Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive – Interview with Courtney Marchesani

Courtney Marchesani: Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive – Tarot Joy

Embrace the Science of Sensitivity, Heal Anxiety and Relationships, and Connect Deeply with Your World.  Courtney Marchesani will not only teach you the four different gifts of extream sensitivity, but take the mystique away from Autisem, A.D.D, Dyslexia, and show you through their eyes how they see the world responding from an etheric dimension.  After 20 years of research, this brilliant lady is very knowledgable.

We discussed Intuitives Laura Day, Theresa Caputo, and how men and women really do not differ in the way they percieve the world as much as we are told.  We discussed Star Gate, the expereimental program on Remote Viewing for the Cold War.  So much information, and so interesting.

Courtney Marchesani, a Hay House Author, has written three amazing books, Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive, Feeding the Trauma Spirit, and The Energetic Psychopath. We discuss today the Four Gifts of the Highly Sensative.…

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