The Angel Frequency – Angel Messages with Ann Marie on Tarot Joy

The Angel Frequency – Angel Messages with Ann Marie

Aug 24, 2016 : 5:00pm Central  WATCH YOU TUBE LIVE

Believing in the teachings of Jesus, wisdom of Buddha, Angel Message Readings with Ann Marie on Achieve Internet Radio TV. What is “the Angel Frequency?” What is an Angel Reading? What are the Seven Angel Frequency Colors?
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As I search through the internet for what the Angel Frequency is, many similar dynamics come up about love, peacefullness, the higher frequecy of enlightenment. No one seemed to have a specific answer to define what the frequency is.  I will explain what I believe the Angel Frequency is.

@The Angel Frequency is for the  “Zone” in which athletes, artists, scientists, teachers and mentors, recording artists, intuitives and musicians, writers and planners go in to where all movement, thought, non thought, and auto pilot become one……where worry, bills, expectations, completely detach from us. It is the non-thought of the Buddhist monk, available to all of us each in our own way.

@ The Angel Frequency is the place where many hear and feel a very high pitched frequency in the back ground, much like our nervous system when all is quiet. It is like a radio channel that allows us to channel our best strategy, works and intuitive self.

@ I have also called the Angel Frequency ever since I was a kid, “whale pinging”.  Like whale sonar, this very high frequency is from within thrown out by our soul, angels, intuition,..and waits to get an answer back.  Most of the time we never know we are doing this.

@ The Angel Frequency may be the very Frequency used in looking for a soul mate as we search for an answering frequency “ping” that compliments and harmonizes our own.

@ As an artist told me once, “When I analyze my Intuition it is gone.  Analyzing is the destroyer of the Angel Frequency.  To analyze has its place, but it is the destroyer of “the zone”.  Ask wonderful Olympic athletes what happens when they think too much. Ask a person learning a new job what happens when they think too much. Mistakes. Klutzy inappropriate movements. Forgetfulness.

@ The Angel Frequency “does” the thinking in a place of “non thought”. It “feels” …. “Pinging” is another form of the “Angel Frequency”. In my own intuitive work, the higher ping “searches”, and the lower frequency “finds” the answer.  Trees, animals, people, every animate object on this earth throws back a frequency. Often whether we are a morning person or a night person is determined by the strongest part of the day we experience the Angel Frequency.

@ The Angel Frequency is when you are completely calm and one with yourself and the world, no fancy meditation, $1000.00 intuition classes needed.  You have been doing it since a baby.

@ You will notice in none of this I actually mentioned “Angels”, but this is because whether you are a believer or a nonbeliever, “the zone” is with you.  The frequency is within you projected out and all things on this earth and in the universe, emit a frequency, one with a deeper consciousness. Call it God, Angels, Science, it doesn’t matter. Talk is cheap, action is everything.



Have you been attracted to a specific color and see it everywhere you go?  Your Angels may be speaking to you. Here is the angel frequency  message you may be channeling:

The metaphysical system of angel colors is based on seven different light rays, which loosely correspond to sunlight or a rainbow’s colors:

* Blue (representing power, protection, faith, courage, and strength)

* Yellow (representing wisdom for decisions)

Pink (representing love and peace)

* White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness)

* Green (representing healing and prosperity)

* Red (representing wise service)

* Purple (representing mercy and transformation)


Why seven colors? Since the Bible describes seven angels who stand before God in Revelation, chapter 8; the philosophic system of spiritual evolution features seven planes of spiritual existence; the chakra system of energy within the human body has seven levels; and the rainbow has seven rays, people decided to develop a system of identifying angels based on seven different colors.






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