Tarot, Angels & Heart – Readings with Ann Marie

Coming up Wednesday November 30, 2016 6:00pm ET, 5:00PM CNT, 3:00pm PCT
Tarot, Angels and Heart – Readings with Ann Marie on Tarot Joy – Phone, In Quick

I shuffle the cards for you and go into a meditative state I call the Angel Frequency. For a Free Reading call 602-666-6027.  We discuss “Can Tarot really bring spirits into your home?” A recent TV ghost show claims a woman dabbled with Tarot and suddenly her family’s new home was haunted. What is “Intent”? How is Tarot like a hammer in the hands of a carpenter, or novice weekend dabbler?

Through the rhythm of the card shuffle, the smell of the ink, the feel of the cards cupped in my hands, answers come forth through the trinity of conscious, subconscious and intuition. The fine detail to your question is in the lay out of the cards…the “whys”….that give the “meat and potatoes” to a quality seasoned reading. I will be honest and compassionate to your feelings. I will warn you of red flags I see, and do not sugar coat the truth. At times this will cause angry feedback, Past these are the stellar reviews from thousands of clients.


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About Ann Marie

As a spiritual rebel reader of the Tarot, I have lived the ups and downs of life riding the wave of creativity as a writer, musician, gardener, and animal rescuer. Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, I live on daily prayer, Reiki, and treasure Sisterhoods of like-minded women.

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