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Wednesday January 3rd, 2018


SPIRIT TELEPHONE-Joseph & Ann on Tarot Joy  602-666-6027

WHEN ASKED “DO YOU TALK TO THE DEAD?” my answer is “No, nor would I want to interrupt their journey.” I read the message left for you by a loved one during their last breath of life, ringing like a telephone around you.”  Call in or In Quick Readings on all things love, life, spirit.

I can honestly say that spirit is beyond clothing and jewelry and is more about revealing emotional apologies, love, humor, and lessons learned. In this way, my accuracy is high. In naming jewelry and events, I do not excel. Call or InQuick Joe and Ann

No matter how sudden, or lingering a death, for each significant loved one and friend of the one crossing over, a message is left which rings like an energetic phone waiting to be played back. A sudden death does not hurry brain death. Therefore, the space in time, between life and the next dimension, plays in slow motion as the one crossing over has their individual life review. Like a ringing phone, we all carry energetic messages from those whose lives we have touched. These messages can be received through a profound dream or a symbolic revelation.  A Psychic Medium is a Spiritual Operator, who answers he phone ringing around you,the operators that answer and give the spiritual message just for us.



There are those that believe proof of an authentic Psychic Medium is they must name an article of clothing or a significant moment in time.  But I can honestly say that spirit is beyond clothing and jewelry and is more about revealing emotional apologies, love, humor, and lessons learned.  In this way, my accuracy is high.  In naming jewelry and events, I do not excel.

WHEN ASKED “DO YOU TALK TO THE DEAD?”…my answer is “No, nor would I want to interrupt their journey on the other side.  I am the Psychic Medium Operator that answers the ringing phone message left just for you on their passing.”

Many readers of high quality, read, live and speak differently from each other.  You will know when you hear an accurate spirit message.  Usually, they fall in two categories, Truth or Fluff


A Fluff Psychic Medium Reading is like canned music.  It has a repetitive confined feeling as if it has been said over and over, with the object of making the receiver feel good about themselves. Much mention of God and Heaven, how proud they are of you, and a goodbye of “see you in Heaven” is a safe and typical Fluff Crossing Over Reading.


A normal life is filled with the good and the bad, regrets and joys.  When these are pointed out in a Psychic Medium Reading tear, sometimes anger, and intensity can happen. And though naming a piece of jewelry or a special event really brings raves, never forget that if the reader themselves is not necessarily a materialistic person…they will not tune in to these things as much as the other more meaningful aspects of the departed life message.  You will know the truth when you hear it.


Remember!  A message is ringing like a phone around you already from the one that has passed on.


Organic Heartfelt Radio Coaching with Joe & Ann on Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday, December 13, 2017
6:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Central, 3:00pm Pacific


Reading on love, career, Angel Messages, Creative Pursuit, Spiritual Pathwork, Office Dispute & Pets

Where is your path taking you in 2018? Let Joseph “Lantern Bearer” and Ann Marie guide you with a read on love, life, and spirit. You always have free will and your path with God is your own.


Ethical Psychics Reading Code with Joseph & Ann Marie, Tips on Keeping a Young Brain

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday December 6th, 2017

Ethical Psychic Reading & Healing on Tarot Joy – Tips for Keeping a Young Brain


Joseph Grych and Ann Marie offer heartfelt readings and share the code of Ethical Psychic Reading and Healing. Learn how to keep a Young Brain.

In two fields, as old as mankind itself, Divination, and Holistic Healing, it is imperative that a basic and simple code of Ethics be observed. Joseph and Ann Marie offer free heartfelt radio readings and discuss the Ethical Psychic Reading Code. Call 602-666-6027 .or In Quick us

@ I will not judge you.
@ I will be truthful, but tactful.
@ I will not sugar coat the truth to keep you coming back. I will tell the good with the bad.
@ I will help “form” your questions when you are having trouble asking what you feel.
@ I will admit when I`m over my head and refer you to qualified sources.
@ I am not a fortune teller. All readings will fit within a 12-month time frame.
@ I won`t play God and predict death or lifespan.
@ I am an Intuitive spiritual guide, but will not encourage you to be dependent on me.
@ Your path with God is your own.

Five Daily Habits For Future-Proofing Your Brain

Just a few generations ago, most people weren’t expected to live much past 50. But now most of us can expect to live well into our 70s and beyond. A longer life, however, means that we’re working our brains harder as we age.

This Brain Hack Will Help Reframe Your Interpretation Of Reality

For example, if one believes that the world is inherently a scary place, their emotional state will remain defensive and on edge as they walk down the street. In that state, should a passing stranger give them an innocent look, one is more likely to interpret that look to be threatening. That interpretation in turn confirms and reinforces their core belief about the world, perhaps inspiring them not to travel down that road again.


A Simple Way To Hack Your Brain To Finally Get That Thing Done

It takes five steps, says psychology professor Art Markman, to finally change your habits and meet your goal, or help someone else meet theirs.


This Is The Process I Follow To Stop Negative Thoughts From Occupying My Mind

Most people have heard plenty of ways to combat negative thinking: Practice mindfulness, go for a walk, call a friend or family member. But the challenge with negative thinking isn’t knowing what you should do when it happens–it’s knowing when to put these tactics into action. Negative thoughts are pretty sneaky. They often start out innocently, but then they quickly intensify and build on other negative thoughts.


This Is What Your Overactive Brain Needs To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You already know how much better you feel after a good night’s sleep, but sleeping well helps your brain in less apparent ways than just not being groggy the next day. In fact, getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night can help secure your cognitive well-being.

In the short term, it gives your brain time to flush out refuse matter that builds up



Eric Linter, “Spirit of Change” Astrology Columnist – Harvey Weinstein & Planetary Women’s Uprising – Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy

Eric Linter National Astrologer and “Spirit of Change”Columnist speaks on “yet another end-of-the-world  Equinox” that went by with out incident, the Harvey Weinsein  women’s uprising, and where the planets are taking us in to 2018.  Humor, Wisdom, Knowledge.


Eric Linter 1

Mysterious Romantic Body Language, Pheromones & Readings on Achieve TV

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday November 15th, 2017

For Live Radio Reading CALL 602-666-6027     TO WATCH LIVE    TO LISTEN

How To Read Romantic Body Language – Readings, Inspiration, Rainbow Crone wisdom

We begin with a clearing meditation, and go into Romantic Body Communication.  Callers agree, as women get older, and baby making pheromones lighten, women can go in to feeling “Invisible”.  Why?  We discuss not only romantic body communication tips but also the importance of being a hottie through amazing self confidence.  It can be as attention drawing then perfect make up and a skinny body.

Readings, Self Hypnosis, tips to read his body lnguage




Need a romance reading?  How does someone feel for you?  What are their intentions?  Is there a future?  Are they worth your time and effort?  Call or In Quick with a first name and let me tell you what I see with accuracy,honesty and compassion.  Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick us with your questions.




Up close

When you are close to the other person, the body language progressively gets more intimate until one person signals ‘enough’.

Close in and personal

In moving closer to the other person, you move from social space into their personal body space, showing how you would like to get even closer to them, perhaps holding them and more…

Standing square-on to them also blocks anyone else from joining the conversation and signals to others to stay away.


Imitating the person in some way shows ‘I am like you’. This can range from a similar body position to using the same gestures and language.

Lovers’ gaze

When you are standing close to them, you will holding each other’s gaze for longer and longer periods before looking away. You many also use what are called ‘doe eyes’ or ‘bedroom eyes’, which are often slightly moist and with the head inclined slightly down.

Where the eyes go is important.  If after locking gaze the person keeps looking at eyes, then it may be love. If the eyes slide down over the body, then it is more likely to be lust. Looking at lips means ‘I want to kiss’. Looking at other parts of the body may mean ‘I want to touch’ (and so on).

A very subtle signal that few realize is that the eyes will dilate such that the dark pupils get much bigger. This is one reason why dark-eyed people can seem attractive. Light-eyed people (typically blue) make the pupil easier to distinguish, so when their pupils do get bigger the signal they send is easier to read.


Touching signals even closer intimacy. It may start with ‘accidental’ brushing, followed by touching of ‘safe’ parts of the body such as arms or back.

Caressing is gentle stroking that may start in the safer regions and then stray (especially when alone) to sexual regions.

18 body language clues that say he’s interested — definitely interested


Understand that many of these signals are subliminal and rarely do we understand they are happening at the moment.  DO NOT WATCH WItH INTENSITY he person you think is attractive as if they are a Guinea pig.  You will see them running down the road.


Loving Psychic Guidance with Joseph & Ann Marie – How to read Seasons with Tarot

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday November 8th, 2017

Loving Psychic Guidance with Joe & Ann – How to read Seasons with Tarot on Tarot Joy

Joseph and Ann Marie give loving Psychic Guidance and give tips on how to Read Seasons with Rider Waite Tarot on Tarot Joy

“The Past, Present and Future are all happening at One Time” said Einstein. And for sure, time frames are always approximate. But how do you Read Seasons with Tarot? Watch and See! We also show a reading for “What Blocks You?” {Photo: The Empress -Tarot Series- by Artist Odessa Sawyer ✯ }

Coffee Shops, The Veil & Past Life Tarot

Veils of Modesty, Wedding Veils, Veils to Hide Power, The Spirit Realms of the Veil,  and when the Veil lifts for Tarot Readers to Tarot Channeling


The concept of “The Veil”, has roots in the Bible, the Metaphysical and the act of wearing a veil is NOT just about modesty for women, but is steeped in deep spiritual meaning.  What seemed like a single topic, has ended up being a very interesting journey for me, and I wanted to share some of the revelations I have found on “the veil”.

The Veil That Separates Us from the Spirit Realms

The Spiritual Symbolism of Veils

It is important to remember that to Seasoned Spiritual Tarot Readers, the cards link to Channeling.  In a sense, a Veil lifts, in which the inner voice, personal intuition, and traditional card  meanings all connect.  This is when Tarot Cards go beyond pictures and flash card meanings, to the readers unique empathic gift.  To Tarot Scholars, the ancient symbols of Tarot are everything that is important and this is another level of Tarot. This blog is directed to Readers, both novice, and professional. Be sure and check out the Past Life Reading lay outs below, for both the novice, and Seasoned Reader. {Also a spooky Audio for you to listen to!}


How To Read Tarot at a Coffee Shop

by Theresa Reed on January 22, 2014



The Room Beyond the Veil – audible

Achieve-Room Veil




Past Life Tarot Spread – 3 Card

3 card tarot spread


Category: Spiritual Past Life Lay Out – A Complex and Detailed Reading Lay Out

Description: This is a fourteen card spread which examines the querent’s past life.   Cards:

  1. Basic soul nature coming into this past life.
  2. Environment.
  3. Early years.
  4. Education.
  5. Accomplishments.
  6. Occupation.
  7. Social status.
  8. Relationships.
  9. Family life.
  10. Death.
  11. Lessons learned during this past life #1.
  12. Lessons learned during this past life #2.
  13. How this past life affects querent’s current life #1.
  14. How this past life affects querent’s current life #2.



Origin: Unknown

Peaceful Transition for a Dying Cat on Tarot Joy

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday October 25th, 2017

Peaceful Death of a Pet   WATCH

Ann Marie, Intuitive Guide for Best Psychic Directory and Keen since 2001, discusses aiding a last stage dying cat to feel safe for peaceful crossing.

In the last days of a dying cat, their single most obsessive fear is becoming food for a predator.  This is why they often disappear never to be found.  Instead of letting your dying cat crawl off to die, be compassionate to their fear.  Place them in a small carrier. in a dimly lit room. Put pillows on all sides of the carrier, for a tight enclosed feeling to imitate a crawl space.  Cover the carrier and pillows with a room darkening blanket, but leave enough open for air to enter.   Your dying cat will become very quiet, peaceful and in her darkness, pass away feeling protected.  As an Animal Rescuer since 2001, I have found this is the best way to let an aging dying pet leave this earth.


Paranormal: Haunting Accuracy with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

Wednesday October 11, 2017: 6:00pm EST
Paranormal: Haunting Accuracy with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy


We speak on Intelligent, Residual, Poltergeist and Portal Haunting, as well as offer eerily accurate Psychic Radio Readings by Phone & In Quick.  Call or In Quick for Psychic Tarot Channelings.

Ghosts & Haunting Types