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Monday, June 7th, 2021

6-7 pm CTL Tarot Joy with Ann Marie, Organic Psychic Readings

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Spirit Tea with Ann Marie, Organic Psychic Readings with 37+ Yrs Certified National Reading Exp. Are you Psychic? What is the correct way to pull out cards from a freshly shuffled Tarot Deck?  How to block Icky Negative Energy piggybacking on YOU from work or your environment.

Believing in the teachings of Jesus, Wisdom of Buddha and the clarity of a Reading Ann Marie’s new time slot is 6:00 to 7:00 pm Central. Take a test to find out which Intuitive Gift you have, Audio, Feeling or Vision.

If you are empathic, Going into Spiritual work, the most valuable gift you can give yourself is to learn how to block negative draining energy. From Jesus walking the wilderness tempted by the voice of the devil, to you and I walking through a busy street or public event, the residue and active energy of others’ emotions bombard us.
Learning to block is like carrying an invisible shield in which negative energy bounces off and can not get through. Your mood remains your own, not the icky unexplainable residue energy from anger, depression, violence, and remorse others carry. Choose carefully where you go. Piggybacking energy will latch on to the most sensitive person close by.
To be a Spiritual Worker is to know the more you develop your sensitivity, the more vulnerable you become to negativity.
It may begin in your dreams, in which you find yourself forced to choose sides in a complex maze of images. Remember. The more you develop your intuition, the more loud and in-your-face energy becomes. You will find this happens over and over in reading for others. Owning Neutrality, a state of being “calm through the storm”, will develop within you the ability to be a natural diplomat. And the first and most important place to practice blocking is in a public place.
REIKI – Some may lay on the table for the first time beneath a healers chakra clearing hands and wonder, “What the hell?” You may not feel a big whoo hoo the first time, and be slightly disappointed. As you head for home, you feel a release, like a pressure valve got opened and notice a heaviness you carried from work, a relationship, is lightened. Each time you return for a session you will feel this energetic release, For this reason I list Reiki as a form of blocking.
Envision a force field around you of Pink or white healing energy. Some may see this as a luminous Egg that radiates protective shielding energy around you and radiates a few feet before you. Inside this luminous egg of protection you are completely safe, confident, and nothing can touch your heart and soul with negativity,
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As a spiritual rebel reader of the Tarot, I have lived the ups and downs of life riding the wave of creativity as a writer, musician, gardener, and animal rescuer. Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, I live on daily prayer, Reiki, and treasure Sisterhoods of like-minded women.

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