Peaceful Cottage Readings – The History of Poison Rings

Coming up 2019/08/19, 5:00 pm Central
Peaceful Cottage Readings – We Speak on Poison Rings on Tarot Joy

Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, Ann Marie will read on the issues keeping you up at night. We speak on the wild Magical history of Poison Rings.























Beautiful, mysterious, wild and dangerous the traditional poison ring had a very small container hidden under a hinged cover inwhich If they didn’t hold poison, concealed pomanders—small capsules of fragrance to disguise the atrocious odors of streets and rank gutters. The cavities could also be used to hold relics, bits of bone, fragments of flesh, or even locks of hair, a kind of precursor to 19th-century mourning jewelry. Call or In Quick for a Reading with Ann Marie……

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