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If you or a loved one needs help–physically, mentally, or emotionally–call Alex for assistance. Mastery of Energy Healing (M.E.H.) works in person, or at a distance. Long-distance healing is as powerful as it is in person! Many people have already benefited from this service.

“To touch the lives of others, to assist them so they can experience a happy, healthy and loving life… there is no greater joy.”

About Alex Hermosillo:
Alex is the host of “The Happy Healer” Show. Some people call him Healer and others friend. As a young man, Alex had the ability to help people with their pain with a touch of his hand.

Later in his life, a near death experience took Alex to the other side where he found peace. He understands that the mind and every cell of your body stores a complete record of information about you from the moment you were born to the present. Every experience of joy, gratitude, contentment and peace of mind is within you. Also within you are the energies and memories of heartbreaks, grief, confusion and fear.

With the gift that was given to Alex, along with his experiences of healing, research and dedication, he created Mastery of Energy Healing (M.E.H.). M.E.H. is a simple non-invasive technique that will assist you in releasing dense physical, mental and emotional energies allowing your body to heal the cause. Through M.E.H., Alex is able to teach others how to release their pain, be it emotional, mental or physical. Many have received spontaneous healings from problems such as migraine headaches, backaches, tumors and depression.

Alex travels the U.S. assisting people in releasing their unserving energies, as well as teaching the M.E.H. technique. In his words, “There are many different healing techniques in this great world of ours. Intent overrides all techniques…and that intent is Love”.

Alex is available for speaking engagements at universities, hospitals, medical facilities, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Mastery of Energy Healing works in person or over the phone. Call in and experience the Love and Peace for yourself. Ask for help for yourself or for a loved one. Many have called, many have been helped. Everyone truly deserves to achieve their dream of a healthy, happy, loving life.

Alex is in service to all.

To learn more about Alex J. Hermosillo and Mastery of Energy Healing, visit www.masteryofenergyhealing.com

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From 2010-10-05

The Basics of Healing:

"Healing Yourself & Others"

Alex will speak about the energies that create illness, and how to release them, as well as demonstrate the M.E.H. technique. Empower yourself and be free of confusion, stress, anxiety and worries that create illness. Learn how to assist others in person or remotely. Change your life forever with the simple tools you will receive during this hour.

at 3:00pm

From 2010-09-07

“There is No Death; Only A New Beginning”

Alex will share his near-death experience and how the gift of healing was awakened within him. He will also talk about the energies that create illness and how to release them. Empower yourself and be free of confusion, stress, anxiety and worries that create physical illness and emotional distress. Change your life forever with the wisdom and simple tools you will receive.

Call in toll-free 1-888-235-7374 (US & Canada) or send an instant message from the Achieve Radio website to request a healing for yourself, and your loved ones.

This is a free service, so please take advantage of it. We look forward to hearing from you!

*If you or a loved one needs help-physically, mentally, or emotionally, call Alex for assistance. Mastery of Energy Healing works in person, or at a distance. Long-distance healing is as powerful as it is in person! Many people have already benefited from this service.*

at 3:00pm

From 2010-07-06

LIVE on Tuesday July 6TH @ 3pm Pacific Time

"Living 'Heaven on Earth'"

Living ‘Heaven on Earth’ begins with acknowledging that the wisdom of the Heavens and everything you desire is already within You. Through Alex’s near-death experience, he shares with you the information that was given to him about how to dissipate the negative energies that create emotional, mental and physical imbalance and disease, preventing us from experiencing our true essence: the higher consciousness of Self. Alex shares a quick and simple powerful technique through a guided meditation to raise your vibrations so you may BE the living embodiment of ‘Heaven on Earth’ for yourself, your loved ones and Humanity!

at 3:00pm

From Jun 08, 2010

Basic's of Healing: Mind, Body & Spirit

How and Why to forgive Yourself and Others

By forgiving yourself and others, you are able to release an energy that prevents you from receiving all of your heart’s desires, which includes prosperity, health, happiness, loving relationships and the joy of life. This week, listen to Alex as he explains the true meaning of forgiveness, why it is important and how to do it so you may liberate yourself and live your full potential.


From Mar 15, 2010

Gaining Wisdom from the Other Side

Alex’s special guest is Jamie Clark, Psychic Medium

Jamie is an internationally known Psychic Medium currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. He was 1 of 16 contestants chosen to compete on LifeTime TV’s "America’s Psychic Challenge." In addition, Jamie has been featured in numerous books, including Soul Shift – Finding Where the Dead Go, written by Mark Ireland, author and son of renowned Psychic Medium, Dr. Richard Ireland. Today, Jamie demonstrates his abilities to the public with group seminars, TV and radio, as well as private individual and group sessions.

For additional information about Jamie and his current events, check out the web site at www.jamieclark.net.



From Mar 02, 2009

What about Lilia?

Lilia's Story plus Call-In for healings

"Six months after my first child was born in 2004, I was diagnosed with Severe Post Partum Depression. I began taking prescription drugs under the guidance of my medical doctor and felt some relief, but I still didn’t feel like myself. Even after seeking the additional assistance of a psychiatrist for six months, I still wasn’t feeling any better and decided to slowly take myself off of the prescription drugs. After my second child was born in 2005, I went back on the prescription drugs in the hopes of a better outcome but eventually took myself off of the prescription again. In 2007, I unexpectedly fell back into a deep depression, which led me down the same pattern of prescription drugs and a therapist, which did not help. The following year I tried taking natural supplements and felt some relief but was eventually referred to Alex J. Hermosillo.

Before my first session with Alex, I was in severe depression with physical pains, anxiety attacks and I was sleeping in 15 to 20 minute intervals at night. When I arrived for my appointment with Alex, I was crying non-stop but fifteen minutes into my healing session, my body suddenly stopped trembling and I stopped crying, leaving only a feeling of calmness and peacefulness. When I left Alex’s office, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt, about 80 percent improvement. Today, I feel 99 percent! Thanks Alex for helping me get my life back, not just for me, but also for my children who need their mom to be healthy. I am FOREVER grateful!!!!"

Listen to Lilia’s story about breaking out of depression and feel like her self again.
Lilia – Phoenix, AZ


From Feb 02, 2009

"What about Randy's Father?"

“November 2008, my dad was unexpectedly diagnosed with a blockage in his heart. A team of expert doctors did a stress test on my dad, which he failed showing that two areas of his heart were blocked. He needed to have an anemogram and open-heart surgery immediately. The family and myself were frantic and feared the worst. Alex Hermosillo came to my mind because he had healed both my mother and myself before. I telephoned the Mastery of Energy Healing center in Phoenix, AZ, and after I emailed dad’s picture Alex took it and sent him healing energies. The next day when dad was in surgery the heart specialists discovered, mysteriously, that nothing was wrong with his heart. The doctors were in disbelief as were we. Without explanation for how or why, everyone agreed it was nothing short of a miracle! I know that the blockages disappeared because of the healing energies that Alex Hermosillo sent, as well as by the grace of God and all the angels dad has!”
~RB, Chicago IL

Listen to Randy’s full story about how healing can occur at great distances.


From Jan 26, 2009


From Sep 29, 2008

We All Have the Ability to Heal Ourselves and Others
with special guest
Glen Phillips

When Glen first met Alex in 2006 he had heart disease, taking 32 different medications and up to 16 nitroglycerin pills daily to stay alive. Top cardiologists in the country told him he would have a fatal heart attack in one to two years. With two sessions with Alex he healed himself and became a student of Alex's healing technique, and now has helped others heal themselves of cancer, arthritis, depression and more. Listen to his story about how we ALL have the ability to heal ourselves and others.