Angel Message Readings, Toxic People & 7 Best Cat Breeds with Ann Marie on Achieve

Coming up Wednesday January 25, 2017 5:00pm CTL
Angel Message Readings, Toxic People and 7 Best Cat Breeds with Ann Marie on Achieve Radio


Peaceful Psychic Consultation by Phone or In Quick with Ann Marie 602-666-6027 {also} how to get along with Toxic People and the Seven Best Cat Breeds to match your personality.

Each Phone Reading {602-666-6027} will be followed by a Guardian Angel Message Reading! Ann, a certified Master Tarot Channel 35+Yrs, a Professional Psychic Advisor for Best Psychics Directory & Keen since 2001, ia listed with Jennifur Diamonds Top 50 Psychics.

Feb 26, 2015
Every cat comes with its own distinct personality, which can always differ from the breed standard. But if you are looking for an extra-friendly feline, check out this list of the friendliest cat breeds. {read the article
Since soulful connections require an investment of time and energy, you’ll want to choose the people you spend time with wisely.  

To determine whether a relationship drains you or fuels you, ask yourself the following

  1. @ 1Write down the name of a person in your life.
  2. @ 2Am I able to be myself with this person? Do I feel accepted by him/her?
  3. @ 3 Is this person critical or judgmental of me?
  4. @ 4Does the relationship provide an even give-and-take exchange of energy?
  5. @ 5 Do I feel upbeat and energised when I’m around this person, or depleted and drained?
  6. @ 6 Does this person share my values? My level of integrity?
  7. @ 7 Is this person committed to our relationship?
  8. @ 8 Can this person celebrate my success?
  9. @ 9 Do I feel good about myself when I’m with this person?

Once you have identified that you have a toxic relationship in your life, there are specific words that you can use to confront this family member or friend in a graceful, loving way. Your goal is not necessary to sever all relationships, it’s to set boundaries with this person. If you feel the relationship can be healed, follow these steps.  {read rest of article in top lin






Rainbow Crone Cats, Moon & Stars, Meditation with Adrienne & Ann on Achieve

Adrienne Austin joins Ann Marie for Guided Meditation and Psychic Readings by Phone or In Quick

OVER 80 YEARS READING EXPERIENCE COMBINED, Rainbow Crones Ann and Adrienne discuss how its never too late to recreate your life story and offer guidance on your life, love and spiritual journey via In Quick, Cell and Skype. Call 602-666-6027

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Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

By Bill Burnett and Dave Evans


Designers create worlds and solve problems using design thinking. Look around your office or home—at the tablet or smartphone you may be holding or the chair you are sitting in. Everything in our lives was designed by someone. And every design starts with a problem that a designer or team of designers seeks to solve.

In this book, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans show us how design thinking can help us create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of who or where we are, what we do or have done for a living, or how young or old we are. The same design thinking responsible for amazing technology, products, and spaces can be used to design and build your career and your life, a life of fulfillment and joy, constantly creative and productive, one that always holds the possibility of surprise.


Three Ways to Rewrite Your Story and Embrace the Future

by Rita Watson MPH

It is how we remember and retell our stories that shapes our personality and impacts our relationships. What determines our destiny is oftentimes the way we fashion our stories. While it is always best to err on the side of truth, sometimes we are driven to reshape unhappy experiences.












Readings & Holistic Healing with Joseph and Ann on Tarot Joy

Heartfelt Tarot Counseling with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

 Ask Joseph Grych & Ann Marie for Heart felt Advice by In quick or Phone

Soft Voiced Joseph Grych ak {Keen}”Lantern Bearer”, and Certified Master Tarot Channel Ann Marie will shine a spiritual light on to 2017 on all things love, life and spirit. Interesting topics on Trust, healthy soup broths for winter wellness, and why pairing natural healing solutions with Traditional medicine can pack a double punch in to feeling better.



How Does Reiki Increase Your Energy Vibration And Why Does It Matter?

By Margarita Alcantara

Vibration is the frequency that our energy body resonates at.

We all feel and respond, to each others’ vibrations, even if we’re not aware of it. It is the reason why we may be drawn to certain people, or repelled by them.

But why should we care whether or not we are operating at a higher vibration?

Because the higher our vibration, the more aligned we are with our greater purpose, in touch with our higher selves, and living in our flow. And when that happens, we are most connected with our true selves, as well as with others, spreading light on a global (and even universal) scale.

Since light always displaces the darkness, profound healing can occur when we make this shift.

This is because we are all connected, and what we do can have a direct affect on others. This is particularly true on the energetic level, since energy travels so quickly, and is often unseen by the naked eye (unless your third eye intuition is highly developed).

How To Heal Yourself Naturally






Live New Years Readings with Joseph & Ann Marie at Tarot Joy 602-666-6027

6:00pm EST tODAY LIVE Angel Messages, Love Readings, Career Readings, Spirit Readings, Mental Tune Ups at Light Worker Radio today with Joseph and Ann Marie. Call 602-666-6027 or listen 6:00pm EST


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Light Worker Inn: Peace on Earth Radio Readings, Recipes, Tips for Lone Wolfing the Holiday

Lovely Guidance in the whirlwind of Holiday Chaos – Tips for bonding with difficult Family or lone wolfing the holiday. Recipes and Radio Readings with Joseph and Ann Marie.  Organic Intuitive Accuracy with no B.S. – raw food for thought and holistic fun. Wednesdays 6:00pm Eastern at Tarot Joy. Call in # – 602-666-602

TO LISTEN      TO WATCH LIVE     The Inn is Open 6:00pm EST 12/28/2016

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Heartfelt Readings with Joseph and Ann Marie – Calm in Your Life Storm on Achieve Radio

Coming up 2016/12/07  6:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Pacific
Joseph {Lantern Bearer} and Ann Marie – Heartfelt Readings by the Cyber Fire – Calm in your Life Storm

Free Heartfelt Readings by the cyber fire. Discussion on Winter Spiritual House Clearing. Does white sage or incense help? FitBit Tracker Psychology for weight gain.

Those that are bearing frigid temperatures in spiritually stuffy houses and suddenly too tight jeans, may benefit from ass kicking house clearing and a nagging FitBit. Yay or Nay? FREE READINGS! Les talk! 602-666-6027





Tarot, Angels & Heart – Readings with Ann Marie

Coming up Wednesday November 30, 2016 6:00pm ET, 5:00PM CNT, 3:00pm PCT
Tarot, Angels and Heart – Readings with Ann Marie on Tarot Joy – Phone, In Quick

I shuffle the cards for you and go into a meditative state I call the Angel Frequency. For a Free Reading call 602-666-6027.  We discuss “Can Tarot really bring spirits into your home?” A recent TV ghost show claims a woman dabbled with Tarot and suddenly her family’s new home was haunted. What is “Intent”? How is Tarot like a hammer in the hands of a carpenter, or novice weekend dabbler?

Through the rhythm of the card shuffle, the smell of the ink, the feel of the cards cupped in my hands, answers come forth through the trinity of conscious, subconscious and intuition. The fine detail to your question is in the lay out of the cards…the “whys”….that give the “meat and potatoes” to a quality seasoned reading. I will be honest and compassionate to your feelings. I will warn you of red flags I see, and do not sugar coat the truth. At times this will cause angry feedback, Past these are the stellar reviews from thousands of clients.

Angel Tarot & Spirit Tea with Adrienne & Ann Marie

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday November 16th, 6:00pm EST, 3:00PM Pacific

Brass Ovary Tea with Adrienne Austin and Ann Marie. Angel Tarot and Psychic Clarity with a little humor, a kick ass meditation and 2 Reads Per Call to resolve your befuddlement.   Get down to earth truth, compassion and  80 years Psychic Reading combined. Adrienne offers a soothing meditation for Grief and Sadness for Moving On.  CALL FOR 2 FREE READINGS 602-666-602






POLITICAL ORACLE DAY! Hillary or Trump? Free Radio Readings at Tarot Joy

Coming up 2016/11/02 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm Pacific
POLITICAL ORACLE DAY! Hillary or Trump? Free Radio Readings at Tarot Joy

Who will win the white House?   LISTEN       WATCH LIVE ON ACHIEVE TV    Call 602-666-6027 for your FREE Reading!

Good or Bad is a state of mind and we promise to be honest without partiality. Call or In Quick with your concerns on love, life, spirit. Have your own prediction on the upcoming winner? Call in 6:00pm EST TODAY!




Peaceful Full Moon – Crystal Cleaning & Solitary New Moon Blessing on Tarot Joy

Peaceful Guidance with Soft Voiced Joseph Grych and Certified Psychic Adviser, Ann Marie.  Clarity and Wisdom  among the dogs, house plants.  Joseph Grych and Ann O’Dell discuss the process of full moon crystal cleaning and Joseph gives a prayer for Solitary New Moon Blessing.

Listen or watch on Achieve TV.        TO WATCH