Light Worker Tarot with Joseph and Ann Marie

April 8, 2019   6:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm Central, 3:00 pm Pacific {602-666-6027}

Joseph and AnnMarie, Lightworkers over 40 years combined, offer heartfelt Spring Rebirth Readings and discuss Spiritual Portals and Paranormal Activity. Our intention is to use ethical wisdom through Tarot with healing advice on the worries keeping you awake at night.  Can a Readers Mind Set change their Intentions in giving a Reading?  Can a room in which one gives readings daily, change the energy of that room? Who should NOT use Tarot?  {or any energy work on others}   WATCH     LISTEN


How are energy Portals created?
Just like a physical door allows you to pass from outside to inside your house (or vice versa) or a staircase allows you to travel up or down, so a portal allows being from the fourth dimension to access our dimension. A large change in energy usually precedes the formation of a portal to the spirit world.
Spirit Portals: What They Are And How To Identify Them


Spirit Portals and Energy Vortexes

Have you ever noticed when you’ve walked into an area of unusual temperature change? where its a more vivid colour than the surrounding area? there’s a blurring perhaps or a sense of enhanced energy? Well you may have stumbled across an energy vortex which houses a spirit or inter-dimensional portal. Some psychics believe that on average most homes contain at least one of these portals.

In technical terms a spirit portal is a region of space that has a 4 dimensional vibratory frequency, where this region of 3 dimensional physical plane and the 4 dimensional etheric plane merge into each other through the aid of an energy vortex. In simple terms a spirit portal is a doorway in the physical world that allows free access to and from the spirit world. The existence of a portal can rely on a vortex of energy to sustain it. This is an area of mass energy in a high concentration, usually originating from magnetic, spiritual or sometimes unknown sources that create powerful eddies that manifest a spiral of energy which can be positive or negative in nature. Vortexes tend to exist where there are strong concentrations of gravitational anomalies this in turn creates an area that can bend light and cause a considerable distortion in the human energy field. They have also been shown to be associated with ley lines and have been found to be considerably stronger at node points where several ley lines cross.


Can Giving Tarot Readings Open Portals?  {ACELECTIC TAROT FORUM}

Answer by Alta
I have long suspected that the particular one is a. a lovely movie and TV plot device, not to be confused with reality and b. used by people who are looking for anything, however fantastical, to dissuade you from tarot.

1. Do tarot readings open up portals?

Only in your mind to give you a wider view of people and your life. Not portals in the movie and religious superstition sense of allowing demons in. Tarot does open for you but only in the sense making you more open and receptive to the world and those around you, not whatever you saw in movies or TV.

2. Have you experienced anything like that after a tarot reading? Did you experience anything mysterious occurring in your home that can’t be easily explained (i.e. spirit activity)?

Right after a tarot reading or in any way linked to tarot, no. I suspect that most of us, especially the type of people here, do indeed experience a certain amount of inexplicable happenings. I have always been like that. Tarot helps rather than anything.

3. If you did experience paranormal activity, how did you deal with it?

There are probably people here better to answer that. Generally I take note of what happened, think about it and move on.



About 75% of what you are energetically putting into Tarot, is based on the attitude you read in. Taking yourself out of the equation, you will receive the “common denominator”….the major “point” of it all.  Passion not only influences the energy and aura around you but the cards you read with. So only  25 %  of the reading you are eagerly giving yourself, is the actual truth and probably what you don’t want to hear. That is the part that will often make you redo and redo and redo your reading on yourself until you get the answer you want.

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