Heartfelt Tarot Gudiance with Joseph & Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

Coming up Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Ann Marie 6:00 pm EST
Heartfelt Tarot Guidance with Joseph and Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

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Middle of Summer Tarot Guidance on love, life, spirit, career, pets, Angel Messages with Seasoned Readers, Ann Marie and Joseph

It’s already the middle of summer! How did that happen? Joseph and Ann Marie will guide you on the issues keeping you awake, as well as discuss, “Should You Read Tarot for Yourself?”


We discuss the Pros and Cons of Reading Tarot For Yourself

The Pros of Reading Tarot for Yourself:

Can You Read Tarot for Yourself by Michele Knight

The Cons of Reading Tarot for Yourself:

Reading Tarot for Yourself? by Ann Marie O’Dell

Most Professional Readers have come across the client who, in the desire of an outcome in a relationship, read Tarot for themselves and projected their emotions, rather than intuition, into their reading. Often times the response is of disbelief that the readers answer, {from a place of Neutrality} did not match their reading for themselves. {A place of desire and passion}


  The problem with reading for oneself is we are so close to our own inner chatter.  A desire of people and things comes from our ego.  However, asking a spiritual question will be answered by a spiritual answer. as we are seeking personal transformation.  I call this reading with the Angel Dimension.


If I ask the question, “How can I better serve myself today and what dynamic do I need to work on at my job/happiness?” Your ego is out of the equation. You are reading in the Angel Dimension.

If I ask “Does Jason love me?” and I am holding my breath in expectation as I lay the cards down, I am taking for granted that my desire will not come through.   But this is what Tarot does when reading for oneself.  Like attracts like.  And the desire you project will often attract a like answer in Tarot.  This is why getting a reading with someone who is in neutrality, [someone without emotional ties to the subject matter} is important.


Again, and this happens to readers also who read for themselves, the “I” gets in the way…a place of emotional chatter, not intuition. Tarot in itself is nothing but paper and pretty artwork.  However, like ink blot test cards, if you are reading for yourself in a state of dread, scared of what the answer will be, and you feel the crushing betrayal that yesterday the cards told you what you want to hear, but today they say the complete opposite, you may feel your cards have become liers.  The truth is you have stepped into mood projection, rather then Intuition.

My advice is to use the cards for yourself for spiritual answers and save the questions on desire and possessions to a neutral reader who is not at all emotionally attached to your question. REMEMBER: Always ask WHY the answer came to its conclusion. When you hear the reasons, you will know truth when you hear it.

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