What Does Your Fav Sweater Say About You?

Monday, 11/8/2021    6:00 pm Central

Our clocks have gone back one hour.  Here are tips to adjust a little easier, and hay, what does your favorite sweater say about you? Grab a cold brew or cup of hot coffee and let Ann Marie spoil you rotten with Zen Tarot.  What does your favorite sweater say about you?  Tricks for getting your head back on straight when you set your clock back one hour.  Readings are given with compassion, spiritual love and over 37 years of spiritual reading experience.


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What Your Sweater Says About You As A Person?




Daylight Saving Time: 4 Tips to Help Your Body Adjust

How to prevent time-change sleepiness


Airflight Time Change? These tips will make the adjustment easier.
  • Go to bed an hour earlier each day for three days before traveling. Seek sunlight when you wake up.
  • Sleep on the plane. …
  • Limit sunlight exposure during local morning hours and seek sunlight in the afternoon the first few days. …
  • Take melatonin if you’re having trouble sleeping.



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