Patti Lightflower – Hand Analysis of the Presidential Candidates

Coming up Wednesday April 6, 2016
Patti Lightflower – Palm Readings of the Presidential Candidates

International Palm Reader and Hand Analysis Extraordinaire, Patti Lightflower, reads Photos of Hands of Bernie, Hillary, Cruz, Trump and Kasich.

It’s Palm Reading and Tarot with International Palm Reader, Patti Lightflower, and Psychic Light Worker host, Ann Marie  O’Dell. Patti Lightflower has been studying and reading hands since the early 1980’s. She has entertained at many local events, participated in international palm reading challenges and was included in the 500 Hand Project that involved reading hand prints of members of the Vatican and celebrities from around the world. She meets clients in her loft space she rents at the Elemental Om Yoga Studio in Lebanon.

BUT WAIT!  It does not stop there.  Patti will read your Palm ON THE SHOW if you send a clear picture of your DOMINANT WRITING HAND/PALM to her Face Book Page.

To call in to the show for 2 readings per call – 602-666-6027


Our show will start at 3:00pm Pacific, 5:00pm Central, 6:00pm Eastern. April 6th, 2016.


The Link to the show…as well as the You Tube to watch live, will be posted on April 6, the day of the show.  The You Tube has a timer on it and will pop alive at show time.  You can also watch the You Tube after the show.

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