SELF CARE Tarot Guidance with Joseph and Ann

Coming up 2020/11/02  5:00pm Central Chicago time
Joseph and Ann offer Peaceful Tarot Guidance with 2 Organic Self Care Tarot Readings. Learn this lay out!  WATCH TODAYS PODCAST

Self Care Tarot Guidance addresses the following: What’s REALLY bothering you? Can you give up control to find peace past the elections? Let’s pull out the Bull-Shit monitor, Tarot. We aim to make you smile.

What Is Emotional Self Care? {In Simple Terms}

Here is a wonderful blog on Self Care

Identifying what it is you are feeling can be extremely difficult when Inner Chatter and emotional confusion become Overwhelming.  By identifying exactly what it is that is bothering you, you can begin to take the steps to eliminate it.

  It starts with Boundaries! By training others how to treat you it begins FIRST with a promise to yourself what you will or won’t do.  This begins with, the discipline to treat YOURSELF as you would want others to treat you.  Ever wonder why so many people go to Psychics?  This is what we are great at!  And for yourself here is a wonderful Tarot LayOut!

The 9 Card “Poor Man’s Therapist” Spread


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