Patti Lightflower, Hand Analogy of World Stage Leaders 2017 on Tarot Joy

Ann Marie interviews acclaimed Palm Reader and Hand Analysis Expert, Patti Lightflower.  Pattie Lightflower reads the hands of controversial Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Angela Merkel, Pope Francis. Its no wonder Kim Jung-Un killed his uncle with 150 hungry dogs…the traits of his hand reveal his “creative” cruelty. Love German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s testosterone hands. Putin’s large palms and short fingers are just like Trumps.  The Pope’s sensitive hands were a breath of fresh air.  WATCH


Pattie Lightflower4     Achieve-patti lighflower

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Soul Messages with Cynthia Mazzarello on Tarot Joy at Achieve Radio

Wednesday August 16th, 2017 On Tarot Joy at Achieve Radio

Interview with Cynthia Mazzarrelo – Author, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach Intuitive

Ann Marie interviews passionate spiritual speaker, Cynthia Mazzarrelo, on her award winning book “Powerful Beyond Measure – 3 Steps to Claim your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life.”

 Learn How to tap in to your Soul Messages, Keep your Marriage strong, and know the difference between your Analytical Mind & Soul Messages.  Be the dream self you most want.

To Watch her Interview:


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Ann Marie welcomes Cynthia Mazzaferro,  a powerful transformational speaker in the field of self-development and personal responsibility. She is also a renowned vibrational, intuitive energy practitioner, and Reiki Master and coaches hundreds of individuals who want to make changes, heal within, and achieve their goals and awaken their passions.
She has been teaching and inspiring thousands for over 40 years and has created a best-selling transformational book, Powerful Beyond Measure – 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy and Healthy Life.  She is also a featured author in the best-selling book, Shine Your Light: Powerful Practices for an Extraordinary Life along with other New York Times #1 best-selling authors including Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Geoff Affleck.
1}    MAIDEN, MOTHER ,CRONE = as a life teacher, what 2 events, of each of those stages, most influenced you and made you who you are?  At what point did you realize you wanted to help others through your book and events?
2]    How do our negative beliefs about ourselves, influence our choices?   Based on your own life journey, can you think of any examples that would be much like what all of us go through?
3} You believe within each of us is a personal Intuitive Soul Message, that can help us focus and take action steps on our journey.  Please tell me what or where you feel this soul message comes from in your opinion.  Do you believe that those that discover this, and read your book, can become powerful beyond measure?

3}   What positive steps can we take to fulfill our goals and dreams?  Can you give an example in your own life?

4}  How does feeling Powerful, inside and out, change us?
@ When you say “Powerful”, in what way do you define this word?
@  Is it a real or an imagined feeling?
@ Does practice make perfect?
@ What can set us backwards in to old thinking patterns?
@ How do we get back on track?
5} The keys to our future happiness, joy and love…….are often created by our past experiences.  Are you saying, through control, we can aid the way our future plays out, by new thinking patterns?
6} You believe, within each of us, is the hidden potential to claim our power.  Tell me about this and where do you believe personally this comes from, God? Past Life? Intuitive Soul Message?  Does your book give the keys to unlock this personal power?

Farmers Markets, an Intuitive Journey, with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

Take an intuitive Journey with Joseph Grych and Ann Marie to the Farmers Market. We discuss the popular come back of RVs and cool mini homes on wheels. Whats the best time of day to get hot deals on veggies and trinkets at the Farmers Market while your on the road?   WATCH   LISTEN

10 Reasons to Buy at your local farmers Market, Tips for Shopping at your Local Farmers Market.  How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living  and heartfelt Organic Readings by Phone & In Quick with professional Tarot Readers, Ann Marie O’Dell and Joseph Grych – 602-666-6027

Free your life of rent, and shop fresh at Farmers Markets across America? We have all the tips here. Ride the magic bus of organic living.

10 Reasons to Buy Your Fruits & Veggies at Your Local Farmer’s Market


10 Tips for Shopping at Local Farmers’ Markets


How to Prepare for Full-Time RV Living: Tips & Checklist





How to Move On – Heartfelt Psychic Readings with Ann and Joseph on Tarot Joy

“Tarot Joy”
with Ann Marie
3:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)
6:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

On “Tarot Joy” Today,
Wednesday, August 2

Heartfelt Psychic Guidance with Joseph and Ann Marie – How to Move on from Hurt


Have you been hurt? Do you find yourself going over and over the words from someone at work, love or family? Ann Marie & Joseph give readings and discuss tips to recover.

The divorce, office dispute, family quarrel, or best friend betrayal. How do you move on with your mind plays the words over and over? Joseph and Ann discuss tips for moving on, and give in-depth readings.

5 Ways to Move on When You Still Love Your Ex


Stuffed Zucchini

Whats Keeping You Up at Night? Free Radio Readings with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday July 19, 2017 – 5:00pm Central
Whats Keeping You Up at Night? Let Joseph & Ann Read on It!


Joseph Grych and Ann Marie give free Psychic Radio Readings on whats keeping you up at night. Insomnia Tips for Mind Chatter also! Can a Full Moon cause Insomnia?

Romance, Career, Office-Dispute, Family, Divorce, Finances, Angel Messages, Pet Readings, Relocation and Spiritual Unrest.

How the Moon Messes With Your Sleep – Time Magazine

A new look at old data gives credence to a long-suspected phenomenon

Free Radio Readings with Seasoned Psychic Adviser, Ann Marie – Unexplained Phenomena on Achieve Radio

Coming up Wednesday June 28, 2017 – 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm Pacific

Ann Marie, Seasoned Psychic Adviser for 2 National Advisory Lines, and Personal Consultant, aids you in taking charge of your life dreams. Discussion is on two Unexplained Phenomena.  Are you one of those people who goes through device after device for no apparent reason? Do Fit Bits miscount, watches stop on your body? What is spontaneous human self combustion? How does it work?  Phone or In Quick your personal questions on Tarot Joy on Achieve Radio TV.  WATCH

Ann Marie offers professional psychic Tarot readings and discusses Human Energy Field and electronic dysfunction.  Also, How does spontaneous human combustion work?

Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers and Electronics

How Spontaneous Human Combustion Works

Are You an Old Soul? Spiritual Readings and Discussion with AnnMarie & Joseph on Tarot Joy


Free Psychic Radio Readings, Signs that YOU may be an old soul, learn Past Life Tarot Spreads, discussion on Reincarnation.  A long time ago, someone you loved, or briefly touched base with, gave you a gift.  They’re gone.  The item stayed. Years later, you take it every where you move. Why?  Do gifts hold personal energy connected with Past Life phenomena?


Why is it some children are old before their time, born with an uncanny wisdom beyond their years? Maybe you are an Autumn-Spring relationship, one forever young, the other old and wise, despite earth age. Joseph and Ann discuss “Old Souls,” give Free Psychic Readings, and show how to do a Tarot Past Life Reading at Tarot Joy.  Find out if you fit the signs of an Old Soul.  Call or In Quick your questions.

9 Signs Your An Old Soul

There is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth.

11 Signs Your an Old Soul

It’s as if your soul has lived multiple lives, collecting wisdom along the way. If you have always felt a bit out of place when among your peers or have been noticed for your unique and mature outlook on life, chances are you may be an old soul. In case you’re unsure, here are 11 signs that you are, indeed, an old soul .

Past Life Tarot Spreads

 Here are a few interesting Past Life / Old Soul Tarot Lay Outs you may like to learn.

Your Life Chapter, Which Are You In? Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

They Say Every 10 Years We Can Expect a Profound Change in Our Life

The old pictures on your wall do not reflect where you are NOW.  Every 10 years we slide in to a new life chapter, influenced by the choices, and sometimes blocks, in our lives. The marriage, birth of a child, new job, divorce, location move, death of a loved one, creative opportunity, illness,  retirement, offer us doors of opportunity if we choose courage.  What is your life chapter? Which are you in?    Ann Marie and Joseph Grich offer Free, heartfelt radio readings on your life chapter, with a bonus Angel Message,       Watch YOU TUBE LIVE

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, plant and outdoor

Joseph Grych – “Lantern Bearer,” reads on the present life chapter swirling in to your life today!  Photo Art and Show Entry Music by Joseph Grych.


Coffee & Organic Readings with Ann Marie – 5 Steps to Better {Psychic} Listening on Tarot Joy

 Watch Show Here
Coffee and Organic Psychic Reads with Ann Marie * 5 Steps to Better {Psychic} Listening on Tarot Joy

One of the most important steps in Psychic Reading, is a great cup of coffee, and listening to the energy in tone. Listen, before blurting.

Read 5 Steps to Better {Psychic} Listening –   what every Psychic Adviser {and client} should remember

Give only your first name and allow Ann Marie and her well worn Tarot Cards to tell your story as it comes through in your vocal tones. What do your Angels need you to know? Why is the art of listening as vital to Psychic Reading, as it is to the art of conversation? What are the 5 steps to being a better listener for everyone?