Morning Coffee with Author Vicki Znavor, AUTHENTICITY REAWAKENED

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My Saturday morning coffee interview with Author Vicki Znavor was eye-opening. She spoke on her life journey, reminding me how many times I listened to people identify what they saw as my strengths but often did not agree with my dreams.  She will set you straight, surprise you. and with down-to-earth warmth give helpful tips on facing your fears, standing up to a boss with backbone, and being your Authentic Self in life. 

The Path to OWNING Your Life’s Story and Fulfilling Your Purpose is sold on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Target

I have listed some of the chapter titles I found most meaningful in “The Path to OWNING Your Life’s Story and Fulfilling Your Purpose.”


Vickie Znavor speaks of a time in her twenties when she spoke to an influential figurehead about her dream of being a tax consultant. He laughed! “You will never be one!” he told her. Vicki said, “then tell me the steps to get there.” Again the man laughed. “It will never happen.”

“I could have been changed for life by what he told me,” Vickie recalls. “Instead, I let it make me try harder. Fifteen years later, I was chosen over him for a position we both wanted in that same corporation. ” Vickie reminds us in her book to always listen to our inner voice. The chapters of her book, “Authenticity Awakened,” are important highlights. She speaks on how to listen to our inner voice.


 Listen to Your Inner Voice 

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Leaving with Grace



 Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say 

 Don’t Lie 

Know Your Audience 

Describe Problems Clearly

Watch Your Language 

Be Deliberate When Presenting 

Share Personal Information Thoughtfully 

Don’t Gossip 

Admit to Mistakes 


Vicki admits she is a social loner with a strong life path of leadership. It came naturally for her, growing up, to be a good student, leader of a cheerleading squad, but if given a choice between speaking in front of strangers or working alone in her office, she would probably choose the quiet office. But this does not stop her from taking challenges head-on in her life. Vickie shows us the two directions we can take.



Vicki Znavor speaks on how the Authentic Self takes criticism. Sarcastic slams against our dreams and goals can lead us in two different directions. We can become bitter and sad, taking another’s sarcasm or criticism as gospel truth, forever shunning our authentic self. In Vickie’s case, she made ridicules the inspiration and drive to fuel her goals. Vicki shows us how to let go.



Listen to the Whispers 


Your Values Are Your North Star 

Face Your Fears 

 Watch Your Ego 

 Be a Light to Others 

 Find Gratitude 

 You Are Good Enough 

 Get Going 

 Exercise: Create Your Action Plan



Vicki points out to me that everyone’s path is different. Whether we are a successful executive, a mother, daughter, son, self-employed, or a sanitary worker, there are ways to be proud of who we are and speak our truth.

Express Your Feelings Thoughtfully 

Show Empathy

Do What You Say You’ll Do 

Be Thoughtful About Workplace Romance 

Learn to Say “No” More Often 

Express Gratitude 

Love Yourself


Though not in Vickie’s book, I asked her to define being Authentic in the three stages of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. What would they be?

Vicki felt being in one’s twenties is similar to Rehearsal in which we practice over and over how to express our truth, work with others in teams, and problem solve as a tribe.

When speaking about our Middle Ages, Vickie smiled. Our 40’s – 60’s is a time to shine, walk with glory, be proud, and love who we see in the mirror. Our Rehearsal of youth has paid off, our middle years are the accumulation of the lessons we have learned.

I asked Vicki about Authenticity in our senior years.  She believes that this can be an exciting time not to compare ourselves but to dare ourselves to succeed and excel on the very things we fear. We need to understand that our Authentic Self can be a part of our lives any time we wish if we are willing to do the work, Be disciplined, avoid excuses, and over-analyze, which leads so many to settle for less. We can change this if we will only be brave.

Vicki Znaavor’s book at Amazon: AUTHENTICITY REAWAKENED 

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