Pandemic Reading Forcast 3/25 to 4/1

Pandemic Forecast for March 25th to April 1st, 2020

1} THE SUN 19 – Hope that the pandemic is lifting gives joy to many that within 19 days our lives will go back to normal.  The financial Stimulus Package has been passed to aid those without work and keep corporations open.  It includes:

  • Free coronavirus testing including for the uninsured.
  • Two weeks of paid sick and family leave.
  • Increased federal funds for Medicaid and food security programs, like SNAP.
  • Increased unemployment insurance benefits.

2} THE CHARIOT 7 – REVERSED – Throughout the next seven days, all that empowers our egos and pleasure outside the home are in shut down. Without outside stimulation, we simplify and find the strength within to exist.

3} 9 of SWORDS – Anxiety will begin to lift. Whether this is statistical contagion numbers and death count tapering off in other countries, warm weather or denial remains to be seen.

THE TONE OF THE COUNTRY – More cleanliness, herbal oils, playfulness and creativity behind closed doors

ANGEL MESSAGE: This is time to visualize simple and to the point goals. Don’t focus on the unseen. Create daily plans based on what you know: your environment. Use this time to read, clean, call loved ones or old friends, and know yourself again. Get the sleep you longed for in your busy lifestyle.

WARNING FOR APRIL: As the country peaks in April. it is important not to let down your guard.  This is not the month to go back to handshaking, hugs, and crowds.  Play it cool in April, and May will be our rebound month.

Pandemic Forcast 2020

Pandemic Forcast 2020


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