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Monday, October 14

“Tarot Joy”
with Ann Marie
3:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)
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On “Tarot Joy” Today,
Monday, October 14

Readings! Magical Animal Guides!  – Tarot Joy

Ann Marie offers In-Depth Tarot Readings and discusses the parallel world of magical Animal Guides

On my Live Podcast “Tarot Joy” we offer free readings by Phone & In Quick and discuss: “familiars” or “animal guides,” supernatural entities that assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. Call or In Quick and be introduced with a terrifying Halloween sound!

 This show discusses the world of Magical Animal Guides, and how we may not be that far away from how witches bonded and lived their daily lives in a magical union with their animals in the Middle Ages.

How is today’s obsession with choosing our pets over people, a whole lot like the ancient Midevil days when witches and magical folk bonded and were assisted by their  “familiars” or “animal guides?”  Yes, they were believed to be supernatural entities that assisted in magic, but in this modern world of miracles, how may our pets be assisting us in the magic of companionship, service dogs, bomb squad dogs, cats and birds?


Our dogs sit beside us our vehicles, sometimes even dressed in people’s clothing.  They give witness to our lives when we are single, and there are even those that prefer the company of animals over people.  Even in a cyber social networking world where we live on our phones and gadgets, our dogs and cats sit beside us.


Familiars: Your Magical Partners

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