Spiritual Teacher & Author, Leonard Pearlmutter

To understand why humans need a stallion to lead them, and why the loudest voice in the room gets the most attention we only need to watch the crows in our back yard, says Leonard Pearlmutter.  Most of us react with our senses and really do not take the time for deep inner quiet to tap into Einstein’s Superconsciousness.

Spiritual Teacher and Author, Leonard Pearlmutter, points out that the conscious is like our parent voice, followed by our sense of what feels familiar, which often leads to fear from our lizard brain telling us that change will surely lead to death!  Even when patterns of abusive behavior are in the mix if it feels familiar and a voice we have heard from our past,  we see it as our own conscious.

Leonard gives instructions on how to tap into the Einstein Superconscious for making productive, beneficial decisions for our life.

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How to tap into our Albert Einstein Superconciousness

How to tap into our Albert Einstein Superconsciousness.



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