Are You an Old Soul? Spiritual Readings and Discussion with AnnMarie & Joseph on Tarot Joy


Free Psychic Radio Readings, Signs that YOU may be an old soul, learn Past Life Tarot Spreads, discussion on Reincarnation.  A long time ago, someone you loved, or briefly touched base with, gave you a gift.  They’re gone.  The item stayed. Years later, you take it every where you move. Why?  Do gifts hold personal energy connected with Past Life phenomena?


Why is it some children are old before their time, born with an uncanny wisdom beyond their years? Maybe you are an Autumn-Spring relationship, one forever young, the other old and wise, despite earth age. Joseph and Ann discuss “Old Souls,” give Free Psychic Readings, and show how to do a Tarot Past Life Reading at Tarot Joy.  Find out if you fit the signs of an Old Soul.  Call or In Quick your questions.

9 Signs Your An Old Soul

There is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth.

11 Signs Your an Old Soul

It’s as if your soul has lived multiple lives, collecting wisdom along the way. If you have always felt a bit out of place when among your peers or have been noticed for your unique and mature outlook on life, chances are you may be an old soul. In case you’re unsure, here are 11 signs that you are, indeed, an old soul .

Past Life Tarot Spreads

 Here are a few interesting Past Life / Old Soul Tarot Lay Outs you may like to learn.

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