How To Get Along at the Politically Opposite Holiday Table

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Watch Our Show     Dad’s a Republican “Trumpee,” Sisters a Buddhist, Moms a devoted Baptist and your brothers an Athiest. Tips for getting along at the Politically Opposite Holiday table. Bashar, Following your greatest excitement in 2019.    Join for Spirit Tea and Organic Psychic Guidance

Sneak Peek – A Tarot Moving Forward Look at 2019 on Tarot Joy

Coming up 2018/11/14 – 6:00 pm EST
MOVING FORWARD READINGS, Joseph and Ann Marie offer Moving Forward Readings for 2019, a sneak-peek on your divine calling in love, life, spirit for 2019. Call or In Quick us!

The future is changeable according to your wise actions with guidance from God and Spirit. Where is your path taking you in 2019? Home, Career, family, retirement, …its all in divine planning and we’ll take a peek for you. Learn the layout for this reading.

Velvet Hammer Psychic Accuracy – Readings on Love, Life, Spirit on Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Velvet Hammer Psychic Accuracy – heartfelt Readings on Tarot Joy

Seasoned Velvet Hammer Psychic Radio Readings on Achiever Radio TV. We discuss Haunted Antiques

We are a Live Light Worker Radio TV show on since 2010. Our intentions are to offer impeccable heartfelt accuracy knowing you always have free will and the future is changeable according to your actions with guidance from God. All topics are for discussion and open to the public.

6:00 pm Eastern, Wednesday 7th, 2018

Joseph Grych mans the ship with Ann Marie for Seasoned Velvet Hammer Psychic Radio Readings on Achiever Radio TV.  We discuss the topic of Haunted Antiques, paranormal hauntings from the introduction of a 2nd hand object into your home.  To call for a reading: 602-666-6027 or In Quick us at       TO WATCH


We speak on:   Dealing With a Loved One’s Belongings After Their Death



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Harvest Wisdom – Formula for a Powerful and Healing Psychic Reading on Tarot Joy

Coming up 2018/10/31
6:00pm EST, 3:0pm Pacific


Ann Marie will read on love, career, spiritual unrest, angel messages, crossing over and even pets.  Learn the Delivery formula for a Powerful and Healing Psychic Reading. Receive compassionate Harvest wisdom with over 37 years of reading experience.  Halloween Topic – Land Energy-ghosts of the woods.

dos and dont’s of giving a good psychic reading


It is easy to think that once you have mastered your accuracy and ability to channel Spirit you are a Master Psychic Reader.  And yes, Accuracy is very important as you will be tested constantly by clients.  It is also important to understand that most people come for a reading with a major concern on their mind.  Seldom does a client come for a reading just for the novelty of an experience.


1} The Channeling, the Revelation of what You See

2} The Message Delivery – the Ability to say hard things in soft ways

3} Conclusion – Message of Hope to end the reading

Because most people come with a concern when asking for a Psychic Reading, being able to be truthful, but compassionate about what you see assures you are not hung up on.  Your client will in most cases appreciate honesty, but only if you deliver in a soft compassionate way. Always end your reading with a hopeful message, just as you would want someone to do for you.

To be an honest reader still incorporates diplomacy.  Even if your client says “just tell me what you see, good or bad”….deliver what you see in a compassionate way.

dos and don’ts of giving a good psychic reading



All land contains historical imprints of the wars, celebrations, hunts, and burials within it.  Whether a house is built on that land of residual energy, or it is left to reside in peace {or anger} within its own portal of history, is the question. It is my belief that animals tame the energy of human dwellings. I have seen it myself.  And since the woods are filled with an abundance of wildlife, acting as an energy neutralizer, it is my belief that everything changes when a city comes and plows down a pristine forest to put a freeway in.  Not only do animal caretakers leave or die, but all residual balance also goes haywire.


When change happens, even in the best of intentions,  residual energy can change into negative hauntings. There are those that love nothing more than to step into the unknown and bask in its entirety, good or bad.  It is a type of “extremism” or addiction to the unknown. Indigenous tribes consider this to be holy, and they often attribute nature with good and bad spirits.


Like being drawn to a specific chair in a house, certain trails, and forest pathways call to us.  Ask yourself how you feel.  Absorb the energy, and tune in and pay attention to negative areas that feel dangerous.  Historical energy is speaking to you. Respect what you feel.


A Walk in the Woods: 7 of the World’s Most Haunted Forests and Woodlands





Metaphysical Tea and Readings with Joseph and Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

 Wednesday, October 10, 2018 6:00 pm EST, 3:00 pm PST
Metaphysical Tea with Joseph and Ann Marie

As Light Workers, Joseph and Ann Marie offer compassionate, direct, and organic Tarot Counseling with over 45 years of reading experience


In the theme of Halloween, Controversial topics on Angels and Demons as well as how to give a Past Life Tarot Reading are today’s show. As Lightworkers Joseph and Ann Marie work in the spirit of light.

How To Give a Past Life Tarot Reading

Call 602-666-6027 for a two Live Readings per Question, or In Quick your Question HERE

HEARTFELT – Organic Psychic Reads with No B.S. – Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday, October 3, 2018 – 6:00 PM Est, 3:00 PCT
HEARTFELT – Organic Psychic Guidance with No B.S. – Tarot Joy


Angel Readings, Love Readings, Career Readings, Life Path Readings, Crossing Over Readings, 2 Reads Per Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick

Seasoned Guidance with over 40 Years Psychic Reading Experience with Joseph and Ann Marie – We tell it as we see it, with compassion. TOPIC: The Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Kick-Ass Spiritual Reading

How To Hear Your Angels on Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday, September 19, 2018
How To Hear Your Angels, Angel Reading Messages on Tarot Joy

An Angel is of high vibration and frequency. Do we need to name them? How do we know when they are guiding us? Learn 2 ways to hear your Angels, how to do an Angel Reading and call for an Angel Message.

Ann Marie has been an Empathic Master Tarot Coach for over two decades who reads in the Angel Frequency on all things love, life, and spirit. Call or In Quick your Question. 602-666-6027


How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency


What Is The Meaning of Hearing Frequencies?

Have you noticed you’ve started to hear vibrations? Or maybe you’ve noticed a buzz in one of your ears, or heard a high pitched frequency?

Guardian Angels and Archangels – Differences and Similarities

AFTER THE TERROR – Hurricane Florence, 9-11, How To Stay Calm In Crisis

Coming up 2018/09/12

How do you react to terror?  9-11 brought so many instances both on the Passenger Plane, and the Victims of the Towers and Pentagon.  Some panic, others stay calmer than they ever been before.   We share ouR own embarrassing reactions to terror, give tips for slowing down, how to prepare pets for coming storm evacuation, and of course offer readings. Joseph plays his newest Transmusic Composition.  We discuss the Paranormal and Current Events in weekly discussion. Call in and share your opinion and knowledge. 602-666-6027




We offer Heartfelt Tarot Coaching and Discussion, realizing your hurricane life crisis is just as traumatic to you. Joseph plays his newest Transmusic composition, and we offer a prayer to victims of the storm.

8 ways to prepare your pets for a hurricane

8 Ways to Stay Calm During a Crisis

Why Going Slow Will Make You Go Faster

For more trans dancing music composed by Joseph here is his link:   { Sounds of ancient Mayan}


PARANORMAL DREAM STATES with Joseph and AnnMarie

Have you ever had a vivid dream and to your gut-wrenching shock realize days, or even a year later everything is happening in real life?  At any time have you had a dream in which you spoke, touched and found great comfort with someone you loved that has crossed over?  What is Astro Projection?  Many speak about finding answers to their questions, creative projects and career moves through dreams.  Indigenous Tribes have used dream state for spiritual transformation, often through the use of hallucinogenic plants and herbs.   Joseph and Ann discuss the many dynamics of Paranormal Dream states. Call in for two free readings per call or tell us your dream.   TO LISTEN          WATCH


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Dreams That Cross Into the Paranormal
By John Casey

Is Mutual Dreaming Possible?

                                                                      By Rebecca Turner – take our free lucid dreaming course.


Are Deceased Loved Ones Communicating With You?   Anna Sayce


10 Things to Ask Your Lucid Dream Self






Sarah Moses Readings

My name is Ann Marie and I read the energy ringing around you with 40 years empathic reading experience.  What is a “Sarah Moses?”  One look in your baby girls eyes you know she is powerful.  Once she starts school her journey unfolds as she chooses to lead, represent excellence and amazing wisdom. What happens when later in life, she chooses “less”?


A Sarah Moses is a Rainbow Crone who has lived a life of ups and downs with purpose and ambition. What happens when she decides less is more? The “Soft Warrior” steps in. Readings for male and female spirits. My name is Ann Marie and I read the energy ringing around you.