Spiritual Gardening, Asparagus, Recipes and Readings with Joe & Ann at Achieve

Wednesday, May 3, 2017   Call 602-666-6027 or In Quick


Joseph Spring 2017

“Tarot Joy”

with Ann Marie and Joseph Grych
3:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)
6:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

Spiritual Gardening, Asparagus, Recipes and Readings with AnnMarie & Joseph at Achieve Radio TV

Each year the bones of the garden give new creative possibilities for design, scent, color and path work.  It starts with the wispy fern fronds of Asparagus.

Join Ann Marie and Joseph for a walk with spiritual gardening as we discuss earth magic, the symbolic meaning of archway gates, psychological color vibration, scent and Spring Asparagus. Recipes, readings, moon gardens are also discussed today. We offer intuitive insight for those that call or in quick into the show. 602-666-6027

Spiritual Gardening – pull a weed, bring world change

  In the garden, alone, like Rosary Beads in the hands, we can offer prayer one weed-pull at a time, manifesting our intent for world change.  If  a congregation gives strength, garden with others.  If physical acts of humanity validate one’s presence before God, offer to care for the gardens of the elderly or hospitalized.

There is no better place to teach children of compassion then the garden. The importance of right conditions, through sunshine, rain, planting seeds, watering and nurturing gives meaning to our own life journey.   Casual, inspirational conversation on life and death is as instructive as a Sunday School class.

And what of drought, flood or tornadoes? We learn to let go.  We see the ancient spiritual journey of man and his intellectual ability to choose alternative methods to grow and mature seeds.  Through solar and incandescent lighting, green houses, we can start new food, flowers, trees and herbs. We learn that less is not always bad and how the importance of good timing, can bring a harvest in the future.

Through future planet exploration, Spiritual Gardening will endure.  Ann Marie O’Dell http://thecallingoflight.com

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