Pandemic Reading Forcast 3/25 to 4/1

Pandemic Forecast for March 25th to April 1st, 2020

1} THE SUN 19 – Hope that the pandemic is lifting gives joy to many that within 19 days our lives will go back to normal.  The financial Stimulus Package has been passed to aid those without work and keep corporations open.  It includes:

  • Free coronavirus testing including for the uninsured.
  • Two weeks of paid sick and family leave.
  • Increased federal funds for Medicaid and food security programs, like SNAP.
  • Increased unemployment insurance benefits.

2} THE CHARIOT 7 – REVERSED – Throughout the next seven days, all that empowers our egos and pleasure outside the home are in shut down. Without outside stimulation, we simplify and find the strength within to exist.

3} 9 of SWORDS – Anxiety will begin to lift. Whether this is statistical contagion numbers and death count tapering off in other countries, warm weather or denial remains to be seen.

THE TONE OF THE COUNTRY – More cleanliness, herbal oils, playfulness and creativity behind closed doors

ANGEL MESSAGE: This is time to visualize simple and to the point goals. Don’t focus on the unseen. Create daily plans based on what you know: your environment. Use this time to read, clean, call loved ones or old friends, and know yourself again. Get the sleep you longed for in your busy lifestyle.

WARNING FOR APRIL: As the country peaks in April. it is important not to let down your guard.  This is not the month to go back to handshaking, hugs, and crowds.  Play it cool in April, and May will be our rebound month.

Pandemic Forcast 2020

Pandemic Forcast 2020


The Calling of Light – Readings with Ann Marie O’Dell

See Ann Marie’s Soothing Angel Meditation

Coronavirus – Are You Carrying a Terrorist Bomb?

Living through Coronavirus? It’s about Consideration.  Your Mom, Grandma, and any older person you come in contact with have the potential to die.  Though being younger with fewer symptoms is awesome, you might as well be carrying a terrorist bomb on yourself.  Just as you would not want to sit next to a person strapped with a bomb to their chest, remember, you may be that person.

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Spiritual Sources for living through Coronavirus


Create a Mystical Healing Garden

Love, Life, Angel Messages – Tarot Joy with Joseph & Ann Marie

This Week on Achieve Radio

Monday, March 9

“Tarot Joy”
with Ann Marie
3:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)
6:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

On “Tarot Joy” Today,
Monday, March 9

Love, Life, Angel Messages – Tarot Joy with Joseph & Ann Marie

Organic Warmth, Ethical Full Moon Tarot with Ann Marie & Joseph by Phone and In Quick. Crystal Cleaning Tips

With years of experience, Joseph and Ann Marie offer in-depth Tarot, spiritual topics, and Paranormal Chit Chat. You always have free will.


A Beginner’s Guide to Clearing, Cleansing, and Charging Crystals

Things Untold, Readings & Revelations on Tarot Joy

Coming up 2020/03/02 – 6:00 pm Est
2 Readings, per call or In Quicked question

Are things untold driving you crazy? Need answers? Call or Chat with Ann Marie and Joseph on Tarot Joy

Ann Marie and Joseph will read on love, romance, career, Angel Messages {and even presidential elections.} Ask on the things untold you want answers on. You always have free will. The future is changeable according to YOUR actions. Call or In Quick your question.

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Automatic Writing Tips, What is a Spiritual Chill? Ann Marie

Today’s show was quite interesting as we discussed Automatic Writing, the practice of channeling Angels and writing their messages in a state of neutrality with pen and paper. We have seen this on Paranormal Shows, and in the book “Conversations with God.”  As you listen to today’s show you will be guided through the steps in Automatic Writing.

After our lessons on Automatic Writing, a caller challenged that this was an art that needed to be well monitored with cleansing prayers and meditation, as they felt leaving our selves open can attract an imposter-angel.  They felt the book “Conversations with God”  proved this in several of his entries that seemed uncharacteristic…almost another voice speaking…with the rest of the book.

We discussed that before reading for yourself or especially for others, it is extremely important to cleanse your energy by smudging with white sage, or prayer.  It is never a good idea to read for others when in a state of crisis or if having a bad day.


Psychic Snow Moon Readings on Tarot Joy with Joseph and Ann Marie

Coming up 2020/02/10
Heartfelt Full Moon Readings with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

Snow Moon brings passion, courage with a kick-ass initiative to go after your goals! Let Joseph and Ann read on your 2020 dreams. Ask on love, career, spirit, and pets.

February Snow Moon fills the world with passion in the sign of Leo. Heightened energy and courage will give the initiative and strength to chase your greatest desires. How will Snow Moon illuminate your life? Get 2 readings per call and In quick with Joseph and Ann. Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick, us LIVE via Achieve or Our YouTube Chat.


Zen Gold Readings with Adrienne Austin & Ann Marie

Monday, January 20

“Tarot Joy”
with Ann Marie
3:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)
6:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

On “Tarot Joy” Today,
Monday, January 20

Zen Gold Readings with Adrienne Austin & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

Get 80+ Psychic Reading Yrs. Exp. combined with empathic Life Coach Tarot Guides, Adrienne Austin & Ann Marie

We celebrate Martin Luther King Day with childhood friend of the Kings, Adrienne Austin. Call 602-666-6027. In-Quick or call for 2 Mini Reads with Intuitive podcast host, Sci-Fi Author Adrienne and Ann Marie

Coffee, Tarot and Angels on Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy

On Tarot Joy
Monday, December 16th, 2019


Ann Marie offers years of mind-blowing accuracy, a cup of organic brew and discusses 8 ways to connect with Angels

As a Certified Psychic Adviser since 2001 with Best Psychic Directory and Keen, Ann Marie will give Mini Readings and Insight. Join her for a cup of coffee and an organic readinig.


Coffee & Tarot, Live Phone and In quick Readings on Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy

Coming up 2019/12/09 – 5:00 pm Central

Ann Marie is your psychic coffee house friend offering compassionate answers on your life concerns with Tarot & Coffee.  As a full-time Spiritual Coach, Author and Achieve podcast host, you will find Ann is approachable, warm and a good friend.  Call 602-666-6027 for a mind-blowing mini reading and watch your reading live.


How to Make Sand Candles

To schedule a private reading with Ann after the show

 compassionate answers on your life concern with Tarot & Coffee.


Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, Ann Marie will read with 40 years of compassionate accuracy in the Angel Frequency on love, life, spirit and crossing over messages.

WHAT IS MYSTICAL HEALING? Spiritual Readings with Joseph and Ann

On Tarot Joy 3:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm CTL, 6:00 pm EST
Monday, December 2nd, 2019

In-Depth Readings, What is Mystical Healing? – 10 Traits of a Mystic on Tarot Joy

What is Mystical Healing? Are You a Natural Mystic? Who is Charlie Goldsmith? Why do some survive miraculous odds, others not?  Does Faith increase the spiritual/mental ability to heal.  In-Depth Spiritual Tarot Guidance with Joseph & Ann Marie call 602-666-6027   or In Quick us during the show with your question.

Joseph Grych and Ann Marie offer in-depth spiritual Tarot Guidance with years of experience. Join us for a Mystical Healing Meditation. We speak on the topic of Mystical Healing, and whether Alternative and Traditional Healing can work together. Who is the Charlie Goldsmith, the Spiritual worker of “The Healer?” What are the traits of a Mystic and what exactly does that mean?

9 Characteristics of the Mystical Experience

The Mystical Experience Questionnaire (30 Questions)



Mystical moments multiply over time the more you extend the borders of your self, less prone to protecting yourself.  You will have more empathy with the people and the world around you. If you define religion as a strong sense of the divine, your daily mysticism contributes to that sense by drawing you out of yourself and into nature and then beyond.

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