Light Worker Inn: Peace on Earth Radio Readings, Recipes, Tips for Lone Wolfing the Holiday

Lovely Guidance in the whirlwind of Holiday Chaos – Tips for bonding with difficult Family or lone wolfing the holiday. Recipes and Radio Readings with Joseph and Ann Marie.  Organic Intuitive Accuracy with no B.S. – raw food for thought and holistic fun. Wednesdays 6:00pm Eastern at Tarot Joy. Call in # – 602-666-602

TO LISTEN      TO WATCH LIVE     The Inn is Open 6:00pm EST 12/28/2016

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Heartfelt Readings with Joseph and Ann Marie – Calm in Your Life Storm on Achieve Radio

Coming up 2016/12/07  6:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Pacific
Joseph {Lantern Bearer} and Ann Marie – Heartfelt Readings by the Cyber Fire – Calm in your Life Storm

Free Heartfelt Readings by the cyber fire. Discussion on Winter Spiritual House Clearing. Does white sage or incense help? FitBit Tracker Psychology for weight gain.

Those that are bearing frigid temperatures in spiritually stuffy houses and suddenly too tight jeans, may benefit from ass kicking house clearing and a nagging FitBit. Yay or Nay? FREE READINGS! Les talk! 602-666-6027





Tarot, Angels & Heart – Readings with Ann Marie

Coming up Wednesday November 30, 2016 6:00pm ET, 5:00PM CNT, 3:00pm PCT
Tarot, Angels and Heart – Readings with Ann Marie on Tarot Joy – Phone, In Quick

I shuffle the cards for you and go into a meditative state I call the Angel Frequency. For a Free Reading call 602-666-6027.  We discuss “Can Tarot really bring spirits into your home?” A recent TV ghost show claims a woman dabbled with Tarot and suddenly her family’s new home was haunted. What is “Intent”? How is Tarot like a hammer in the hands of a carpenter, or novice weekend dabbler?

Through the rhythm of the card shuffle, the smell of the ink, the feel of the cards cupped in my hands, answers come forth through the trinity of conscious, subconscious and intuition. The fine detail to your question is in the lay out of the cards…the “whys”….that give the “meat and potatoes” to a quality seasoned reading. I will be honest and compassionate to your feelings. I will warn you of red flags I see, and do not sugar coat the truth. At times this will cause angry feedback, Past these are the stellar reviews from thousands of clients.

Angel Tarot & Spirit Tea with Adrienne & Ann Marie

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday November 16th, 6:00pm EST, 3:00PM Pacific

Brass Ovary Tea with Adrienne Austin and Ann Marie. Angel Tarot and Psychic Clarity with a little humor, a kick ass meditation and 2 Reads Per Call to resolve your befuddlement.   Get down to earth truth, compassion and  80 years Psychic Reading combined. Adrienne offers a soothing meditation for Grief and Sadness for Moving On.  CALL FOR 2 FREE READINGS 602-666-602






POLITICAL ORACLE DAY! Hillary or Trump? Free Radio Readings at Tarot Joy

Coming up 2016/11/02 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm Pacific
POLITICAL ORACLE DAY! Hillary or Trump? Free Radio Readings at Tarot Joy

Who will win the white House?   LISTEN       WATCH LIVE ON ACHIEVE TV    Call 602-666-6027 for your FREE Reading!

Good or Bad is a state of mind and we promise to be honest without partiality. Call or In Quick with your concerns on love, life, spirit. Have your own prediction on the upcoming winner? Call in 6:00pm EST TODAY!




Peaceful Full Moon – Crystal Cleaning & Solitary New Moon Blessing on Tarot Joy

Peaceful Guidance with Soft Voiced Joseph Grych and Certified Psychic Adviser, Ann Marie.  Clarity and Wisdom  among the dogs, house plants.  Joseph Grych and Ann O’Dell discuss the process of full moon crystal cleaning and Joseph gives a prayer for Solitary New Moon Blessing.

Listen or watch on Achieve TV.        TO WATCH



Brass Ovary Psychic Sisterhood, Adrienne & Annie, LIVE FREE readings, Celestial Tea on Achieve TV 602-666-6027

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday October 19th, 2016

PSYCHIC KITCHEN ORACLES WITH 80 YEARS READING EXPERIENCE COMBINED have fun with Halloween, a Pumpkin Meditation and spooky sound effects.   We offer in-depth guidance on love, career, spiritual unrest.  We keep it FUN, SIMPLE, DIRECT AND ACCURATE.


It’s a Brass Ovary Psychic Sisterhood reunion!




Psychic in a Red Neck Town – the TRUE story of Amityville Horror at Tarot Joy

Ann Marie tells the story of thousands of American Psychics living in tiny towns in the US along highways and gravel roads in America.  When surviving as a spiritualist in a tiny town there are certain rules to help you coordinate with your neighbors.  Opportunity calls in a million ways for those willing to be flexible.

Joseph tells the TRUE story of he Amityville Horror house.  Why is it one person tunes in to spirits where ever they move to, and another person feels or sees nothing?  Whether love, life or spirit there is a place in Ann Marie’s reading room for you by in quick or phone. Enjoy topics of interest on love, career and more with Joseph and Ann Marie.







Heal After You’ve Been Betrayed – Loving Readings with Ann Marie at Tarot Joy 602-666-6027

Wednesday September 28th, 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm PT

LISTEN    WATCH ON ACHIEVE TV    602-666-6027

“The Journey of the Warrior is not easy. You must believe that anger, unbelonging, loneliness, fear, and doubt—all of these, shall pass. You will survive them all. Inside all the courage and wisdom you need to become the person you want to be is inside  your love and your pain. If you transport out of it, you will miss your transformation. You must stop being afraid of pain and start being afraid of easy buttons.



Heart Felt Live Readings with Joseph & Ann Marie at Tarot Joy

Wednesday September 21st, 2016 6:00PM PT, 3:00pm PT

We Listen! We Care! Heart Felt Live Readings with Joseph & Ann Marie at Tarot Joy {602}666-6027     WATCH YOU TUBE OF SHOW

Call Ann Marie and Joseph Grych for live compassion and warmth. Masterful Tarot, down to earth kindness, direct honesty, and jazz hands. Also “Chakra Sweaters” whats your favorite color of sweat shirt or sweater say about you?

Once upon a time you felt happy and you wonder what awaits you. Joseph and Ann Marie move a corner stone into clarity for you and shed illuminating warmth and light on all your concerns with Masterful Tarot. What does your favorite colored sweat shirt or sweater say about you? Call 602-666-6027 {*5} and watch your reading live! Joe is an intuitive, fiction author and trance music composer.



CHAKRA SWEATERS * What’s your favorite sweater/ sweatshirt say about you?  by Ann Marie


What sweater do you reach for when your feeling absolutely YOU? Usually it’s the one you’ve had forever. You feel comforted, relaxed and at peace in your Chakra Sweater. Every time you grab for it your in for a laid back day or creative focus. Your personal Ommm time is often shared with your favorite Chakra sweater..


Red is the Root Chakra color. It’s frequencies run deep like the roots of a tree into the frequencies of Family, Security, Core Value and Self Confidence. This color grounds you and feels like a Hug. Red’s frequencies act like the foundation of a building.

Families, organizations and security are based on red and earth color frequencies.
How people feel about you and what they expect from you matters very much;
You may reach for First Chakra when you feel you are missing family or security also.
Reds, Browns, Okras, Plum, Maroon and Taupe are 1st Chakra Sweater Colors.

FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DRIFTING AND SHAKY? Balance by wearing a red, brown or taupe sweater to give you strong earthy foundational roots.


CREATIVE AND SEXUAL ENERGY radiate from your orange sweater. When feeling focused on a project that needs special energy this is often the Chakra Sweater favorite. Writing a book? Organizing a function or project? Need to think and strategist?

Your Orange sweater says you are calm in the face of chaos or turmoil.
FEEL LIKE YOUR IN NEED OF NEW IDEAS? Balance by wearing an orange sweater for a boost in creative juices and sexual empowerment.


From your 3rd Chakra Gold or Yellow sweater radiate the Wings of Angels and Intuitive Personal Empowerment.

Your Gold 3rd Chakra sweater is related to your personal self image and relates to your self worth, self confidence and personal empowerment.
Feel Worried? Reach for your Angels and Intuition. Balance by wearing a Yellow sweater to fight the blues with sunshine and golden light.


Your 4th Chakra Green or Pink Sweater speaks of Unconditional Love and the Healing power of this color frequency is awesome.

Green and Pink, are heart chakra colors of unconditional love that’s potential is oneness with God and nature.
Love, tolerance and compassion resonate within you.
FEEL AS IF YOU ARE BEATING YOUR SELF UP? Balance by wearing a green or pink sweater to sooth your angry inner chatter.
Put your negative feelings for self or loved ones on a back burner. Wear your green sweater to strengthen inner love.


Your 5th Chakra Blue Sweater is the “Communicator” and “Truth Speaker”. With the joy of a child it sings free and clear with out shame.

You likely wave your arms and hands when you speak.
FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE LOST YOUR VOICE? Balance by wearing a blue sweater when you feel you have lost your voice or feel no one is listening. Speak out in your blue 5th Chakra sweater!


Your 6th Chakra Indigo or Black sweater speaks keenly of Wisdom and a Sixth Sense. You are the divine mystic presence of antiquity and sacred 3rd Eye. A feeling of “Knowing” is with you in your 6th Chakra Indigo or Black sweater.

You are not effected by your emotions, but intuitive wisdom. You see the issue at hand.
You are naturally a person of non-attached clairvoyance.

FEEL YOU ARE ANALYZING TOO MUCH? Balance and wear your Indigo or Black sweater to recapture your wise non-attachment to make decisions that count despite crowd opinion.


In your White or Purple 7th Chakra Sweater you are surrounded by light and love. You are encased in a temple of light and spirit.

It is no coincidence that many religions don white robes for prayer.
In your white or purple sweater you are in rapture with the glory of the Universe.
White is a color worn to represent spirituality, a clean slate, mystic oneness.
Purple is often chosen to represent royalty and attunement with the Universe.

NEED RAPTURE IN YOUR LIFE? Balance and wear your white or purple sweater to make a clean slate, and recapture your spirit after a disillusioning day.