth Angel? Light Worker Radio with AnnMarie on Tarot Joy

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Are you the one others are drawn to for comfort and advice, yet feel as if you don’t fit in? Ann Marie offers readings and discusses Earth Angels.

Believing in the teachings of Jesus, wisdom of Buddha, Ann Marie offers Angel Message Readings, and will make you feel as if your in a sunlit kitchen with a favorite Aunt. We discuss Earth Angels. Are you one?

What Is an Earth Angel? How You Can Tell If This Is You?

6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

 Signs You’re A True Lightworker

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About Ann Marie

As a spiritual rebel reader of the Tarot, I have lived the ups and downs of life riding the wave of creativity as a writer, musician, gardener, and animal rescuer. Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, I live on daily prayer, Reiki, and treasure Sisterhoods of like-minded women.

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