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Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Rainbow Crone TV – Brass Ovary Radio on Achieve

Witchy-Angel-Wisewomen,  Adrienne Austin, and Ann Marie man the Q-10 Memory ship to speak on Asheville, Blue Sky Cafe, Crystal Visions Metaphysical Shop, Brass Ovary Radio, Healing Art, and Spirit Tea.


 Rainbow Crone T.V.





Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive – Interview with Courtney Marchesani

Courtney Marchesani: Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive – Tarot Joy

Embrace the Science of Sensitivity, Heal Anxiety and Relationships, and Connect Deeply with Your World.  Courtney Marchesani will not only teach you the four different gifts of extream sensitivity, but take the mystique away from Autisem, A.D.D, Dyslexia, and show you through their eyes how they see the world responding from an etheric dimension.  After 20 years of research, this brilliant lady is very knowledgable.

We discussed Intuitives Laura Day, Theresa Caputo, and how men and women really do not differ in the way they percieve the world as much as we are told.  We discussed Star Gate, the expereimental program on Remote Viewing for the Cold War.  So much information, and so interesting.

Courtney Marchesani, a Hay House Author, has written three amazing books, Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive, Feeding the Trauma Spirit, and The Energetic Psychopath. We discuss today the Four Gifts of the Highly Sensative.


Telepathic Love and Soul Mate Discussion – How to Move On

On Tarot Joy
Monday, July 19th, 2021


What is Telepathic Love? How to Move On. Discussion and Readings with Ann Marie

You can feel them and hear their thoughts from a distance. But they never go further. Time to move on?

Is it time to stop the intrusive telepathic energy of someone renting free space in your head? How do you move on? A simple but effective method, will either force them to step up or give up and set you FREE.




Fear of Death – From Pyramids to Facebook, Readings and Discussion

Coming up 2021/07/12 – 7:00 pm EST

Underground Angels – Backroad Lightworkers

From an obsessive fear of death I was drawn to Spiritual work, Intuitive Reading, Writing Books, and Animal Rescue.  I believe ln the center of every Light Worker, is the need to rescue and heal others from death and invisibility.  In doing so, Light Workers also heal themselves. Have Facebook and Instagram become the new obsessive fear of “death” and invisibility? How do Chimpanzees and Elephants honor their dead?  Thank you to the winners of a free 5-minute Zoom recording, each, and for letting me post them on this Tarot Joy episode.

Fear of death, from Pyramids to American Funeral Homes to Facebook Algorithm Visibility we are hardwired to strive for immortality. Has Non-Denominational Spirituality become the norm? Discussion and Readings with Ann Marie in the Angel Frequency.  Thank you to the wonderful people who have allowed me to record their readings on Zoom for Achieve Radio.

When I was 22 I became suddenly overcome by a fear of death. The thought of Nothingness so overpowered my thoughts I became filled with dread and depression. Do animals fear death? How has Facebook Algorithm become the new fear of nothingness?



Morning Coffee with Author Vicki Znavor, AUTHENTICITY REAWAKENED

Vickie photo

My Saturday morning coffee interview with Author Vicki Znavor was eye-opening. She spoke on her life journey, reminding me how many times I listened to people identify what they saw as my strengths but often did not agree with my dreams.  She will set you straight, surprise you. and with down-to-earth warmth give helpful tips on facing your fears, standing up to a boss with backbone, and being your Authentic Self in life. 

The Path to OWNING Your Life’s Story and Fulfilling Your Purpose is sold on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Target

I have listed some of the chapter titles I found most meaningful in “The Path to OWNING Your Life’s Story and Fulfilling Your Purpose.”


Vickie Znavor speaks of a time in her twenties when she spoke to an influential figurehead about her dream of being a tax consultant. He laughed! “You will never be one!” he told her. Vicki said, “then tell me the steps to get there.” Again the man laughed. “It will never happen.”

“I could have been changed for life by what he told me,” Vickie recalls. “Instead, I let it make me try harder. Fifteen years later, I was chosen over him for a position we both wanted in that same corporation. ” Vickie reminds us in her book to always listen to our inner voice. The chapters of her book, “Authenticity Awakened,” are important highlights. She speaks on how to listen to our inner voice.


 Listen to Your Inner Voice 

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Leaving with Grace



 Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say 

 Don’t Lie 

Know Your Audience 

Describe Problems Clearly

Watch Your Language 

Be Deliberate When Presenting 

Share Personal Information Thoughtfully 

Don’t Gossip 

Admit to Mistakes 


Vicki admits she is a social loner with a strong life path of leadership. It came naturally for her, growing up, to be a good student, leader of a cheerleading squad, but if given a choice between speaking in front of strangers or working alone in her office, she would probably choose the quiet office. But this does not stop her from taking challenges head-on in her life. Vickie shows us the two directions we can take.



Vicki Znavor speaks on how the Authentic Self takes criticism. Sarcastic slams against our dreams and goals can lead us in two different directions. We can become bitter and sad, taking another’s sarcasm or criticism as gospel truth, forever shunning our authentic self. In Vickie’s case, she made ridicules the inspiration and drive to fuel her goals. Vicki shows us how to let go.



Listen to the Whispers 


Your Values Are Your North Star 

Face Your Fears 

 Watch Your Ego 

 Be a Light to Others 

 Find Gratitude 

 You Are Good Enough 

 Get Going 

 Exercise: Create Your Action Plan



Vicki points out to me that everyone’s path is different. Whether we are a successful executive, a mother, daughter, son, self-employed, or a sanitary worker, there are ways to be proud of who we are and speak our truth.

Express Your Feelings Thoughtfully 

Show Empathy

Do What You Say You’ll Do 

Be Thoughtful About Workplace Romance 

Learn to Say “No” More Often 

Express Gratitude 

Love Yourself


Though not in Vickie’s book, I asked her to define being Authentic in the three stages of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. What would they be?

Vicki felt being in one’s twenties is similar to Rehearsal in which we practice over and over how to express our truth, work with others in teams, and problem solve as a tribe.

When speaking about our Middle Ages, Vickie smiled. Our 40’s – 60’s is a time to shine, walk with glory, be proud, and love who we see in the mirror. Our Rehearsal of youth has paid off, our middle years are the accumulation of the lessons we have learned.

I asked Vicki about Authenticity in our senior years.  She believes that this can be an exciting time not to compare ourselves but to dare ourselves to succeed and excel on the very things we fear. We need to understand that our Authentic Self can be a part of our lives any time we wish if we are willing to do the work, Be disciplined, avoid excuses, and over-analyze, which leads so many to settle for less. We can change this if we will only be brave.

Vicki Znaavor’s book at Amazon: AUTHENTICITY REAWAKENED 

Clear Your Home or Work Correctly With White Sage – Tarot Joy

Coming up 2021/06/14
How To Clear Energy with White Sage Correctly.  Create a Spiritual Energy Shield with this Hypnotherapy Meditation on Tarot Joy

How to Clear Your Home and Work Space with White Sage




Sometimes we are effected  by the thoughts, energy, bad days, PTS OF violence and even vibrations from areas we exercise, shop, or work in..  For that reason, we may find that we allow, with out knowing it, for exterior-vibrational-negativity to piggy back onto us, We may feel vulnerable, afraid to even go to work, to have normal conversations, or even to go to sleep for fear in our relaxed state, negative energy is able to attack us.
Even as grown ups, there are times we still fear what is under the bed, in the closet, and its ok if we feel this way but it is NOT ok to NOT protect ourselves. And I am NOT talking about a gun.  Guns can not kill energy. I am speaking about ENERGETIC SHIELDS, that we create whenever we need to, that looks much like a Luminous Egg around our body, or a bubble, WE CREATE A SHILD that we learn BY visualizing it first, then through daily practice, build it like a powerful fortress SHIELD..
HOW CAN VISUALIZING PROTECT?  Because like attracts like. When you are afraid, those thoughts of visualizing attack, are a magnet for attracting it.  Your Energetic Aura, shrinks, your posture becomes closed, your thoughts create paranoia, and all of these things are what negative energy feeds on.   And when you are peaceful, and feel safe, your energy is more confident, your energy field becomes bigger, and your fearless peace IS NOT WHAT NEGATIVE ENERGY, or WORK COLLEGES feed on. YOUR LIGHT BECOMES BRIGHT.
 Having a energetic shield around us is the number 1 tool for sleep, socializing, walking alone,  …PROTECTION..  Our Protective Shield is created by our own ability to  create OUR PROTECTIVE SPIRITUAL SHILD when ever we need IT.   The more that we practice creating our Shield of Energetic Protection, the more powerful it becomes,
For this reason. this episode, is on creating a spiritual protective shield beginning with a hypnotherapy meditation,  and the steps on how to correctly use White Sage, most often used for clearing our homes, work space and bedroom before we go to sleep.


Learn how to white sage the correct way, how to remove a ghost, and what to expect if you’re dating an Empath. Ann Marie will answer the questions most asked for beginners wanting to clear negative energy in their homes or workspace.

Always Tired? Relationship ended? Bad luck following you around? Pets acting out? Agitated and don’t know why? You need to clear your environmental energy! Here are the steps for using white sage correctly for beginners. {Vogue Magazine} How to Remove a Ghost{Chicago Tribune.} For kicks we discuss what you have in store if you’re dating an empath.{Insider}


1} What do you say while you are walking around with your sage to clear energy? Prayers? Blessings?

2} Which is Better? Bundle or Loose Sage in a Shell or Bowl?

3} Should you use a Feather?  Why?

4} Should you wear Protective Crystals or Religious Meddalians while clearing?

5} Should you blow on your Sage?

6} How do you Put the flame of your Sage Bundle Out when you’re finished?

7} Do all Psychics clear haunted houses? Why or why not?

8} How often should you sage your home or workplace?

9} Can you sage your campsite, garden or fair space?

10} Who should NOT clear homes that are NOT theirs?

11} What are the Signs that a Home or Workspace Needs Clearing?

12} What Other herbs are good for clearing?

Meditation for Energy Shield for Negative Energy


Organic Readings, Certified Accuracy – Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

On Tarot Joy
Monday, June 7th, 2021

6-7 pm CTL Tarot Joy with Ann Marie, Organic Psychic Readings

Watch Todays Show


Spirit Tea with Ann Marie, Organic Psychic Readings with 37+ Yrs Certified National Reading Exp. Are you Psychic? What is the correct way to pull out cards from a freshly shuffled Tarot Deck?  How to block Icky Negative Energy piggybacking on YOU from work or your environment.

Believing in the teachings of Jesus, Wisdom of Buddha and the clarity of a Reading Ann Marie’s new time slot is 6:00 to 7:00 pm Central. Take a test to find out which Intuitive Gift you have, Audio, Feeling or Vision.

If you are empathic, Going into Spiritual work, the most valuable gift you can give yourself is to learn how to block negative draining energy. From Jesus walking the wilderness tempted by the voice of the devil, to you and I walking through a busy street or public event, the residue and active energy of others’ emotions bombard us.
Learning to block is like carrying an invisible shield in which negative energy bounces off and can not get through. Your mood remains your own, not the icky unexplainable residue energy from anger, depression, violence, and remorse others carry. Choose carefully where you go. Piggybacking energy will latch on to the most sensitive person close by.
To be a Spiritual Worker is to know the more you develop your sensitivity, the more vulnerable you become to negativity.
It may begin in your dreams, in which you find yourself forced to choose sides in a complex maze of images. Remember. The more you develop your intuition, the more loud and in-your-face energy becomes. You will find this happens over and over in reading for others. Owning Neutrality, a state of being “calm through the storm”, will develop within you the ability to be a natural diplomat. And the first and most important place to practice blocking is in a public place.
REIKI – Some may lay on the table for the first time beneath a healers chakra clearing hands and wonder, “What the hell?” You may not feel a big whoo hoo the first time, and be slightly disappointed. As you head for home, you feel a release, like a pressure valve got opened and notice a heaviness you carried from work, a relationship, is lightened. Each time you return for a session you will feel this energetic release, For this reason I list Reiki as a form of blocking.
Envision a force field around you of Pink or white healing energy. Some may see this as a luminous Egg that radiates protective shielding energy around you and radiates a few feet before you. Inside this luminous egg of protection you are completely safe, confident, and nothing can touch your heart and soul with negativity,

Spirit Tea with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha on Achieve Radio

On Tarot Joy
Monday, May 24th, 2021

Master Zhi Gang Sha, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field on Achieve

Watch Todays Interview with Dr Master Zhi Gang Sha

Love, Peace and Harmony – Master Sha (Full Version)

Ann Marie has Spirit Tea with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a world-renowned Spiritual Rock Star Healer. Master Sha is a renowned Tao grandmaster, spiritual teacher, and author of over 25 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers who began his journey of the compassionate soul, body, and mind at the age of four in his village.  Said the late poet, Maya Angelou, “Everyone needs more Zhi Gang Sha!”  Listen to his song channeled through God for world peace.

Raved about by renowned Spiritualists all across the world, it is Master Sha’s intention to bring Spiritual balance in sync with Traditional Medicine, to increase, hasten and sustain wellness.  Through lively and clear animations Master Sha shows breathing exercises, as well as the ability to channel Tao Calligraphy, infused with God’s healing power to AID in the healing of Cancer.  WATCH and listen to his world peace song from God, now an anthem in India and catching on wildly in the world!

Dr. and Master Sha discusses Tao Calligraphy Healing Field with Ann Marie, an Information System with six Sacred Tao techniques to Empower you to Heal and Transform your life! Master Sha is a renowned Tao grandmaster, healer, spiritual teacher, and the author of over 25 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers

Introduction to Tao Calligraphy






Is Your Land Haunted? Spiritual Tarot Counseling on Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy

On Tarot Joy – 5:00 pm EST, 4:00 PM CTL, 2:00 PST
Monday, May 10th, 2021- Call 602-666-6027

Spiritual Tarot Counseling with Ann Marie on Tarot Joy


Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, and the clarity of a Spring reading. How to read the energy of your garden with Divination tools. Is Your Land Haunted?

Certified Readings by phone, In Quick on all things, love, life, spirit. All land has historical energy connected with the events that occured on it. Read the energy of your garden, land, and shake hands with your garden spirit.

How to Use a Pendulum to Answer Yes/No Questions on your lnad
  1. Make your mind ready. …
  2. Position yourself and your pendulum. …
  3. Program your pendulum’s signals. …
  4. Verify the signals. …
  5. Program your pendulum’s source. …
  6. Ask your question. …
  7. Wait for the answer.

Angel Message Readings with Velvet Hammer Accuracy on Tarot Joy

Coming up 2021/05/03
Angel Message Readings with Velvet Hammer Accuracy on Tarot Joy

Ann Marie is a Certified Psychic Consultant for two leading National lines and will read for you!



Get Velvet Hammer Accuracy, compassionate heartfelt guidance on love, life, spirit, pets, crossing over and Angel Message readings. Today’s topic is Angel Gardening with Feng Shui. Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick your Questions to Studio A.

21 Magical Secret Garden Designs for Your Perfect Getaway