Fear of Death – From Pyramids to Facebook, Readings and Discussion

Coming up 2021/07/12 – 7:00 pm EST

Underground Angels – Backroad Lightworkers

From an obsessive fear of death I was drawn to Spiritual work, Intuitive Reading, Writing Books, and Animal Rescue.  I believe ln the center of every Light Worker, is the need to rescue and heal others from death and invisibility.  In doing so, Light Workers also heal themselves. Have Facebook and Instagram become the new obsessive fear of “death” and invisibility? How do Chimpanzees and Elephants honor their dead?  Thank you to the winners of a free 5-minute Zoom recording, each, and for letting me post them on this Tarot Joy episode.

Fear of death, from Pyramids to American Funeral Homes to Facebook Algorithm Visibility we are hardwired to strive for immortality. Has Non-Denominational Spirituality become the norm? Discussion and Readings with Ann Marie in the Angel Frequency.  Thank you to the wonderful people who have allowed me to record their readings on Zoom for Achieve Radio.

When I was 22 I became suddenly overcome by a fear of death. The thought of Nothingness so overpowered my thoughts I became filled with dread and depression. Do animals fear death? How has Facebook Algorithm become the new fear of nothingness?



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