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Death Bed Visions, Life Path Readings, Joseph and Ann on Tarot Joy

Ann Marie and Co-Host, Joseph Grych discuss the topic of Death Bed Visions, the Veil, what it means to be born with a Caul, spiritually, and signs people from the other side are communicating with you.{“Om” magazine} Call or In Quick for two spiritual readings on your life concerns 602-666-6027.

Have you witnessed a loved one having death bed visions as they get closer to crossing over? We discuss the veils transparent admittance into the other side seen most with those in natural death and lingering illness. Ann Marie and Joseph offer Life Path Readings. Like E Ching, one card from the deck, “Mystical Shaman ORACLE” will be pulled that defines the blessings, obstacles, cure, and where it all fits in for your life path. Joseph joins with even more intuitive perspective for 2 free psychic reads per radio reading. Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick us during the show. 



What Are the Ways Your Loved Ones Can Be Sending You Signs From Beyond?

Born With The Veil/A Real Caulbearer

Dec. 29, 2017

This phenomenon happens when the fetus is born with the amniotic sac intact. This allows for the delivery to be easier and causes less bruising for the baby and mother. A veiled birth occurs when a child is born and has a portion of the birth membrane remaining around its head and face. Also known as a “caul,” this strange and rare occurrence appears in only 1 out of every 80,000 births.A newborn with a caul was (and still is) thought to have special talents and amazing powers, and is therefore held in high esteem among many cultures throughout history. Caulbearers often have psychic and other supernatural abilities such as seeing ghosts and foretelling the future. Many can predict weather patterns and crop yields. They also make excellent dowsers and hands on healers. In some cultures, Caulbearers were considered “kings by right,” because of their leadership and judgment abilities.Babies born with a caul are also considered to be extremely lucky. During medieval times, caul births were seen as good omens. In fact, the caul was often preserved as a good luck charm. Women used to sell them to sailors for huge sums of money, since they were believed to protect one from drowning. There are many pictures online if you are curious what a baby born in a caul looks like.

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