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Coming up 2021/06/14
How To Clear Energy with White Sage Correctly.  Create a Spiritual Energy Shield with this Hypnotherapy Meditation on Tarot Joy

How to Clear Your Home and Work Space with White Sage




Sometimes we are effected  by the thoughts, energy, bad days, PTS OF violence and even vibrations from areas we exercise, shop, or work in..  For that reason, we may find that we allow, with out knowing it, for exterior-vibrational-negativity to piggy back onto us, We may feel vulnerable, afraid to even go to work, to have normal conversations, or even to go to sleep for fear in our relaxed state, negative energy is able to attack us.
Even as grown ups, there are times we still fear what is under the bed, in the closet, and its ok if we feel this way but it is NOT ok to NOT protect ourselves. And I am NOT talking about a gun.  Guns can not kill energy. I am speaking about ENERGETIC SHIELDS, that we create whenever we need to, that looks much like a Luminous Egg around our body, or a bubble, WE CREATE A SHILD that we learn BY visualizing it first, then through daily practice, build it like a powerful fortress SHIELD..
HOW CAN VISUALIZING PROTECT?  Because like attracts like. When you are afraid, those thoughts of visualizing attack, are a magnet for attracting it.  Your Energetic Aura, shrinks, your posture becomes closed, your thoughts create paranoia, and all of these things are what negative energy feeds on.   And when you are peaceful, and feel safe, your energy is more confident, your energy field becomes bigger, and your fearless peace IS NOT WHAT NEGATIVE ENERGY, or WORK COLLEGES feed on. YOUR LIGHT BECOMES BRIGHT.
 Having a energetic shield around us is the number 1 tool for sleep, socializing, walking alone,  …PROTECTION..  Our Protective Shield is created by our own ability to  create OUR PROTECTIVE SPIRITUAL SHILD when ever we need IT.   The more that we practice creating our Shield of Energetic Protection, the more powerful it becomes,
For this reason. this episode, is on creating a spiritual protective shield beginning with a hypnotherapy meditation,  and the steps on how to correctly use White Sage, most often used for clearing our homes, work space and bedroom before we go to sleep.


Learn how to white sage the correct way, how to remove a ghost, and what to expect if you’re dating an Empath. Ann Marie will answer the questions most asked for beginners wanting to clear negative energy in their homes or workspace.

Always Tired? Relationship ended? Bad luck following you around? Pets acting out? Agitated and don’t know why? You need to clear your environmental energy! Here are the steps for using white sage correctly for beginners. {Vogue Magazine} How to Remove a Ghost{Chicago Tribune.} For kicks we discuss what you have in store if you’re dating an empath.{Insider}


1} What do you say while you are walking around with your sage to clear energy? Prayers? Blessings?

2} Which is Better? Bundle or Loose Sage in a Shell or Bowl?

3} Should you use a Feather?  Why?

4} Should you wear Protective Crystals or Religious Meddalians while clearing?

5} Should you blow on your Sage?

6} How do you Put the flame of your Sage Bundle Out when you’re finished?

7} Do all Psychics clear haunted houses? Why or why not?

8} How often should you sage your home or workplace?

9} Can you sage your campsite, garden or fair space?

10} Who should NOT clear homes that are NOT theirs?

11} What are the Signs that a Home or Workspace Needs Clearing?

12} What Other herbs are good for clearing?

Meditation for Energy Shield for Negative Energy


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