Free Radio Readings with Seasoned Psychic Adviser, Ann Marie – Unexplained Phenomena on Achieve Radio

Coming up Wednesday June 28, 2017 – 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm Pacific

Ann Marie, Seasoned Psychic Adviser for 2 National Advisory Lines, and Personal Consultant, aids you in taking charge of your life dreams. Discussion is on two Unexplained Phenomena.  Are you one of those people who goes through device after device for no apparent reason? Do Fit Bits miscount, watches stop on your body? What is spontaneous human self combustion? How does it work?  Phone or In Quick your personal questions on Tarot Joy on Achieve Radio TV.  WATCH

Ann Marie offers professional psychic Tarot readings and discusses Human Energy Field and electronic dysfunction.  Also, How does spontaneous human combustion work?

Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers and Electronics

How Spontaneous Human Combustion Works

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