Ethical Psychics Reading Code with Joseph & Ann Marie, Tips on Keeping a Young Brain

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday December 6th, 2017

Ethical Psychic Reading & Healing on Tarot Joy – Tips for Keeping a Young Brain


Joseph Grych and Ann Marie offer heartfelt readings and share the code of Ethical Psychic Reading and Healing. Learn how to keep a Young Brain.

In two fields, as old as mankind itself, Divination, and Holistic Healing, it is imperative that a basic and simple code of Ethics be observed. Joseph and Ann Marie offer free heartfelt radio readings and discuss the Ethical Psychic Reading Code. Call 602-666-6027 .or In Quick us

@ I will not judge you.
@ I will be truthful, but tactful.
@ I will not sugar coat the truth to keep you coming back. I will tell the good with the bad.
@ I will help “form” your questions when you are having trouble asking what you feel.
@ I will admit when I`m over my head and refer you to qualified sources.
@ I am not a fortune teller. All readings will fit within a 12-month time frame.
@ I won`t play God and predict death or lifespan.
@ I am an Intuitive spiritual guide, but will not encourage you to be dependent on me.
@ Your path with God is your own.

Five Daily Habits For Future-Proofing Your Brain

Just a few generations ago, most people weren’t expected to live much past 50. But now most of us can expect to live well into our 70s and beyond. A longer life, however, means that we’re working our brains harder as we age.

This Brain Hack Will Help Reframe Your Interpretation Of Reality

For example, if one believes that the world is inherently a scary place, their emotional state will remain defensive and on edge as they walk down the street. In that state, should a passing stranger give them an innocent look, one is more likely to interpret that look to be threatening. That interpretation in turn confirms and reinforces their core belief about the world, perhaps inspiring them not to travel down that road again.


A Simple Way To Hack Your Brain To Finally Get That Thing Done

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This Is The Process I Follow To Stop Negative Thoughts From Occupying My Mind

Most people have heard plenty of ways to combat negative thinking: Practice mindfulness, go for a walk, call a friend or family member. But the challenge with negative thinking isn’t knowing what you should do when it happens–it’s knowing when to put these tactics into action. Negative thoughts are pretty sneaky. They often start out innocently, but then they quickly intensify and build on other negative thoughts.


This Is What Your Overactive Brain Needs To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You already know how much better you feel after a good night’s sleep, but sleeping well helps your brain in less apparent ways than just not being groggy the next day. In fact, getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night can help secure your cognitive well-being.

In the short term, it gives your brain time to flush out refuse matter that builds up



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