PARANORMAL DREAM STATES with Joseph and AnnMarie

Have you ever had a vivid dream and to your gut-wrenching shock realize days, or even a year later everything is happening in real life?  At any time have you had a dream in which you spoke, touched and found great comfort with someone you loved that has crossed over?  What is Astro Projection?  Many speak about finding answers to their questions, creative projects and career moves through dreams.  Indigenous Tribes have used dream state for spiritual transformation, often through the use of hallucinogenic plants and herbs.   Joseph and Ann discuss the many dynamics of Paranormal Dream states. Call in for two free readings per call or tell us your dream.   TO LISTEN          WATCH


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Dreams That Cross Into the Paranormal
By John Casey

Is Mutual Dreaming Possible?

                                                                      By Rebecca Turner – take our free lucid dreaming course.


Are Deceased Loved Ones Communicating With You?   Anna Sayce


10 Things to Ask Your Lucid Dream Self





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