Heartfelt Tarot Coaching with Joseph Grych on Tarot Joy – Reframing with Tarot


Joseph and Ann Marie join forces to read with heartfelt compassion by phone, Skype, In Quick.  Does your watch or Fit Bit jump ahead or malfunction on you?  Your not alone!  What is Reframing? How can Tarot be useful in reframing?  Should you read Tarot for yourself?  What are power stones and charms? Is it time to stop wearing crystals and metals?

Used in Hypnotherapy and Counseling, “Reframing” is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, and emotions to find more positive alternatives. Cognitive reframing can refer to almost any conscious shift in a person’s mental perspective. Reframing is the general change in a person’s mindset, whether it be a positive or negative change.

Joeph Grych and Ann Marie give examples of reframing and how it can improve Tarot Counseling.

http://Reframing Heartbreak: Getting Over a Breaku…


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