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Do you feel like life is just happening to you? Have you tried everything and nothing’s changing? The Magical Mofos will challenge your limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs and help you shift from observer to conscious creator, helping you find the space where you can create the life you desire, instead of the life you think you have to live. Every Monday at 7 pm PT, Althea and Diane will be live, taking your calls and helping you identify and release the stuff that holds you back and keeps you playing small. Using their intuitive gifts and energy healing tools, they will help you be and choose magic, power, and potency. No topic is off limits!

Althea MontgomeryAlthea Montgomery is a Quantum Energy Healer who has developed her own powerful, effective, FAST clearing technique that initiates immediate change and gentle integration, resulting in a handcrafted and condensed clearing that will more easily enable you to create your life the way YOU choose! Contact Althea at creativeclearings@gmail.com; www.creativeclearings.com; www.facebook.com/creativeclearings

Diane LanthierDiane Lanthier is a Facilitator of Fantasticness! Using a powerful blend of intuitive skills and magical tools, she can help you identify and release the thoughts, feelings and memories that stop you from being the greatness you truly be. Everything that isn’t love and possibility can be released, allowing you to choose change and create what you truly desire. Contact Diane at diane@soulrestoration.ca; www.soulrestoration.ca; www.facebook.com/dianelanthier111

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