Tarot Cards VS Rorschach Ink Blots – What is Tarot Channeling?

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Joseph Grych and Ann Marie O’Dell discuss the similarities in the mental process of Interpretation of Ink Blot Cards and Tarot Cards.  Discussion of the major differences, Ink Blot Cards as the assessment of  “Self Image”, Tarot Card Reading, {also about self image} used primarily in Interpretation of another person. {also for self}.
  • We discuss the importance of choosing a clear reader not suffering from life over whelming depression.
  • What is Channeling?  How can this process be used through Tarot Cards? How is it different then contrived memory meaning of the cards?
  • Joseph Grych and Ann Marie gave readings for callers and In Quick, demonstrating the process of Tarot Card Interpretation.
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Hermann Rorschach wrote Psychodiagnostik in 1921. It outlines the methods of the psychological projective test the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

The Rorschach Test is an experiment that measures the interpretation of inkblots. The test consists of ten figures printed on ten separate cards, all of which “fulfill certain special requirements as well as general ones.” (Rorschach, 1921). Five cards are black and white, while the other five cards are colored. The procedure involves presenting a subject with the ten cards and asking them what they see as well as the specific features that made the subject draw the conclusion that they did. The subjects interpretation of the forms is perception, not imagination.


There is no denying that the interpretation of the pictures on Tarot Cards by a Psychic is greatly influenced by the way they perceive the world on the day of their reading, their mental stability,  childhood experiences, and spiritual outlook.

Unlike Rorschach Ink Blot Cards, which are used to determine the mental outlook of SELF, the interpretation of Tarot Cards by the professional reader is almost always about ANOTHER PERSON.

“Channeling is connecting to a frequency of consciousness and translating this energy into various forms of expression. The word says it all; channeling is opening a “channel” to a frequency, much as you do when you tune in to a television or radio station. The channeling can be expressed in thoughts, images, spoken or written words, sounds, sensations or knowing.

We are all channels to varying degrees usually without being consciously aware of it. When one becomes a purposeful channel, one is making a choice to make a connection. One can align with any manner of frequency vibration that he or she can attune to for channeled messages.”


When the beginner starts reading Tarot it is all about memorizing rules and meanings of the cards. However when the experienced reader Channels Tarot another layer begins. The touch of the cards, the aroma of the ink, the rhythm of the shuffle, the feel of the cards cupped to the hands creates a sort of trance. In this “meditative trance” is the “zone” of Tarot channeling.


The way to test this is to get two readings from two different kinds of readers; a non tool using psychic, and a Tarot Reading Psychic. Give nothing but your name to begin with. Which reader gave more accurate, detailed information?

The true test is a month or two afterwards. Which reading turned out to give the most accurate future conclusion? You will find that using tools, or not, is irrelevant. The final verdict is based on what makes you feel more comfortable, after accuracy has been proven.



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