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Masterful Choices Radio Show
Because Your Choices Manifest Your Dreams

Monique Chapman, Ph.D.
*Intuitive Consultant/Self Actualization Expert
*Clinical Hypnotherapist
*Transformational Speaker

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About the Show:
Masterful Choices Radio is a five star international weekly radio program focusing on personal expansion hosted by award winning producer and host Monique Chapman.

Ms. Chapman provides an intuitive, inspirational, and empowering atmosphere which serves as the platform sanctioning confident choices leading to an empowered bountiful life.

Most programs are 30 minutes in length providing a quick infusion of inspiration to propel you forward, the end result being phenomenal information for positive change. At times she will answer your intuitive questions while proving for you a tool kit to create an abundant life.

Masterful Choices provides a safe container to take you out of your comfort zone to reach heights never before envisioned. This is where change occurs.

If your goal is an incredibly prosperous life on all levels not just monetary, spend 30 minutes with Monique Chapman and create your Masterful Choices.

About Monique Chapman:
Monique is an Intuitive lifestyle consultant with an outstanding track record of assisting folks with identifying and overcoming difficulties in all areas of life. Her clients say that she is authentic, straight forward, and to the point providing awesome unabridged advice that produces results. A prominent holistic healer, Monique has provided over 3 decades of phenomenal energy work shifting people’s lives to the positive with her pioneering ‘The Actualizer Healing Method™’ system. She’s been featured on CBS, MTV, numerous radio shows and contributed to Good Morning America. Monique’s first book, ‘Getting Your M and M’s the Men and Money Book’ has helped many gain in love and finances.
Monique has interviewed: Dr. Norman Shealy, Gregg Braden, Larry Dossey MD, Dr. Elson Hass, Guy Finley, Dr. John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Eldon Taylor and many more.
Call Monique today for your better tomorrow.
Web address: moniquechapman.com
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To learn more about Monique visit either of her websites
www.healing-visions.com or www.moniquechapman.com

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Coming Attractions

On Masterful Choices
Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

2 Hour Aura and Chakra Master Class

Metaphysician Susan Shumsky

Aura and Chakra master class! Want to know more about how our energetic systems interact with each other? We are presenting the 2 hour master class on working with the aura and chakras to enhance our lives. Susan is a favorite guest who enlightens the listeners while providing pertinent information to assist us as a spirit living a human existence. She will take your questions.


On Masterful Choices
Wednesday April 30th, 2014

1st Hour - Dr. Larry Dossey

2nd Hour - Moments with Monique

Dr. Larry Dossey

Larry is back to talk about his latest release ‘One Mind – How Our Individual Mind is Part Of A Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters’. Consciousness is nonlocal. Our mind does not equal our brain. Find out

I am taking your intuitive questions and speaking on a spiritual subject



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From 2014-04-23

2 Hour Aura and Chakra Master Class

Metaphysician Susan Shumsky

Aura and Chakra master class! Want to know more about how our energetic systems interact with each other? We are presenting the 2 hour master class on working with the aura and chakras to enhance our lives. Susan is a favorite guest who enlightens the listeners while providing pertinent information to assist us as a spirit living a human existence. She will take your questions.


at 5:00pm

From 2014-04-02

1st Hour Astrologer Larry Martin

2nd Hour - Scott Roberts and Dr. John Ward

Larry Martin
Our resident astrologer joins us to update what is going on in the cosmos had how it affects us. Call in for a personalized glimpse on an area of life that is out of balance at this time. Larry offers free astrology

Scott Roberts & Dr. John Ward
Scott is back and John Ward is joining him. Their latest boom ‘The Exodus Reality – Unearthing The Real History of Moses, Identifying The Pharaohs, and Examining the Exodus From Egypt.’ A must listen to show for all Egyptian history buffs. Have we been fooled all of these years regarding Egyptian history? Was the story of Moses writing about the Nephilim accounted for in the Bible? What was the Templar and Masonic Connections to the Exodus? Joins us to find out.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-03-26

1st Hour - Moments with Monique

2nd Hour - Frank Joseph

1st hour
Talking your intuitive questions and speaking on a spiritual subject

2nd Hour

Frank is back sharing is latest book ‘The Lost Colonies of Ancient America’. Who visited America long before Columbus? Frank always provides an entertaining interview while breaking through the myths we have all been told is the truth.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-03-12

1st Hour - Spiritual Intuitive Sara Wiseman

2nd Hour - Time Expert Sam Bennett

1st Hour
Author of ‘Become a Divine Conduit for your Guides and Angels’ joins me to talk about walking the spiritual path and tools we can use to assist us along our way. It is time to awaken to the divine within. We are taking

2nd Hour
Are you tired of not getting things done? Want to throw out that nagging “to-do” list and still accomplish your goals? Joins us as Sam shares timely time management tips from her new book ‘Get IT Done From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 minutes day.’ Let go of the feeling of dread and jump right into your projects leaving a ton of time for your personal life. We are taking your questions. Great show just in time for Spring cleaning!


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-03-05

1st Hour Astrologer Susan Miller
2nd Hour ET Expert Rev. Michael Carter

Susan Miller
Susan Miller shares an overview of 2014. What does she say for your sign?

2nd Hour Rev. Michael Carter
Rev. Michael Carter is the author of 'Alien Scriptures' which chronicles aliens throughout the bible.Michael is a recurring guest on the History Channels Ancient Aliens. Join us for a fascinating look into the bibles connection with ET's in the Old and New Testament.


at 6:00pm

From 2014-02-26

1st Hour Author Dr. Anodea Judith

2nd Hour Reiki Healer Lorinda Weatherall

Dr. Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. has been called “a prophet for our time.” A groundbreaking thought leader who is the founder and director of Sacred Centers, and a writer, therapist, and spiritual teacher. Her passion for

2nd Hour Reiki Healer Lorinda Weatherall
Lorinda Weatherall has been a Natural Health and Wellness Mentor in the Barrie, Ontario area since
1995.Reiki started as something to use on her own family. Little did Lorinda know that this Energy Therapy
would become a passion in her life. She defines Reiki as a light touch or no-touch Japanese Healing
Art that helps to rebalance, restore and recharge the body to balance. Joins us for an enlightening conversation on Reiki energy.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-02-12

5 PM Brian Crissey Ph.D. and Pamela Crissey C.H.
6 PM Mary Rockwood Lane PhD

5 PM
If a flood, drought, storm, fire, earthquake, accident, tornado, or act of terrorism struck your home or family…

Would you be prepared to survive?

Common Sense IN Uncommon Times – a comprehensive emergency preparedn

6 PM
Mary Rockwood Lane PhD share with us how we can heal ourselves with the arts which is also the tittle of her latest book. NO matter what dis-ease you are currently dealing with Healing wit the Arts is a wonderful complementary medicine program that allows healing in 12 months. Take control of your health now


at 5:00pm

From 2014-02-05

1st Hour Gregg Braden Turning Points
2nd Hour Astrologer Susan Miller

Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden joins me to talk about his latest release 'Turning Points'. Where are we now and what is the turning point fr 2014. More importantly...what is your turning point? If you are a fan of Gregg's this is a mu

Susan Miller

Susan joins me to talk about the overall astrology of 2014. What is our astrological forecast? How can we take advantage of knowing when to forge forward and when to pull back? Tune into and find out.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-01-22

Hour 1 Reality Shifter/Author Cynthia Sue Larson
Hour 2 Dream Expert/Author JM DeBord

Reality Shifter/Author Cynthia Sue Larson
Best-selling author on the concept of becoming a conscious reality shifter is back to share with us her latest release ‘Quantum Jumps- Am Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity’.

Dream Expert/Author JM DeBord

JM believes that dream work is very personal. No symbol stands ad the Rosetta Stone for interpreting dreams. Joins us as we explore the world of dreams and how to interpret them. If you have a dream you would like to have interpreted send it to me at monique@moniqechapman.com with dream in the subject line and JM will interpret it for you. Dreams must be sent to my by 1/17/14 JM's personal dreams came true with the publication of Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams, a groundbreaking book that makes dreams understandable for everyone and shows how they can be used for your benefit.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-01-15

2 Hour Master Manifesting Class

Meditating abundance expert Dr.Joseph Gallenberger

Author and psychologist Joe will join us tot share how to create ‘Liquid Luck’. Joe will give us a master class in heart based meditation to increase good fortune. He is the aut

Money Manifesting Expert Dr. Bruno R. Cignacco
Join us for our second master class of the evening on manifesting money. We all want some right? Tune in as Bruno teaches us the most relevant techniques to manifest money effortlessly.learn to main requirements to manifest effortlessly using meditation, playfulness, Feng Shui, emotional release, and more. If you want more money circulating in your life this is a must listen to show.

at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2014-01-08

Hour 1 Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman
Hour 2 Astrologer Larry Martin

Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman

Dan’s thirteen books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, have inspired and informed millions of readers in 29 languages worldwide. The feature film, “Peaceful Warrior,” starring Nick Nolte, was adapted

Astrologer Larry Martin
My resident astrologer is starting off the New Year with a capsule view for each zodiac sign. He will also inform us about the goings on in the world and how we can manage the energy of the cosmos. He will take your questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-12-18

1st Hour Dan Millman

Dan Millman is my guest today on Masterful Choices Radio at 6 PM PT. Author of 17 books, most notably 'Way of The Peaceful Warrior' will talk to us about his co authored book with Sierra Prasada his daughter on writing and about living a heart

2nd Hour Eva Herr

Best selling author and Certified Holistic Counselor Eva Herr joins me as we explore the realm of Holistic healing and talk about her latest book 'CONSCIOUSNESS – Bridging the Gap of Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics'. We are talking all questions.


at 5:00pm

From 2013-12-11

1st Hour - The Pleiadian's are back!

Ambassador for the Pleiadian's Christine Day is back to share messages for these changing times. Joins us for the exciting spiritual awakening! She is the author of 'Pleiadian Principles for Living', a guides to accessing dimensional living.

2nd Hour Dr. Katherine Kelly
Author of 'Soul Health Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living' Katherine shares how to thrive mentally,physically and at the Soul level through these changing times. Whatever challenges you face growing roots and connecting at the soul level will assist in transforming your life. We are taking all questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-12-04

Astrology with Larry Martin

Our resident astrologer is back to share what is going on on the heavens and how it will affect you. Important changes are in the air, must know information to navigate the energies on earth now. Taking your questions.

Dr. Susan Shumsky joins me to talk about ghosts and psychic vampire-ism and other spiritual topics. Susan is an intuitive and will take you questions. Call early as the lines will fill up.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-11-20

Monique discusses the healing energy of Reiki with Deborah Lloyd

Author of Believe and it is True talks about how Reiki can assist in healing all areas of your life. Join us to discover the power of healing the mind body and spirit.We are taking all questions.

Brian and Pamela Crissey join me to talk about survival in a challenging world. Do you know how to find a triangle of safety? Are you prepared to evacuate your home in 15 minutes? What do you do if your vehicle is heading into deep water? Join us to find out. We will take your questions. The Crissey's co-authored Common Sense in Uncommon Times survival in a changing world.


at 5:00pm

From 2013-10-30

Becky Chambers
Good Vibrations

Author of “Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health” shares how vibrations can affect our health. Using vibrational healing Testosterone and growth hormones increase and cortisol (stress hormone) decreases significantly. WBV helps reverse

Hour 2
Best of Masterful Choices

Intuitive Diane Brandon


at 5:00pm

From 2013-10-23

Moment with Monique

I am taking your intuitive questions. Call in early!

Hour 2
Bestselling author Dr. Bernie Siegel

Bernie presents his latest book The Art Of Healing Uncovering your inner Wisdom and Potential for Self- Healing. Bernie demonstrates how science and spirituality interacts and how you can tap into your body’s potential to heal. Imagine healing your body with color, shapes, drawings, visualization, and dreams! Healing of our bodies is imperative and completely possible in our times now. The energy is ripe for assisting us with releasing unwanted and more importantly unneeded dense energy. Join us as we take a healing journey that offers hands on, patient proven techniques that can create miracles. Taking your questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-10-16

Intuitive Diane Brandon

Diane has been a professional integrative Intuitive Counselor since 1992. She teaches classes and seminars on dreams, personal empowerment creativity and listening skills. She is the author of Invisible Blueprints and her latest book Intuition for B

Hour 2
Colin and Synthia Andrews
Co-authors of On The Edge of Reality they are two of the planet’s most prolific and acclaimed experts on unexplained phenomena. In this far reaching book they talk about Powers of the mind, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, Crops Circles and more. Colin will present new research findings of an intelligence that is interacting with your society and establishing a presence in the global consciousness! Colin is was an advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet and Queen Elizabeth on the subject of crop circles. If you enjoy the paranormal do not miss this riveting show. Taking your questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-10-02

Astrologer Larry Martin taking your astrological questions

Larry is back sharing his astrology talents on what the cosmos has to talk about. Why are we going though theses changes from an astrological perception. What is coming up for you in your world? Call in and find out.

Intuition and Perception Expert Penny Pierce is back to talk with us about her latest book "Leap of Perception:
The Transforming Power of Your Attention". Learn how to focus your perception to create what you want in life. She is taking all questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-09-25

Intuitive/Author Tess Whitehurst

Tess Whitehurst, author and feng shui expert, writes and teaches about the connection between form and spirit, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Her message is that we are completely empowered to heal ourselves and others, to live bravely, and to

Pleiadian Expert Christine Day

Sharing more about the Pleiadians

Author of Pleiadian Principles for Living - Christine is often times referred to as the ambassador to the Pleiadians. She has channeled their 14 levels of the “Frequencies of brilliance: initiations to date. She will share knowledge with us regarding accessing dimensional energies and communicating with the P’s. She will take your questions.


at 5:00pm

From 2013-09-18

Author Inna Segal

Author of “The Secret of Life Wellness, The Essential Guides to Life’s Big Questions.” Inna is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness, her work has been endorsed by many well-known authors, medical doctors, nurses,

Musician Wally Plada

Wally Plada is a Uruguayan composer and Sound Healer. He is a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, working and collaborating with many different artists in the Bay Area and Uruguay(South America), located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wally released his first Solo Album in May 2012, called "Melodies from the Soul" a Meditation, Relaxation and Healing music CD. Wally Plada's purpose is to create a healing environment through his music that allows for people to connect with their true radiant selves. Wally’s music is both healing and inspiring. We will sample several songs doing our interview.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-09-04

Astrologer Larry Martin

Virgo's visit

Larry is back to share the cosmic weather report for the September and the overall fall season. How are the transits affecting your life and what if anything can you do about it. Having knowledge that is specifically tailored to y

Author Pam Withers
How to “Catch” a Falling Son
Author of “Jump-Starting Boys Help Your Reluctant Learner Find Success In School and Life”. This book is co-authored with Cynthia Gill and provides hundreds of encouraging tips ad tools to help young boys. This book takes a poignant look at our culture and how boys are being raised within it. There is no reason for our young males to be underachieving. Winters and Gill walk us through what is truly going on behind boys failing and how we can successfully circumvent this disservice to our young men.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-08-21

Astrologer Larry Martin

Joins us for Larry’s monthly report of the goings on in the heavens. We talk about the astrology of current events and what is going on in your world. Larry is taking your questions and will send you a free astrology chart.

Filmmaker Paul Davids

Is there really life after death? Producer of the film "The Life After Death Project , which recently aired on the SyFy Channel and is now available on DVD. He is a leading expert on the history of science fiction cinema and the Hollywood connection to extraterrestrial-related phenomena. Davids was executive producer and co-writer of the Showtime film Roswell, starring Martin Sheen and Kyle MacLachlan. After viewing the DVD you will believe in life after death. Compelling evidence to prove it’s existence. Paul was recently on Coast to Coast with George Norry and Dr. Gary E Schwartz.


at 5:00pm

From 2013-08-14

Mystic Musing with Rev. Joan newcomb

Joan Newcomb is the owner of Life Transformations Unlimited. Joan has professionally helped people with personal and spiritual growth for over 30 years. She is the author of Mystic Musings is a collection of essays which is available on amazon as

Dr. Joseph Gallenberger

Inner Vegas Baby!
Author or Inner Vegas teaches us how to win at life using PK.
Las Vegas, with its many casinos, has long been viewed as a playground for those who are willing to risk their money to hopefully make more. But did you know that it is a perfect place to study our power to manifest what we desire? Dr. Joseph Gallenberger, a clinical psychologist has, for the last twenty years, studied psychokinesis (PK), the ability to influence matter through non-physical means, at the gaming tables of Las Vegas. Do you want to win? Tune in for a riveting conversation on creation. Taking your questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-07-31

Masterful Choices

at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-07-24

Rasha 630 PM PT


Author of A Journey to Oneness – A chronicle of Spiritual Emergence, Rasha awakened to her inner-calling as a conduit of Divine guidance in 1987. She began working with Oneness — the Divinity we all share — in 1998, documenting the Revelations that serve as the foundation for the Oneness series, and addressing the profound spiritual awakening that is the hallmark of these times. In the process, she was taken step by step through the Sacred Journey to Oneness and through the life-altering changes that are shaking the foundation of today’s world. Join us as we explore the wisdom on oneness and how to apply it to our everyday lives. Taking all questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-07-17

Dr. Joseph Cardillo, PhD 6 PM PT

What’s Nature got to do with it?

Author of Natures Five Seasons Hold the Secret to Health and Happiness, Joseph is a teacher in the fields of health, mind-body- spirit, and psychology. In his book he offers specific tools for sharpening your attention to detail in your personal and well as professional life. Tune in to learn how to utilize nature to pave the path to contentment and conscious co creation. Taking your life changing questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-07-10

Author Paul Lipton 6 PM PT

Living well without regrets has no age

Author of Hour of the Wolf- An Experiment In Ageless Living share how to live fully regardless of the chronological number attached to your age. A poignant look at the choices we make as we navigate along life’s journey. There are 97 million baby boomers – who many of them are wondering – is the all there is? What questions does your inner wolf torment you with and what are you doing about it? Tune in for information non improving your health, family and friends, your spirit, learning more and the all-important yet most overlooked aspect of life having fun. Taking your topic related questions.

The agelessexperiment.com

at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-07-03

Astrologer Larry Martin 5 PM PT

What do the heavens have in store for you

Larry is back with his monthly report. What is the significance of July 29th? Why is this mercury Retrograde so funky? When is Jupiter's energy going to kick in to give us some financial relief? Tune in and call with your questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-06-19

Moments with Monique ~ 630 PM PT

Have you talked to an intuitive today?

Monique will take your questions and talk about soul refragmentation


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-06-12

Shaman Gwilda Wiyaka ~ 6 PM PT

Shamanism Anyone?

Gwilda is the author of So, We’re Still Here Now What? Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in A new Era. Gwilda reveals that there are tremendous influences are occurring and will continue to occur, which will affect us for quite some time. Join us to find out how the earth being fully in the photon bans of high frequencies will affect us. What it means to enter the 5th World of the Mayan Calendar. Gwilda is the founder, director and owner of Path Home Shamanic Arts School in Colorado. A tide of change has been building tune in and find out how it will affect you and yours.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-06-05

Astrologer Larry Martin

What are your stars saying?

Larry is back with his monthly heavenly report. What does the month on June hold for you? Taking your questions.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-05-22

Masterful Choices

at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-05-15

Maggie Shannon, Betsy Thompson, Psychic Vincent Genna

Maggie Shannon
Author of Crafting Calm will show us how projects and creativity can help us with reducing stress and enhance our connection to source. Learn how to bring in the energy of calm which will assist us in a myriad of ways.
Betsy Thompson
Author of The What Happens if I Book joins me to share the concept of "whatever the soul gives the soul lives." Join us for a journey towards inner understanding. Learn how our emotional action/reaction enables you to see yourself
Psychic Vincent Genna
Vincent is a world renown psychic healer respected spiritual healer and dynamic vibrant speaker who provides the clarity and inspiration to help you stop stopping yourself. Call in and learn about yourself as we talk about the blocks that stop you from moving forward.

at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-05-08

Cissi Williams, Margaret Johnson, Eli Chiviello

Cissi WilliamsAuthor of Spiritual medicine will share with us how to step aside and let spirit guide us through life. Learn to live life in a more soulful way by finding your inner voice. Learn the 7 spiritual potions that provide inner peace.Margaret JohnsonAuthor of Faith Beyond Belief talks about people who have left their "church" behind to go forward and live a spiritual life. If you have ever questioned your faith and are looking for more tune in as we discuss this timely subject.Eli ChivielloEditor of the book Open Your Heart to the Magic of Love will talk to us about the work of Dr. Lester Sauvage. We will cover how opening to love and truly taking care of ourselves will allow us to live abundant lives even into old age.

at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-05-01

Astrologer Larry Martin

Some of tonight's topics:

It's Eclipse Season - Differences between a lunar and solar eclipse + what all THREE will do over these next 30 days.
Boston Bombing aligns with Bunker Hill?

Author Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts founder an publisher of Intrepid Magazine will talk about his latest book 'The Secret History of The Reptilians'. Who are the Reptilian- humaniods? What does the bible say about reptilians? Are you a reptilian? Join us for this interesting expose of a race other than our own.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-04-24

Author Dr.Jennifer Howard

Jennifer offers a revolutionary new approach to creating change in her new book ‘The Ultimate Life Plan: How to Deeply Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last’. Join us for this mini workshop on creating positive change on a

Novelist Dominic C. James
Author of ‘Reiki Man’ will share with us how we can use the energy of Reiki in our everyday lives. Dominic is a Reiki Mater and his page turning novel demonstrates the power of Reiki when used for the positive or negative. The novel is a fast paced murder mystery suspense thriller. If you are looking for a great fiction read with the truth of Reiki woven in – in a style similar to the ‘Celestine Prophecy’ buy this book. You will not be disappointed with this combo of Steven King meets James Redfield.

Spiritual Teacher Polly Campbell
Author of ‘Imperfect Spirituality’ is back sharing how we can be a more complete human while living our spiritual truths. Join us for quick tips on how to live a spiritual life while embracing the human experience.

Author/Metaphysician Stuart Wilde
Author of over 20 books on Spirituality & Personal Development, Stuart Wilde is considered by many the greatest living metaphysician in the world today. Tonight he joins us to talk about The Souls Of Animals & How They Protect Human Beings. Join us as we delve into a dimension close to earth where live humans and the deceased dwell. Also living with in the dimension are animals. Steward says “I believe that animals have a group soul of their species but those animals that have been in contact with humans, like domestic pets, seem to have individual identities. In the mirror-world, I’ve seen many hundreds of dogs and cats and horses, as well as other animals like the lion, giraffe and elephants. So I became convinced that animals survive death because if they didn’t they wouldn’t be in the mirror-world, and because they live on they must have a spirit or a soul that is evolving.” Join us as we explore the world of animals and their souls. www.stuartwilde.com


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-04-17

Author Robert W. Sullivan

Robert W. Sullivan IV is a philosopher, historian, antiquarian, jurist, theologian, writer, and lawyer The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism is his first published work and is the result of twenty years of

Author Scott Roberts
Scott is back sharing information from his new book ‘The Secret History of The Reptilians’. Ancient cultural, historical and religious records indicate that long ago reptilian intelligences mated with humans, creating a serpent-human race. Scott investigates the unavoidable presence of the serpent in human history, and how and why it may relate to our lives today. Scott is also the founder of Intrepid Magazine a journal focused on science, politics, fringe physics, metaphysics, and unexplained phenomena.


at 5:00pm

From 2013-04-10

Intuitive Amy Yancy

Amy is a psychic, Spiritual Life Coach, and Mind, Body, Spirit Teacher. Amy is a firm believer is dancing meditation which is the crux of her spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is a daily exercise of connecting to the Divine. Having an active s

Moments with Monique
I will take your questions and cover two spiritual topics. Check Facebook and twitter for the topics title.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm

From 2013-04-03

Astrologer Larry Martin

Larry is back with this monthly cosmic report. What is coming up for your sign astrologically? Tune in as we discuss the astrology of current events would affairs and what is going on in your personal universe.

Dr.Linda Ferguson
Linda is the author of Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service, and Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand, and numerous articles. Over the last twenty years, Linda has studied various mystical paths, Buddhism, and Sufism. She enjoys the moving meditations of Dances of Universal Peace. Linda’s personal spiritual practice includes sacred chants, meditation, Integral yoga, and Native American ceremony. Linda’s work is based on the philosophy that you transform your life from the inside out; as you change your beliefs, ideas, perceptions, attitudes, and emotions you see shifts within yourself and your outer world. You are not a victim of your circumstances, your life experiences, your upbringing, or your emotions. Life conditions change, emotions are fleeting. Who you are as a Divine Being is constant. You choose, intentionally or not, how you show up in the world. You can choose how your Divine Essence is expressed — every day, every moment, with every relationship, in every circumstance. Are you struggling with “showing up “in life? Want to clear negative patterns from your life? Join us as we exchange a life changing conversation.


at 5:00pm

at 6:00pm