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The Salem Witch Trials, Covens, Familiars, Haunting Tales, love spells, Readings,  Magical Cats, Witches and Brooms, Mystical Oil Recipes, Witch Burnings, {did witches really eat children?} the SAFE way to use Ouji Boards on Achieve TV with Joseph and Ann Marie 6:00pm Eastern


Join Joseph Lantern Bearer and Ann Marie on Live TV for a special on witches and warlocks, spells and familiars, haunting tales, historical facts on brooms and witches, the strange phenomena of teen madness and the Salem Witch Trials. Hold your favorite “familiar” ..your cat or dog, and know how close you are to a bewitching. Call for ghostly advice on your love, life and spirit. Crazy Readings welcome..even if your joking, we’ll ride the broom with you.


The word ‘witch’ is a part of the larger word witchcraft. ‘Witch’ means magic maker. So witchcraft is the art or craft of making magic. Modern witchcraft is now closer to wicca, which besides meaning ‘wise’ also means to ‘bend’. The word ‘ bend’ brings witchcraft closer to magic or spells.

Every human heart is filled with needs, dreams and desires. They may relate to health, wealth, love, marriage, revenge, fame, success, sex, litigation, rivalry, home, job, cars, tours and travels. The list can be as long and as varied as the human needs and desires are. We make every effort including witchcraft and spells to achieve our aims.

Witchcraft magic spells are an irresistible and dominating influence, which wields great power over the animate and even inanimate objects of the natural world. Spells are a potent tool of the witchcraft. Spells may be used in many forms. They can be used as love spells, lost love spells, sleep spells and so on.

Spells are a form of magic. They can empower you to achieve your aims and transform your life from one of deprivation to that of opulence and luxury, from ugliness to beauty and charm. Witchcraft magic spells are cast by observing certain rituals like the ritual of the pentagram.

The first step of the ritual involves casting a circle and calling the quarters to perform the Qabalistic Cross. The second step is to inscribe the circle. In the third step you invoke the Archangels of the Four Quarters. The last step is to perform the Qabalistic Cross Again.

Spells can be good or evil. It is the responsibility of the practitioner of spells not to misuse them in a negative way, to harm others or do something against the will of God. He can, of course, use them in a positive way for his own good and also for the good of others. The practitioner of witchcraft magic spells cannot escape the responsibility of the consequences of his actions.

The History of the Witches Broom

The traditional Witch’s Broom is made of an ash handle and bristles from birch twigs. The twigs are tied onto the handle with thin pieces of willow wood. There have been a few written accounts of early Witch’s decorating their brooms with flowers of the season tied on with some type of decorative string or later using colored ribbon. A practice that is continued today by modern Witches.

While being used for clearing an area for ritual work was the earliest use for a broom, it became an important tool for Witch’s during The Burning Times of Europe. During this era Witches would use a broom to hide one of their most important tools, the wand. It is also a tradition that brooms have been used by some as receptacles to harbor a particular spirit temporarily.

The History of a Witches Familiar

A witch chooses an animal as a familiar because animals are more in touch with nature, unlike many humans, witches respect and revere the earth and nature and are at one with their environment. When a witch chooses a familiar they have an intuitive rapport, and the animal helps the witch to be more in tune with nature. The psychic senses of animals is stronger than that of humans, thus enhancing the witch’s abilities. The familiar benefits being connected to the witch by gaining an enlightened view of reality, enhancing its energies and abilities. The familiar is a mediator between the ordinary world and the magical world, and together with the witch they form a power, allowing them to perform magic in the material realm and the otherworld. The witch and the familiar are committed allies, and as the familiar is part of a group animal consciousness, the spirit energy of the entire species is contained within one form. The familiar helps the witch connect to a higher power, or consciousness. The important qualities in a familiar are, patience, protectiveness, kindness, and to be loving.

Magical Oil Recipes

Astral Travel Oil, Banishing Oil, Business Success Oil, Attraction Oil, Come to Me Oil, etc.

Cat Magic

Ever have the privilege of living with a cat? If you have, you know that they have a certain degree of unique magical energy. It’s not just our modern domesticated felines, though – people have seen cats as magical creatures for a long time. Let’s look at some of the magic, legends and folklore associated with cats throughout the ages.

Did Witches Really Eat Children?

In order to prejudice and frighten the people members of the Inquisition and the clergy that supported it, told all kinds of horrifying and misleading lies about witches.


Thousands of years ago, people were forced to live much more primitive lives than we currently know today.  Without the luxury of modern medicine and treatments, when a person was sick, ill or in pain there was little that could be done about it.  Becoming ill was much more dangerous in those ancient days, and the ramifications of any sickness were frequently much more serious.  During those early days, there were some sage women that learned the value of healing herbs, and other types of homeopathic treatments.  These women were actually very wise when it came to their knowledge of herbal remedies.  Many people received aid and were helped by the homemade remedies made by these wise women.  These astute women, skilled in the art of natural medicine, also sometimes functioned as midwives and assisted in the delivery of babies, using various plant-based medicines to ease the pain and suffering experienced during childbirth.

During this time of accusations, insinuations as well as extreme hysteria, many women were brought up on charges of witchcraft and were ultimately executed, usually by being burned alive while tied to a stake or by hanging.

Little was understood about healing and medicine in those ancient days, and as Christianity spread across Europe, many clergy from the church felt very upset by the existence of learned women who were healing others with medicine and other remedies.  As far as the church was concerned, all healing should be done strictly through men in the church.  There were many others who felt that if a person was sick or ill that it was God’s punishment for some sin committed and the suffering that came from it was just something that must be dealt with by the afflicted person.  Over time, the healers began to be associated and accused of various things including heresy, being anti-Christian and eventually many were accused of devil worship.

Salem Witch Trials

The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring of 1692, after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. As a wave of hysteria spread throughout colonial Massachusetts, a special court convened in Salem to hear the cases; the first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June. Eighteen others followed Bishop to Salem’s Gallows Hill, while some 150 more men, women and children were accused over the next several months.

Teen Age Girls and Mass Hysteria

Think the Salem Witch Trials can’t happen again?  Read about 2011 when two girls from the small industrial town of Le Roy in upstate New York were being interviewed about a mysterious illness that had swept through their school. As they spoke, they twitched and shook, seemingly unable to stop themselves.

How to Use the Ouija Board Safely

It’s Halloween and many will be bringing their Ouji Boards out.  Did you know there is a safe way to use these boards?


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