Ten Terrains of Consciousness – Metaphysics, Psychology, Karma & Evolution!

Achieve Spiritual Radio – Monday, 4/19/2021 4:00 PM CTL


Allen David Reed & Tahnee Woolf




When meeting Allen and Tahnee, I was impressed by the spiritual and compatible balance of their differences. Allen is a deep thinker, steeped in Metaphysics, Dowsing, Eclectic Study, and has a personality like calm water. Allen’s colleague, Tahnee, is an effervescent blonde firecracker with an educated, vibrant spiritual edge, a Masters in Psychology, and the white caps that dance off Allen’s calm. Deeply spiritual, with roots in Metaphysics, Psychology, Karma, and Evolution, their wisdom together will blow you away with its ability to be all things for all people, with commonsense intelligence.




As I am interviewing Tahnee and Allen, they sit against a neutral background. Above them, is a chart of the Ten Terrains of Consciousness represented by a symbol in each square. They point to each terrain and speak on its dynamics and spiritual evolution.

At first, I see a similarity in the stages of healing and recovery. Tahnee points out that this goes much deeper, but yes, one can better understand their relationship, family, and career colleagues by discovering what one’s CONSCIOUSNESS terrain is.  She suggests taking a quiz for 5.00 on their website:



  • You will find out how you see the world and why.
  • You will discover why your life is playing out the way it is
  • You will understand, with more compassion, and get along with someone in your life.
  • You will see at what stage a family, corporation, country, and even a whole civilization is!
  • You will understand the life lesson you are here to learn and the reasoning behind your current challenges.
  • Read more:


I was the interviewer, and yet only when I watched the video did I truly understand the full impact of what Allen and Tahnee were explaining. The Earth, in its stages from Cave Man to Covidd, its evolutionary awakening, each of us different from the other in our journey, is fascinating! And I, for one, purchased the softcover book at Amazon so I can pass it on to my sister. I want to know more. And yes, take the test!



Whether studying alone or with a group, this book promises to be enlightening, entertaining, and wonderfully educational for a Unitarian gathering, Spiritual, and Eclectic group or class program. You begin with a quiz that can access your way of thinking and how you see and feel the world around you. The goal is to find out at which stage in consciousness you are in, and how you see and feel the Earth, your relationships, your career, and the reasons behind the choices you make.  But remember!  No one Terrain is better than another so leave Ego out of it, Allen and Tahnee suggest.



I feel the World Pandemic has given Allen and Tahnee an even stronger purpose for their book, “The Ten Terrains of Consciousness,” – is an eye-opening lesson in how to make complete sense of the “whys” of Covid.  And what they said shocked me!

I said, “it seems to me the Pandemic happened late. Wasn’t it 2012 when the Aztec calendar predicted horrific changes would happen? Allen explained that we ARE seeing the predictions play out. ANOTHER series of calendars followed we never heard about! And yes, Covid IS in the predictions. Time and the way we feel it is changing, and for me, it seems everything is going very very fast.



Allen smiled. “Now we are getting into some very heavy stuff related to Soul Design.” He brings out his rubberband and holds it across the terrains above him.

He explains, “All of these terrains, like a rubberband, snap back to the very beginning where all things start and are reborn, pure potential and wisdom, the Void. So beautiful and peaceful is this Void of pure light and wisdom that I encourage people not to be afraid of it.

The “10 Terrains of Consciousness,” Tahnee adds, is the study of the karmic journey we all must take before ready to go into pure wisdom and peace. The Ten Terrains of Consciousness will show YOU at which stage you are.

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Organic Readings, Ancient Angelic Wisdom & Meditation on Tarot Joy

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Into the Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography, reveals the mystical wild ride he personally took to becoming liberated, surrendering to “the Divine Urge” to fully merge into the state of God-consciousness and awaken to living from the soul that is beyond the body and the mind.

Beginning with his dawning awareness of spiritual empowerment on the football field as a College Football Hall of Famer and captain on the undefeated 1964 Amherst College Team, he progressed to experiencing the holistic nature of mind and body through his highly successful psychiatry, family therapy and holistic medicine practices.

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