Feeling Stuck? In Transition? Karen Hager from “Out of the Fog” Radio joins Ann Marie with Live Advice

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On Tarot Joy
Wednesday December 11th, 2013

Karen Hager, Fog City Psychic, host of “Out of the Fog Radio”, joins Ann Marie at Achieve Radio for Live Advice, Comic Humor and Wisdom.  3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern

Intuitive guide and psychic channel, Karen Hager, will read on romance, career path and abundance on Wednesday 12/11 with Ann Marie.

Are you in transition? Feeling stuck? Karen Hager will use her gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance to help you get Spirit-Led information about your next steps.



Feeling Stuck? Karen Hager & Ann O’Dell * 2 Reads Per Call

Dec 11, 2013

So excited to be back on Tarot Joy with host Ann Marie O’Dell today at 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific! We’ll be doing readings for callers, I’ll tell you how to enter to win a free seat in Saturday’s online gallery reading, and lots more! Join us live, and call in with your question! 602-666-6027″  Watch or Listen at http://achieveradio.com/ann-marie
Time 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
6:00pm Eastern, 4:00pm Mountain, 3:00pm Pacific
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Ann Marie

About Ann Marie

The proof of Intuitive Accuracy is not information on an unproven future, but the facts you KNOW TO BE TRUE on the "Now" of your life. The Spiritual Wisdom, Readings and lovely guests I offer you on my show are of the highest frequency and wonderful compassionate empaths. Even better you can watch your reading live on Achieve TV. As an Intuitive Life Coach and Master Tarot Channel for over 37 years, I have a portfolio of over 25,000+ client feed backs on the web. Offering live advice with Best Psychic Directory, Keen and Live Person, I own a Metaphysical Tea House on a half acre of land in the Midwest. You will find my 3 published books, "Swirls On a Green Plate", "An Explosion of Toads: a celebration of eccentricity", and "Gardens of the Sisterhood: Create a Mystical Garden" sold at Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles. Consciousness Blogs: http://ann-marie-odell.com

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