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Wednesday November 15th, 2017

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How To Read Romantic Body Language – Readings, Inspiration, Rainbow Crone wisdom

We begin with a clearing meditation, and go into Romantic Body Communication.  Callers agree, as women get older, and baby making pheromones lighten, women can go in to feeling “Invisible”.  Why?  We discuss not only romantic body communication tips but also the importance of being a hottie through amazing self confidence.  It can be as attention drawing then perfect make up and a skinny body.

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Up close

When you are close to the other person, the body language progressively gets more intimate until one person signals ‘enough’.

Close in and personal

In moving closer to the other person, you move from social space into their personal body space, showing how you would like to get even closer to them, perhaps holding them and more…

Standing square-on to them also blocks anyone else from joining the conversation and signals to others to stay away.


Imitating the person in some way shows ‘I am like you’. This can range from a similar body position to using the same gestures and language.

Lovers’ gaze

When you are standing close to them, you will holding each other’s gaze for longer and longer periods before looking away. You many also use what are called ‘doe eyes’ or ‘bedroom eyes’, which are often slightly moist and with the head inclined slightly down.

Where the eyes go is important.  If after locking gaze the person keeps looking at eyes, then it may be love. If the eyes slide down over the body, then it is more likely to be lust. Looking at lips means ‘I want to kiss’. Looking at other parts of the body may mean ‘I want to touch’ (and so on).

A very subtle signal that few realize is that the eyes will dilate such that the dark pupils get much bigger. This is one reason why dark-eyed people can seem attractive. Light-eyed people (typically blue) make the pupil easier to distinguish, so when their pupils do get bigger the signal they send is easier to read.


Touching signals even closer intimacy. It may start with ‘accidental’ brushing, followed by touching of ‘safe’ parts of the body such as arms or back.

Caressing is gentle stroking that may start in the safer regions and then stray (especially when alone) to sexual regions.

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Understand that many of these signals are subliminal and rarely do we understand they are happening at the moment.  DO NOT WATCH WItH INTENSITY he person you think is attractive as if they are a Guinea pig.  You will see them running down the road.


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