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Forty-five years ago, many of the ideas put forward by Canadian author, professor and uber-intellect Marshall McLuhan sounded daring and provocative. Classically defined as a communications theorist, McLuhan strove to identify and explain the electronic environment, which he believed was shaping people and their experiences in ways they hardly suspected. From today’s perspective, McLuhan’s theories of the multi-sensory and crossmodal effects of electronic media are eerily prophetic. For example, McLuhan’s assertion that radio is a biological event is now a scientific reality and is demonstrably documented in the human genome.

However brilliant and prophetic McLuhan may have been, the overarching implications of McLuhan’s theories are most completely, intricately and inextricably delineated by the man who I personally would nominate for 2012’s Man of the Year, media ecologist Bob Dobbs. Bob has been extracting, exacting and discussing the effects of the electric environment from the most interesting venues, purviews and platforms for over 40 years. Since 2009, however, Dobbs takes this game to a whole new level, clearly making his own mark in the world by actually predicting, preparing for and producing the most amazing antidote to the electronic environment, an environment which has steadily, stealthily and searingly seeped through our cell membranes into every recordable aspect of our individual biology.

Now at this point, you, my dear reader, may be asking yourself, “what in the MILF is she talking about?!?” Perhaps you are as I once was: completely unexposed and under aware of the effects of the electric environment on your body, brain and general well-being. In the past several years I have made a rather quick and complete study of an entire body of work that describes all these influences – which are vast – almost for the exclusive purpose of providing a remedy to all that we have been cultured to accept as the ‘human condition’. It turns out that we can now actually radically recover from the effects of this epic, biological onslaught with RnA Drops!

But just what epic, biological onslaught am I referring to? In the documentary film titled DEF CON Bob, filmmaker Eli Elliott trails media ecologist Bob Dobbs through a series of auspicious interviews and intellectual engagements held in Los Angeles, California, circa 2005. The film’s title accurately employs the use of the term ‘def con’ to describe the defense readiness condition that becomes the alert posture of anyone who can fully grasp the film’s content. Approximately 35 minutes in length, the film captures Dobbs in animated yet succinct discourse uncanning the can of worms that has become the electric environment. With swift precision and boyish charm, Dobbs elaborates on the biological impact of analog and digital media on every aspect of daily life to include the body’s cellular structure and the processes through which most everyone apprehends their individuated life experiences.

So what do you do when you discover that a massive, invisible electric environment has been influencing culture, technologies and your own biology for decades? Well, if you’re smart, you’d look for an antidote to your unprecedented recognition of the need to match the power of this environment with the power that is latent in your own being! Fortunately, now for the first time in our current human history, you can activate the latent power of your own cells with an incredible, edible substance called RnA Drops. Yes, it would appear that Bob, along with his wife Dr. Carolyn Dean, have pioneered this incredible, edible substance in a 100% natural, living food formula and the results among its consumers are simply amazing! After one and a half years on the market, the testimonies from consumers world-wide are simply extraordinary and the New Alchemy of the New Environment has been apprehended in such a way that it is available to those who desire its effects.

Intrigued? You can check out the documentary, DEF CON Bob, provided in this post for your convenience…and you can check out more information on the RnA Drops at my website.