Don’t Intellectualize Intuition! {Choose Self Growth} Readings with Ann Marie

Whats the difference between winners and stagnaters? Most winners jump on Intuitive Flashes like a wild bronco and risk the ride! Stagnaters think about it.

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Speaking to a professional photographer who excelled in captivating shots that landed him a high quality job in New York,  I asked him “How do you do know?”  “Simple”, he said, “I never intellectualize my intuition when I see a perfect shot.  In the moment it would take to question my gut the  moment would be gone.”  He wasn’t a guru, or spiritual public speaker, but his wise words have changed my life for the better.  How do you know the difference?  Can you find the balance in making life decisions?  Ann Marie, Intuitive 37+ yrs listed with Angie’s List, Best Psychics Directory, Keen and Jennifer Diamonds “Top 50 Psychics” offers live phone and in quick readings.

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About Ann Marie

As a spiritual rebel reader of the Tarot, I have lived the ups and downs of life riding the wave of creativity as a writer, musician, gardener, and animal rescuer. Believing in the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of Buddha, I live on daily prayer, Reiki, and treasure Sisterhoods of like-minded women.

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