Coffee Shops, The Veil & Past Life Tarot

Veils of Modesty, Wedding Veils, Veils to Hide Power, The Spirit Realms of the Veil,  and when the Veil lifts for Tarot Readers to Tarot Channeling


The concept of “The Veil”, has roots in the Bible, the Metaphysical and the act of wearing a veil is NOT just about modesty for women, but is steeped in deep spiritual meaning.  What seemed like a single topic, has ended up being a very interesting journey for me, and I wanted to share some of the revelations I have found on “the veil”.

The Veil That Separates Us from the Spirit Realms

The Spiritual Symbolism of Veils

It is important to remember that to Seasoned Spiritual Tarot Readers, the cards link to Channeling.  In a sense, a Veil lifts, in which the inner voice, personal intuition, and traditional card  meanings all connect.  This is when Tarot Cards go beyond pictures and flash card meanings, to the readers unique empathic gift.  To Tarot Scholars, the ancient symbols of Tarot are everything that is important and this is another level of Tarot. This blog is directed to Readers, both novice, and professional. Be sure and check out the Past Life Reading lay outs below, for both the novice, and Seasoned Reader. {Also a spooky Audio for you to listen to!}


How To Read Tarot at a Coffee Shop

by Theresa Reed on January 22, 2014



The Room Beyond the Veil – audible

Achieve-Room Veil




Past Life Tarot Spread – 3 Card

3 card tarot spread


Category: Spiritual Past Life Lay Out – A Complex and Detailed Reading Lay Out

Description: This is a fourteen card spread which examines the querent’s past life.   Cards:

  1. Basic soul nature coming into this past life.
  2. Environment.
  3. Early years.
  4. Education.
  5. Accomplishments.
  6. Occupation.
  7. Social status.
  8. Relationships.
  9. Family life.
  10. Death.
  11. Lessons learned during this past life #1.
  12. Lessons learned during this past life #2.
  13. How this past life affects querent’s current life #1.
  14. How this past life affects querent’s current life #2.



Origin: Unknown

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