Automatic Writing Tips, What is a Spiritual Chill? Ann Marie

Today’s show was quite interesting as we discussed Automatic Writing, the practice of channeling Angels and writing their messages in a state of neutrality with pen and paper. We have seen this on Paranormal Shows, and in the book “Conversations with God.”  As you listen to today’s show you will be guided through the steps in Automatic Writing.

After our lessons on Automatic Writing, a caller challenged that this was an art that needed to be well monitored with cleansing prayers and meditation, as they felt leaving our selves open can attract an imposter-angel.  They felt the book “Conversations with God”  proved this in several of his entries that seemed uncharacteristic…almost another voice speaking…with the rest of the book.

We discussed that before reading for yourself or especially for others, it is extremely important to cleanse your energy by smudging with white sage, or prayer.  It is never a good idea to read for others when in a state of crisis or if having a bad day.


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