Angel Message Readings, Toxic People & 7 Best Cat Breeds with Ann Marie on Achieve

Coming up Wednesday January 25, 2017 5:00pm CTL
Angel Message Readings, Toxic People and 7 Best Cat Breeds with Ann Marie on Achieve Radio


Peaceful Psychic Consultation by Phone or In Quick with Ann Marie 602-666-6027 {also} how to get along with Toxic People and the Seven Best Cat Breeds to match your personality.

Each Phone Reading {602-666-6027} will be followed by a Guardian Angel Message Reading! Ann, a certified Master Tarot Channel 35+Yrs, a Professional Psychic Advisor for Best Psychics Directory & Keen since 2001, ia listed with Jennifur Diamonds Top 50 Psychics.

Feb 26, 2015
Every cat comes with its own distinct personality, which can always differ from the breed standard. But if you are looking for an extra-friendly feline, check out this list of the friendliest cat breeds. {read the article
Since soulful connections require an investment of time and energy, you’ll want to choose the people you spend time with wisely.  

To determine whether a relationship drains you or fuels you, ask yourself the following

  1. @ 1Write down the name of a person in your life.
  2. @ 2Am I able to be myself with this person? Do I feel accepted by him/her?
  3. @ 3 Is this person critical or judgmental of me?
  4. @ 4Does the relationship provide an even give-and-take exchange of energy?
  5. @ 5 Do I feel upbeat and energised when I’m around this person, or depleted and drained?
  6. @ 6 Does this person share my values? My level of integrity?
  7. @ 7 Is this person committed to our relationship?
  8. @ 8 Can this person celebrate my success?
  9. @ 9 Do I feel good about myself when I’m with this person?

Once you have identified that you have a toxic relationship in your life, there are specific words that you can use to confront this family member or friend in a graceful, loving way. Your goal is not necessary to sever all relationships, it’s to set boundaries with this person. If you feel the relationship can be healed, follow these steps.  {read rest of article in top lin






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