Meditation, Love Stories, Beheadings & Cougars – My Paranormal Valentine on Tarot Joy

Lana begins our show with a soothing hypnotherapy which was perfect, unbeknownst at the time to us, for the tragic energy of the Florida school shootings. Her soothing energy further went on to tell the love story of a beautiful Aztec girl who fell into a volcano and met her past life soul mate. To the wounded ones of senseless death, for each, there is new life and infinite love.  What happens when three creative spiritualists record and create meditation and storytelling episodes? You get Victoria Lanakila, Joseph Grych and Ann Marie O’Dell.  For your listening pleasure stories on an imprisoned Priest who delivers a letter to his beloved before his beheading, and the story of a lovely Cougar, her 33-year-old lover, and a heart-shaped bed.


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