INTUITION LESSON TWO: Exercises for Intuitive Sensitives on Tarot Joy

Coming up 2019/11/18 – 3:00 pm PST, 5:00 pm CTL, 6:00pm EST

INTUITION TWO – Exercises for Intuitive Sensitives on Tarot Joy

Spiritual Advisor, Ann Marie, Develop your Intuitive Third Eye, Reach Neutrality, Read Common day Symbols for Powerful Decision Making. Readings follow.

Are you a Sensitive? Being Empathic is more than absorbing others Emotions. You have the making of Third Eye Skills! Relax into Neutrality through exercises in developing Powerful Intuition. Readings follow.



When checking ones own energy channels or reading it is recommended to work from a neutral place in the center of the head, essentially sixth chakra. This is said to allow one to be in neutrality the state of non-judgement, in which you can perceive, but not feel or be in the pictures etc. that you are perceiving. This is essential for maintaining separation during readings and avoiding being overwhelmed by pictures and energies in oneself or the readie.

Neutrality is similar to Buddhist non-attachment a state of non-judgement in which one can be seated above the process involving oneself and others, watching the dramas from a box seat. When we are one the stage being the part, acting, feeling, and talking the role, we are not neutral. In neutrality, one is a witness to all that one is doing, but not in the thick of it.


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