Spiritual Tea & Readings with Astrologer Eric Linter and Ann Marie on Tarot Joy


Hailed as “one of the best astrologers in the US” in Gregory J.P. Godek’s best selling book “1001 Ways to be Romantic” and called “the astrologer’s astrologer” by National Enquirer astrologer Maria Shaw, Eric gives each client insights into complex personal issues and clear direction in today’s uncertain world.  From Moscow to Maui, he has developed a loyal following over the past thirty years.

Master Tarot Channel and Achieve Radio Host, Ann Marie, asks frankly of Eric, “What IS Retrograde? Why is it suddenly such a big deal in main stream?

Honest, Radical, Comical, Charming, he makes total sense of Retrograde and Astrology..  Eric speaks on YOUR life situation, on the possibility of a new house, job, friends.  We also take a look at the possibility of  an era of Feminine Matriarchal Leadership as Germany, Britain and possibility America being in the first ever trinity of Crone. Is there a planetary alignment for this?


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A native of New York City, Eric came to Boston to attend college.  After earning a BFA at Boston University, Eric studied astrology and the esoteric arts with the Grande Dame of American astrologers, Isabel M. Hickey.  Eric later received certification as a Holistic Health Counselor from Heartwood College in Santa Cruz, CA where he attended classes with Bay Area astrologer Robert Cole.

A gifted intuitive, teacher and speaker, Eric has both produced and led a wide range of astrological and transformational seminars.  He is also a trained re-birther and past-life regression therapist. He combined his artistic talents and knowledge of the occult to co-create The Miracle Cards, a New Age Tarot.

In addition to his consulting practice, Eric authors many thoughtful articles and for more than a decade has been a regular contributor to Spirit of Change, New England’s Holistic Magazine.  Eric accurately predicted the start of the First Gulf War, the 2000 Presidential Election controversy and President Obama’s stunning victory.



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