DEVELOPING INTUITION – Class One with Ann O’Dell on Tarot Joy

Coming up 2019/10/21
DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION – Class One on Tarot Joy with Ann O’Dell

RING RING! Developing Intuition Class is On! Learn to tap into your intuition to make better life decisions in your life, job and relationships with Spiritual Teacher, Ann Marie O’Dell.


Ann Marie will give Class One in a simple, easy to understand Series of Three. Tap into your Inner Knowing and recognize the different ways your Guides and Higher Self may be speaking to you. Avoid the pitfalls that ruin your Intuitive Growth. A list of books for your Intuitive Journey will be given. Psychic Readings with 40 Years Intuitive Experience will be given after Class with Ann Marie.

Class One Review 


What is inner knowing?

Inner knowing goes by many different terms. Higher self, innate wisdom,  claircognizance or intuition. Whatever you want to call it, inner knowing is the ability to tap into the power of the universe to guide you through life; gaining knowledge and information about things without explicitly being told. Inner knowing is so much more powerful than our conscious mind.

Those who have strong inner knowing “know” certain things through their own psychic feelings, They are often referred to as strong intuitions that appear out of nowhere but that the person knows to be absolutely true.

Why do we have inner knowing?

The belief behind inner knowing is that the power of the universe created everything, including us. Connecting with this power is where inner knowing comes from. Once this power is harnessed your understanding of things becomes deeper and almost effortless. Inner knowing quickly becomes an innate part of us, working constantly in the background without us really ever realizing. Every image we see, a sound we hear, a thing we touch and thought we think is tracked by our inner knowing, helping it to grow and evolve.

Who is My Higher Self?


What is Angel Communication


Tips for Working with Symbols – Psychic Development Exercise:

Be open. Don’t worry about what you THINK you should be seeing, or HOW you should be seeing it… instead, go with the flow and allow yourself to trust.

For example, a flower could mean:

  • The person you are reading is feeling happy
  • The person you are reading for has a sweet, joyful personality.
  • In a mediumship reading, it could be a symbol for a specific loved one in heaven, such as a mom. Or it could mean that the Spirit you are connecting with had a sweet, loving personality.

The possibilities are endless, but don’t let that overwhelm youThe beauty of working with symbols and establishing that communication with your Spirit Guides is that YOU can choose the symbols you want to be shown. Yep! :)

Let’s pretend you want to set a symbol for wedding. This way, whenever Spirit is talking about a wedding, or a client is getting married or going to a wedding, you’ll understand. You might ask your Guides to:

  • Show you a white flower when someone is getting married.
  • Show you a white dove.
  • Show you a bridal gown.
  • Play the sound of wedding bells via your clairaudience.

There are a gazillion ways to work with symbols. It’s totally worth investing the time practicing with your Guides and creating your very own symbol book!

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