Soul Pets, “The Pet Effect” – Heartfelt Readings with Joseph & Ann on Tarot Joy

On Tarot Joy
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 6:00 pm Est, 3:00 pm Pacific

For Free Radio Reading call 602-666-6027

Ann Marie O’Dell and Joseph Grych give heartfelt radio readings on love, life and spirit.  We discuss “The Pet Effect”.  Pets give witness to our lives, fill loneliness, and the hole of a childless home.  They travel with us, are the light at the end of a bad day.  And by the way, can they sense the Paranormal?  Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick us


According to a study, 132.8 million pet owners in the United States visit a doctor 0.6 times less than the average non-pet owners. Additional savings were calculated for dog owners who walk their dog five or more times a week. But what about their connection as Soul Mates? Can animals sense Paranormal Activity?
Readings and Discussion with Ann & Joe.


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