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Joe Carroccio,
The Law of Distraction & Interuption

The best and worst things in life can just happen…
or we can make them happen.

The age of technology has increased our knowledge gain power, but it has also increased our interruptions, Do you find yourself being continuously distracted …by the cell phone …appointment calendar …computer pop-ups …flyers stuck to your front door …neighbor’s dog barking …kids screaming and on and on?

That’s Where The Law of Distraction Comes In

About Joe Carroccio:
Professionally…Joe Carroccio is the Founder & President of the Good Life News, Inc. and has over 40 years of Marketing, Sales, Media, Management and Operational experience in technology, communications and Energy Management.

As a management consultant, Joe has worked with various industries all over the U.S. He assisted with the development and implementation of sound Marketing & Media Programs for small to large businesses utilizing efficient and cost effective techniques. He creates Internet Information Commercials, does Website analysis and provides Business and Strategic Marketing services.

In addition, for six years, he was a Director for the Social Services Agency, HRA, of the city of New York. Also, as an entertainer, Joe has performed as a vocalist, musician, and promoter/manager of many musical productions and presently is the lead singer and bass player for his own band, Sea of Love, in Arizona. SeaofLoveBand.com

In 2004, Joe created the Arizona Good Life Newspaper and was its Publisher until the last issue in Nov. 2008. He is an Internet radio talk host, interviewing Authors for the Author’s Voice, housed on the AuthorsRoost.com and Achieve Radio.com.

Joe was born, bred and fed in Brooklyn, New York and with a name like Carroccio, you can bet on his heritage – Italian. He later raised his family, which included three children, in central New Jersey.

Joe is an entrepreneur and has led a very versatile life. As an entertainer he began singing at the age of 16 due to the coaxing of his friend, Joey B. Joe, also is a self-taught bass player, who started at the age of 21, and has yet to put it to rest. His vocal style has earned him the title of the “Wedding Singer” (which is also the title of one of his future books). When the opportunity arises, he sings with Sun Lakes Big Band, a 15 piece “Glenn Miller” swing band in Arizona.

In addition to Joe’s entertainment career, he has served as a PTA and Band Parent Officer, a Scoutmaster, a volunteer auxiliary police officer as well as a Civil Defense volunteer for Disaster Recovery.

After over forty years of continuous distractions and interruptions, Joe has developed the Law of Distraction and Interruption™ in order to provide a roadmap to achieve your goals and dreams.

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From 2012-07-29

Be Positive

My Last Show, but Never Say Never!

Joe's guests: Deborah Livingston, Author of Strand of Pearls, a metaphor for the negatives she turned into positives and Nancy Marshall, Author of A Dry Hate, Part 2 Interview

at 6:00pm

From 2012-07-22

Empowering Women

Joe's guests: Alexandra Kinias, Author of Black Tulips, Professional Sreen Play Writer and Mary Jo Rapini, Author, Talk Show Host and Psychotherapist, specializing in intimacy, sex and relationships

at 6:00pm

From 2012-07-15

Being Streetwise

Joe's guests: Sandi Kimmel and Patrick Murphy, Sterling Heart, Inc., Authors of Heart Wide Open, Self-Care for Caregivers, so much more and Carol Marleigh Kline, Author of Streetwise Spirituality, also former anchor, producer and talk show host

at 6:00pm

From 2012-07-08

The Legal World

Joe's guests: Dr. Bev Browning, Author, Speaker, Coach and Expert Grant Writer and Nancy Marshall, Author, Attorney and Part 1 (Part 2, Coming Soon)

at 6:00pm

From 2012-06-30


Joe's guests: Mary Lou Darst, Author of War Ready, In My Father's Shadow and Anne Gurchik, Author of Saved and Director of Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter

at 6:00pm

From 2012-06-24

Discover what matters!

Joe's guests: Kat Cunningham, Business Consultant and Author. Introducing her Passion into Action Program and Linda Campanella, the accidental Author of When all that's left of Me is Love

at 6:00pm

From 2012-06-16

Two very different Women!

Joe's guests: Aleya Dao, Sound Healer and Justine Theer, Author and Mom, Oh Yes

at 6:00pm

From 2012-06-09

This ain't Marginal

Joe's guests: Shaeri Richards, Author, Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Filmmaker and Musician and Sue Larkin, Author of Marginal

at 6:00pm

From 2012-06-02

Haunter Food?

Joe's guests: Michelle Desrochers, Professionally investigating and researching Ghosts and Hauntings and Barbara Berger, International Bestseller Author, Fast Food for the Soul and 15 other books

at 6:00pm

From 2012-05-26

Life can be FUN!

Joe's guests: Maralyn D Hill, Author and President of the IFWTWA and Patty Greer, The Fearless Film Maker, shining the light on Crop Circles

at 6:00pm

From 2012-05-19

All is Good!

Joe's guests: Scott Alan Roberts, Founder and Publisher of Intrepid Magazine, Author and Douglas Noll, Author and full time Peacemaker and Mediator

at 6:00pm

From 2012-05-12

Choice, it's Yours!

Joe's guests: Oni Vitandam, Author of On the Wings of a White Horse, an exceptional story and Dr. Kirby Surprise, Author of Synchronicity, The Art of Coincidence, Choice and Unlocking Your Mind

at 6:00pm

From 2012-05-05

A Healer's Guide to the Universe

Joe's guests: Joshua Fields, Author and Poet and
Dr. Daniel Ryan, Healer and Author of Healing from Heaven, A Healer's Guide to the Universe

at 6:00pm

From 2012-04-28

War and Ghosts

Joe's guests: Lt. Colonel James Rothrock, retired, Author of Live by the Sword and Kenneth Wayne Harmon, Author of Ghosts under Foot, The Spirit of Mary Bell

at 6:00pm

From 2012-04-21

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Joe’s guests: Becky Chambers, Author of Beyond the Great Abyss and Chris Harrison, Author of From Championship Wrestler to Road Rage Defendant

at 6:00pm

From 2012-04-14

The Law of Limitation

Joe's guests: Devra Ann Jacobs, Author, Speaker and Businesswoman and Robert Townsend, CLI, How to Represent Yourself in Court

at 6:00pm

From 2012-04-07

Without Good Health, You have Nothing!

Joe's guests: Dee Willock, Author of Falling into Easy; Help for Those Who Can't Meditate and Dr. Eric Pearl , Healer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself

at 6:00pm

From 2012-03-31

Spirituality, Money and FEAR

Joe's guests: Patricia Walker, Author of Dance with the Electric Hummingbird and Nadine Lajoie, Championship Motorcycle Racer, Speaker and Author

at 6:00pm

From 2012-03-24

Don't let Fear and Technology Distract You!

Joe's guests: Charmaine Hammond, Keynote Speaker, Author and Business Team Builder and Troy Payne, Speaker and Author of The Road to Resiliency

at 6:00pm

From 2012-03-17

Rewriting the "Law of Attraction"

Joe's guests,
Andrea Mathews
David Brown

at 6:00pm

From 2012-03-10

Love and Fear

A New Beginning for the Law of Distraction and Interruption show

Joe's guests: Brad Yates (EFT Teacher and Author) and Eric Mastel (Author of Reflections of a Tortured Soul)

at 6:00pm

From 2012-03-03

Baby Boomers and Business

Joe's guests: Kathryn Tull, Marilyn Ellis and Patrick Walters

at 11:00am

From 2012-02-25

Very Spiritual in 2012

Joe's guests: Author's Avikal Costantino, Terry Jones Brady and Oberon Zell

at 11:00am

From 2012-02-18

Lost Civilizations and 2012

Joe's guests: Author's Paul Von Ward, Steve Sora and Frank Joseph

at 11:00am

From 2012-02-11

Fear and Choice

Joe's guests: Author's Sahvanna Arienta, Moriah Marston and Sophie Rose

at 11:00am

From 2012-02-04

Big Bands, Films and Vampires! Oh, My!

Joe's guests: Mike Vax (Stan Kenton Alumni Band), Randy Rogers (Films) and R.L.Sloan (Vampires)

at 11:00am

From 2012-01-28

An extraordinary special two part Story and a wonderful Festival!

Joe's guest's: Dr. Gregg Korbon (You Must Hear his two part Story) and Kevin (Count Victor) Johnston (Arizona Renaissance Festival)

at 11:00am

From 2012-01-21

Mix it Up: Education and Inspiration

Joe's guests: Patrick Walters, Philip Coppens and Pragito Dove

at 11:00am

From 2012-01-14

Energy, Energy, Energy!

Joe's guests: Robyn Wheeler, Sheila Unique and Jackie Lapin

at 11:00am

From 2012-01-07

Be Very Inspired!

Joe's guests: David Stanley (Elvis Presley's Step Brother), Roar Sheppard and Lisette Larkins

at 11:00am

From 2011-12-31

Great advice!

Joe's guests: Jenn Killins, Nancy Oakley and Jerry Smith (What a Story!)

at 11:00am

From 2011-12-24

It is our Choice, Who We Choose to Be!

Joe's guests: Seth David Chernoff, Lisette Larkins and Shannon Guest

at 11:00am

From 2011-12-17

The Law of Distraction and Interruption

at 11:00am

From 2011-12-10

It is all about Your Life

Joe's guests: Will Miller, Victor Konsta and Linda Edgecombe

at 11:00am

From 2011-12-03

Destiny and Free Will

Joe's guests: Karen Noe, Andrea Mathews and Miriam Slozberg

at 11:00am

From 2011-11-26

A Spiritual Guide

Joe's guests: Paul Rademacher, Susann Taylor Shier and Trevor Emdon

at 11:00am

From 2011-11-19

Learn Something Important!

Joe's guests: Heather Anderson, Jim Beach and Michael O'Grady

at 11:00am

From 2011-11-12

Very Creative People

Joe's guests: Joseph Young (Resident Conductor Phoenix Symphony), Scott Blum (Author and Film Maker) and Barbara Kurtman (Animal Communicator)

at 11:00am

From 2011-11-05

Be Your Full Potential

Joe's guests: James Rick, Thomas Poppe and Pamela Jo McQuade

at 11:00am

From 2011-10-29

Paranormal and Energy

Joe's guests: Ted Poppe, Jim Harold and Jana Shiloh

at 11:00am

From 2011-10-15

Go Inside Yourself

Joe's guests: Michele Howe Clarke, Ernest Chu and Susan Levin

at 11:00am

From 2011-10-08

Health and Happyness

Joe's guests: Dr. Greg Martin, Dr. Raymond J. Petras and Laurie Handlers

at 11:00am

From 2011-10-01

Life is Good for Authors

Joe's guests: Debra Shiveley Welch, Susan Krueger and Mark Barresi

at 11:00am

From 2011-09-24

Be Inspired, Be Amazed!

Joe's guests: Marie D. Jones, Tiffany Shenelle and Lamont Wood

at 11:00am

From 2011-09-17

Now you can learn something

Joe's guests: Susan Levin, Mike Sand and Michelle Cubas

at 11:00am

From 2011-09-10

Energy, Energy, Energy!

Joe's guests: Dr. Synthia Andrews, Gurutej Kaur and Dee Wallace (Remember ET the Movie)

at 11:00am

From 2011-09-03

Great Advice!

Joe's guests: Denise Meridith, Jack Barnard and Steve Gilmour (Talk Radio Europe)

at 11:00am

From 2011-08-27

The Law of Distraction and Interruption

at 11:00am

From 2011-08-20

Very Inspirational!

Joe's guests: Jin Robertson (A Beautiful Person), Jamie Lerner and Warner Lewis

at 11:00am

From 2011-08-13

Planning is the Key!

Joe's guests: Gregg Murset (Very important), Charlene Brisson (Needed) and Terry Harrigan (Real)

at 11:00am

From 2011-08-06

Exercise Your Mind

Aging, Obama and UFOs Oh My!

Joe's guests: Mark Underwood, Dr. Jerome Corsi and Jim Moroney

at 11:00am

From 2011-07-30


Joe's guests: John White, Kathie Bechmann and Nicholas Redfern

at 11:00am

From 2011-07-23

Conscientious Practice!

Joe's guests: Cecily Markland, Laura Gisborne and Vicki Sandler

at 11:00am

From 2011-07-16

Depression and Addictions!

Joe's guests: Deb Cheslow & Angie Flynn, Rev. Monica McDowell and Roger Stark

at 11:00am

From 2011-07-09

You Need to Appreciate Your Life

Joe's guests: Sharon Slater, Wayne Perkins and Pamela Douglas

at 11:00am

From 2011-07-02

Be Inspired!

Joe's guests: Beverly Flaxington, Stephanie Holmes-Winton and William R. "Bill" Cunningham

at 11:00am

From 2011-06-25

Hope for Teens

Joe's guests: Janette Rallison, Baker and Jim Ellis & Jennifer Geronimo

at 11:00am

From 2011-06-18

at 11:00am

From 2011-06-11

Write a Book. They did!

Joe's guests: Cynthia Rodiana, Donna Copen McKinnis and William Bill Cunningham

at 11:00am

From 2011-06-04

If You Don't Try, You Can't Succeed!

Market Yourself!

Joe's guests: Charmaine Hammond, Charlene Brisson and Teresa de Grosbois

at 11:00am

From 2011-05-28

Are You a Gossip Expert?

Very Creative!

Joe's guests: Shawne Duperon, Alexandra Solnado and Patricia Sahertian

at 11:00am

From 2011-05-21

We are Ageless!

Joe's guests: Judith, Jim and Sy (You Must Hear This), Wayne Perkins and Julie Salzman

at 11:00am

From 2011-05-14

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more interesting!

Joe's guests: Angela Morrison, Leo J. Maloney and Debi Einmo

at 11:00am

From 2011-05-07

Make Positive Choices

Joe's guests: Bev Flaxington, Shelley Joy and Janet Gangl

at 11:00am

From 2011-04-30

Talk Radio Europe! Wow!

AZ Science Center, the Place to Visit

Joe's guests: Hannah Murray (Talk Radio Europe), Steve Gilmour (Talk Radio Europe) and Chevy Humphrey (AZ Science Center)

at 11:00am

From 2011-04-23

Be a Giver, Not a Taker

Joe's guests: Jennifer Jackson, Candy Kaiser and Richard Damien

at 11:00am

From 2011-04-16

Balance Your Body

Joe's guests: Jonathan Blank, Adara An D'Rianna and Maurice Goodwin

at 11:00am

From 2011-04-09

Stop living in FEAR! Be Brave and Happy!

Joe's guests: Ann Faison, Alexis Eldridge and Rebecca Talley

at 11:00am

From 2011-04-02

Be Aware. It's a Good Thing.

Joe's guests: Maureen Seaberg, Geoff Crocker and Emily Carlin

at 11:00am

From 2011-03-26

Delayed Gratification!

Joe's guests: Sally Marks, Grant Magers and Linda Curry

at 11:00am

From 2011-03-19

Life is Very Good!

Joe's guests: Bonnie Moehle, Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski and Marie D. Jones

at 11:00am

From 2011-03-12

at 11:00am

From 2011-03-05

Balance and Fun, Don't Stop Believing!

Joe's guests: Wayne Linsey, Lauren Daniels and Sharrie Williams

at 11:00am

From 2011-02-26

Don't Be Distracted and Focus!

Joe's guests: Sandy Beckwith, Joshua Fields and Bill Sweet

at 11:00am

From 2011-02-19

Proper Communication!

Joe's guests: Karlin Sloan, Dr. Andrian Marcus and Robert Gignac

at 11:00am

From 2011-02-12

Paranormal and the After Life!

Joe's guests: Dr. John Turner, Michael Clarkson and Marie D. Jones

at 11:00am

From 2011-02-05

Stay Healthy!

Joe's guests: Andrea Cairella, Melanie Solomon and Suzanne Holman

at 11:00am

From 2011-01-29

It's a small world!

Stay Healthy!

Joe's guests: Dr. Janet Brill, Karen Lowry and Ann Covell

at 11:00am

From 2011-01-22

Get Organized! Have Fun!

Great advice for Authors.

Joe's guests: Edward Aldama, Sean Hoy and Irene Watson

at 11:00am

From 2011-01-15


Joe's guests: Joshua Fields (Jeff Stanis), Jeanne Eck and Nicholas Redfern

at 11:00am

From 2011-01-08

Habits of Fun!

Joe's guests: Richard Parker, Charmaine Hammond and Michelle May

at 11:00am

From 2011-01-01

Always Be Positive!


Joe's guests: Steve Meisenheimer, Tony Richards and William von Holst

at 11:00am

From 2010-12-25

at 11:00am

From 2010-12-18

at 11:00am

From 2010-12-11

Communications is the Key

Joe's guests: Ann McGeehan, Rebecca Talley and Dr. Christophor Coppes

at 11:00am

From 2010-12-04

Trust Yourself!

Joe's guests: Tony Richards, Marianne Weidlein and Mike Bara

at 11:00am

From 2010-11-27

Are You OK?

Joe's guests: Patrick Bernard, David Elliott and Sue Zeal Oliver

at 11:00am

From 2010-11-20

Nutrition, so Very Important

Marketing and the Social Network

Joe's guests: Elaine Magee, Jodi Weinstein and Richard Parker

at 11:00am

From 2010-11-13

It's the Law!

Joe's guests: David Selig, Robert Romano and Robert Gignac

at 11:00am

From 2010-11-06

It's Your Choice

Joe's guests: Mike Bara, Conrad J. Storad and Stacey Nelkin

at 11:00am

From 2010-10-30

Writers Unite to Fight Cancer

Joe's guests: Donald Jenny, Cindy Williams and Pamela Goodfellow

at 11:00am

From 2010-10-23

Let's get Healthy!!!!!!

Joe's guests: Michele Clarkson, Dr. Eric Pearl and Seth David Chernoff

at 11:00am

From 2010-10-16

What is the Truth?

Good vs. Evil!

Joe's guests: Aura Imbarus, Dr. Bob Curran and Peter Lemesurier

at 11:00am

From 2010-10-09

Life's Great!

Joe's guests: Roy Holman, Gerri Helms and Michael Gluckman

at 11:00am

From 2010-10-02

Don't Be Arrogant!

Joe's guests: Stan Friedman, Jan W. Vandersande and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

at 11:00am

From 2010-09-25

Help Others!

Joe's guests: Marcy Neumann, Andrea Cairella and Melissa Wadsworth

at 11:00am

From 2010-09-18

Life Goes On. Don't let your Health be a Distraction.

Joe's guests: Anna Arnett, Louise Laughlin and Margaret Turley

at 11:00am

From 2010-09-11


at 11:00am

From 2010-09-04

Don't just sit there and wish for what you want

Joe's guests: Ann Covell and Patrick Ryan

at 1:00pm

From 2010-08-28

Spirits and Spirituality

Joe's guests: Jan W. Vandersande and Yvonne Perry

at 1:00pm

From 2010-08-21

Healthy Eating!

Joe's guests: Dr. Stefan Ripich and Dr. Laura Trice

at 1:00pm

From 2010-08-14

So What is Your Mission?

Joe's guests: Zita Gustin and Barbara Techel

at 1:00pm

From 2010-08-07

"The Law of Forgiveness" Oh Yea!

Joe's guests: Ronda Larue and Connie Domino

at 1:00pm

From 2010-07-31

Life is Wonderful!

Joe's guests: Michael Tougias and Victoria Moran

at 1:00pm

From 2010-07-24

Go Inside

Explore Your Spirituality

Joe's guests: Marie D. Jones and Dr. Bernard Haisch

at 1:00pm

From 2010-07-17

Science was Wrong!

Joe's guests: Kathleen Marden and Stan Friedman

at 1:00pm

From Jul 10, 2010

Everyone has VALUE!

Joe's guests: Kimberli Baker and Chaney Weiner


From Jul 03, 2010


From Jun 26, 2010

Marketing and "Social" Networking

Think in the Box

Joe's guests: Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski and Jeanne Grunert


From Jun 19, 2010

Distractions cause Stresssss!

Joe's guests: Sabrina Sumsion and Dr. Shayler Caron


From Jun 12, 2010

Face to Face

Joe's guests: Reno Lovison and Marilyn Ellis


From Jun 05, 2010

UFO's, Astrology and Spirituality!

Joe's guests: Kevin D. Randle and Dr. Bernard Haisch


From May 29, 2010


From May 22, 2010

Self not Selfishness

Joe's guests: Tamara & Andrew Overlee and Deborah Hill


From May 15, 2010

Fear! Here we Go Again!

Joe's Guests: Pamela Goodfellow and Davidpaul Doyle


From May 08, 2010

Consciousness and Peace!

Joe's guests: Terri Mansfield and Rebecca Hardcastle


From May 01, 2010

Boomers: You Can Do It!

Joe's guests: Mary Beth Izard and Candice Reed


From Apr 24, 2010

We are all Spiritual People!

Joe's guests: Sharon Kay and Bill Odekirk


From Apr 17, 2010

Control? Fear! Be Happy!!!

Joe's guests: Katharine Giovanni and Laurel Johnson


From Apr 10, 2010

Establishing Your Goals, Everyday!

Joe's guests: Marla Martenson and Carol Adler


From Apr 03, 2010

Find it all inside yourself

Joe's guests: Jackie Lapin and Nancy Burns


From Mar 27, 2010

Preventive Medicine: A Novel Idea!

Joe's guests: Dr. Jordan Meltzer and Christine Day


From Mar 20, 2010

Be Positive and make IT Happen!

Joe's Guests: Tamara Henry and Edwene Gaines


From Mar 13, 2010

Healthy Interviewing

Joe's guests: Cherie Kimmons and Gayl Murphy


From Mar 06, 2010

Save Us All!

Joe's guests: Jane Miller and Jivana Kennedy


From Feb 28, 2010

The Universe is Calling

Joe's guests: Margaret Turley and Steve Martin


From Feb 21, 2010

Be Your Self

Joe's guests: Melissa Zollo and Betsey Beaven


From Feb 14, 2010

Be Responsible!

Joe's guests: Roy Varghese and Jeanne M. Eck


From Feb 07, 2010

Waves of Change & Distractions

Joe's guests: Mick Quinn and Marshall Summers


From Jan 31, 2010

Conscience Living

Joe's guests: Jean Adrienne and Nick Redfern


From Jan 24, 2010

Emotional Health and Trauma

Joe's guests: Gerri Helms and Carl David


From Jan 17, 2010

Stress is a great Distration

Joe's guests: Lynne Klippel and Michelle May,MD


From Jan 10, 2010

Positive Thinking?

Joe's guests: Tomas Picard and Tonika Rinar


From Jan 03, 2010

Give Yourself Permission

Joe's guests: Terrianne Small, Don Boyer and Gris Frost


From Dec 27, 2009

Your Sacred Time

Joe's guests: Lisa Tener, Ava Diamond and Kris Patterson


From Dec 20, 2009

Get Educated! Get Organized! Get Focused!

Joe's guests: J.J. Flizanes, Sandra Kindred and Jerry & Donna Govan


From Dec 13, 2009

State your Intentions, every day

Joe's guests: Suzanne Taylor, Todd Creager and Ken Foster


From Dec 06, 2009

Health, Family and Beauty

Joe's guests: Gerri Helms, Kusum (Kay) Behari and Sarah Maria


From Nov 29, 2009

Driving Your Automobile and Ego On Hold

Joe's guests: Michelle Donati(AAA), Thomas Vieira and Anna & Adam


From Nov 22, 2009


From Nov 15, 2009

Another Distraction?

Joe's guests: Nancy Wallace and Michael Benner


From Nov 08, 2009

Take Action, Now!

Joe's guests: Frankie Picasso, Tom Callos and Hillary Raimo


From Nov 01, 2009

You need to manage your Time.

Joe's guests: Don Loose, Nanice Ellis and Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey


From Oct 25, 2009

What a Distraction!

Joe's guests: Marcia Reynolds, Ernest Morgan and Jack E. George


From Oct 18, 2009

Living with Distractions in the Now!

Joe's guests: Bill Sweet, Nancy Gordon and Larry Czerwonka


From Oct 11, 2009

Listen to Your Inner Self

Joe's guest: Francine Silverman, Phyllis King and William Gladstone


From Oct 04, 2009

Get Healthy, NOW!

Joe's guests: Dr. Michelle May, Scott Verbout and Dr. Matthew Draelos


From Sep 27, 2009

Writing, Health and Relationships

Joe's guests: Gwyn Nichols,Susan Branch and Larry James


From Sep 20, 2009

Women, Marriage and Meditation

Joe's guests: Kris Steinnes, Dr. Kim Kimberling and Tom Von Deck


From Sep 06, 2009

That's Life "Health Distractions and Interruptions"

Joe's guests: Matthew Fehling, Cay Randall-May and Dr. Tom Goode



From Aug 23, 2009

Very Interesting! Not Distracting!

Joe's guests: Jesse Dylan, Steve Ryals and Paul Eno


From Aug 16, 2009

Don't Interrupt

Joe's guests: Kenneth D. Foster, Jim McMicheal and Caitlin Flaherty


From Aug 09, 2009

Joe's guests: Robert P. Bennett, Sarah Hinze and Scott Blum


From Aug 02, 2009

What Distracts You?

Joe's guests: Marsha Petrie Sue, Jim Hamilton and Dr. John Lerma


From Jul 26, 2009

Distractions are Everywhere

Joe's guests: Dr. Caron Goode, Tom Carey and Mick Quinn


From Jul 19, 2009

Distractions and Interruptions

Joe's guests: Dr. John L. Turner and Morgana Rae


From Jul 12, 2009

Traumatic Distractions and Interruptions

Joe's guests: Andrea Cairella and Carl David


From Jul 05, 2009

Family and Friends,an Allowed Distraction

Joe's guests: Louise Laughlin, Mary Terzian and Cay Randall May


From Jun 28, 2009

Time Manage Your Distractions

Joe's guests: Lindee Rochelle, Patricia Brooks and Mia Pratt


From Jun 21, 2009


From Jun 15, 2009


From Jun 07, 2009

So What is FEAR?

Joe's guests: Dr. Russ Newman, Alan E. Smith and Yul Spencer


From May 31, 2009


From May 24, 2009

Technology, the Ultimate Distraction

Joe's guests: Annamaria Hemingway, Joanne M. Deck and Jeffrey Carroccio


From May 17, 2009

Coping with Distractions and Interruptions

Joe's guests: Jean Adrienne, Kebba Buckley and Mike Lyding


From May 10, 2009

The Law of Distraction and Interruption comes alive!

Joe's guests: Jeanne Eck, Nicole Bandes and Chris Chappell


From May 03, 2009