Color, Music and Scent for your Spiritual, Healing and Psychic Space

 What colors, music and scents will relax and create calm in your Spiritual, Healing or Psychic Space?  Get out your paint brush, imagination and bring back clients with a wonderful spiritual shop face lift.  The purpose of this design improvement is to better express your brand, what You represent as a healer and a person.


Sparkle Angel Garden

Here is a Picture of my Psychic Studio, “Marie’s Safe Haven”, designed to fit in to my country environment but stand out just enough.  All of my garden sculptures are life sized Angels and made from stone and cement.  My garden arches {not seen} are wood and metal.  An abundance of shade gardens bring soothing calm to my clients. Giant sized Buddhist chimes ring in low tones from a distant tree.

 Cowles says. ” When people walk away from a space, will they remember it? Will they want to return? Will they recommend it to others?  It starts with color.  Here are the moods and reactions that your color choice will bring to your space.

Start with Color – Here are the basic Feng Shui Colors and the energy they create

“”Color plays an enormous impact in Feng Shui because it has a certain vibrational tone that chi picks up and distributes back out into the environment,” says Benko. “The right (or wrong) color choice can have a tremendous impact on your state of mind and how balanced you feel.”


“COLOR BRANDING”  As Spring Sets In its time to give a fresh color of paint to Spas, Healing and Psychic shops and homes.   In commercial design, “color branding” is also important. “A successful brand represents a company’s personality,” Cowles says. “It’s also the lasting look, feel and impression you want to convey to your clients, patrons and friends.”  .  So today we are going o look at some color choices that will apply to the specific energy of your shop or home space.    This is not only important for your spa or healing room…but also how you should use the look and color.. your “brand” …also in your website.
“Everyone likes to feel special.” Cowel writes. And when you go to a salon or spa, you’re looking forward to feeling that way for the duration of your visit — possibly for the entire day. No matter who you are or what you do, when you pay for a special  spa, healing or psychic service, you want to feel like you’re getting the very best possible treatment. A great deal of that impression is engendered by your visual surroundings.”
  At my studio, gardens of life sized stone Angels and threshold Arches, lead the way to an interior of soft Native Flute music combined with warm lighting and the scent of essential oils,  Many a nervous client smiles with a vocal “Ahhhhhhhhh”.  Please know this is not because of expensive furniture or fixtures.   It is my mission to live with simplicity and affordable monthly bills.  One of my greatest tests is how does a child feel on entering the door?  Do they feel magical?  Do they feel calmed but charmed?  If the answer is yes, I know I have accomplished the right effect.  Add to this I am a plant addict, with windows filled with healthy O2 greenery, which also respond with lush growth to continuous music.
Here is a List of New Age soft healing Music Radio and CDs for Your Shop Space



We all have an emotional reaction to scent.  Fresh baked cookies or the smell of rich coffee evokes in each of us a memory.  So too does the smell of herbs.  It is no surprise that a spiritual, healing or psychic shop benefits from combining color, Feng Shui, and music with the delicious essence of essential oils.  Be discreet. A little for sensitive noses goes a long ways.  Here is a list of essential oils for spiritual shops.

14 Uplifting Essential Oils for Energy & Wakefulness {Plus 5 Recipes & Application Tips



The idea of creating a safe, sacred space for clients is important .  The union of external color and, if possible, a Spiritual Garden with art, draws each unique visitor into the mood of what awaits inside.  Here is what Barbra Taylor writes are  the Aspects for Creating a Sacred Space:

SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION – Designing Sacred Space by Barbra Brown Taylor

The idea of creating a safe, sacred space for clients is important .  The union of external color and, if possible, a Spiritual Garden with art, draws each unique visitor into the mood of what awaits inside.  Here is what Barbra Taylor writes are  the Aspects for Creating a Sacred Space:

Aspects of Creating a Sacred Space

  1. Intention—How you intend to use a sacred space will determine its design.

  2. Color—The impact of color is powerful in terms of the effect it has on mood and mental energy.

  3. Incorporating the Five Senses—In most traditions, the stimulation of the senses helps to alter awareness and mark a change in space and time.

  4. Altars—Altars function as a focus point upon which objects are placed that contain visual or symbolic significance. The choice of objects can include personal symbols, photos, religious pictures, incense, or candles.

  5. Music—Depending on your spiritual tradition, the use of music can enhance reflection, inspiration, and relaxation.

  6. Journaling and Reading Material—Many individuals use time spent in sanctuaries to reflect upon their thoughts through reading inspirational material or by tracking and recording their thoughts in a journal.

  7. Crossing a Threshold—The concept of entering a sanctuary is important to help transition from your daily concerns to a time of contemplation.

  8. Outdoor Garden Sanctuaries—The interaction with nature is a way that many individuals feel most connected with the Divine. Creating your own outdoor sanctuary can become a place of refuge in all seasons of the year.



Green is one of the most versatile colors for decorating. The ability to be a warm or a cool color, allows you to use it for a calming or an energizing effect. You can use green in any room as a wall color, cabinet color, furniture, or accessories.


Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the color of both the sky and the ocean has proven to be a calming color. Humans have long enjoyed the blissfulness of cloudless blue days by visiting the beach and staring at the seemingly endless ocean. Blue has a calming, sedative effect, and can actually cause the body to become cooler. Some also say that the color blue aids intuition. Blue rooms are generally very relaxing, and the same peacefulness can be evoked by looking at a painting or photograph with a lot of blue. In a pinch, even a piece of blue paper can provide instant stress relief.


Purple is unique in that it is a mix of both red and blue. It can either be stimulating like red or soothing like blue, depending on the shade and undertone. Purple has traditionally been the color of royalty, as it used to be very expensive to buy purple fabric. Lavender and periwinkle are both relaxing colors, but deep purples tend to be more stimulating than soothing.
The color pink shares the stimulating properties of red and also inspires increased motivation and confidence. Interestingly, some holding cells in prisons are pink, which is supposed to reduce the inmates’ erratic behavior.
Orange…very popular now… is also a stimulating color that increases social behavior and stimulates both appetite and activity level.
Yellow has been shown to increase communication and heighten memory while stimulating the mind.
Many readers and healers work at fairs to promote their business. How do you make your booth stand out in the crowd?   There is a whole science to creating money with Feng Shui booth design!  All of the components in this article come full circle.  Here  is a wonderful article specifically for making your booth stand out in the crowd!

“Let’s say you wanted to open up a chocolate shop.  You’d check out the neighborhood and see what the “look” is.  Are you in an upscale suburb?  A city street?  A country lane?  You’d make sure that your store looked like it belonged there, but with just enough difference to catch the eye.  You’d have a great store window and make sure that a delicious chocolate aroma was wafting out your door.

Setting up your booth at a psychic fair isn’t much different.”

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